Saturday, October 24, 2009

real life saturday

There are plans. And then there's the way that life actually goes sometimes. Not so much according to the plans.

So you may plan to have a relaxing Saturday with out-of-town and in-town friends. Even though the school fundraiser didn't get rained out, it's only four hours long, so you can hit that up from 9:30-1:30 and still have the rest of the (beautiful) day to enjoy.


Or you could get a text message from your husband informing you that somewhere between running the washing machine (point: husband) and people taking showers, the septic tank has started backing up INTO THE TUBS AND SHOWERS. As in, raw sewage.

Oh, the glories of real life and all that comes with it. So instead of enjoying what is left of this Saturday, we will be liberally scrubbing all bathroom surfaces with straight bleach (nothing less will do for this job, for sure!!), tracking down a septic tank cleaner dude willing to come out to your house on a Saturday, and praying that a cleaning is all that the septic tank needs and that we won't be next calling on an after-hours plumber.

Thank you for visiting the Bates B&B. We like to keep it real.


  1. Poor thing! I hope it's not blocked, I've seen people cleaning out septic tanks and it is not a pretty job! In fact, I'm sure it must be on that dirty jobs show haha...which I like a lot, btw....hope things get better for your weekend!

  2. oh no!!! that sounds so miserable. I hope you got to have a relaxing sunday still.

  3. Yeah, I had my sewer pump back up into my townhouse - not a pretty sight, seeing brown poo float up into your garden tub! One of those things you just have to find humor in, I think! BTW, I caved and switched over to Blogger so you have to add me!

  4. I'm sorry you guys had to deal with the nasty stinky stuff. I hope it can be fixed quickly and cheaply.


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