Saturday, October 10, 2009

'tis the season...

It seems sad to me that there aren't any songs commemorating the greatness of fall. At least no "real" songs. In pre-k we have lots of fake songs (and by that I mean songs that are to the tune of other songs just the words have been changed to something else) about fall and Halloween and such, but those don't count. But for the past few weeks, I've really been feeling like fall is the "most wonderful time of the year" and "the season to be jolly." Tra la la la la... I guess I normally don't care that much about fall one way or another. Usually I'm just sad that the warm weather is going away, since I don't particularly care for cold weather. But this fall I am feeling very optimistic and I'm really loving the changing season.

I think it has something to do with being in our own house. I have been full-fledged "nesting" (if you can call it that) for like two weeks. I'm suddenly obsessed with making the house look "fall-ish." I found a lot of good fall decorations at yard sales last weekend, I've bought a few more from stores, and I'm creatively re-purposing things I already own...all to make my house look "fall-ish." What has come over me?! But I love it, and I walk around all day long being happy because I have a fall wreath and some fallish decor on my mantle. And I walked around the woods in the back, picking up pinecones and transporting them to the front yard...because I think pinecones look very fallish...and we don't have trees in our front yard...and I think I might have a problem. Hm.

Anyway, besides the changing weather (and accompanying bad health that seems to come with it) not much is going on. Ohh--except I did accomplish a Life Goal. Every year since we've been married I've planned and failed to do Christmas cards. I've really wanted to do those photo ones, but it always seems I wait too late to start and they take time to be printed and then you have to find all the addresses and mail them...and pay for it all...and it's just never happened. Then I planned to do it when we moved, send out "We've Moved!" cards with our new address and a pic of us and the house. Nope, didn't happen either. Well guess what I did last Saturday. I designed and ordered our cards (and matching address labels). And they're created and shipping already!! I guess if you don't wait til December, it doesn't take as long! And I've made an Excel spreadsheet of all the people we're going to send them to and I'm working on collecting all the addresses. Am I on top of it or what??! I am so excited. I can't wait to see the cards! I ordered them from some really random webpage (I just found it on Google) and it was seriously a fraction of the price of cards at several other webpages I'd either they're going to look really ghetto, or I am a bargain-hunting-genius. I'm hoping for the latter!

Today was a fabulous Saturday-- neither of us had to work or had any morning commitments...somehow this RARELY seems to happen! I made my super-fabulous sweet potato-pecan pancakes (that are basically to die for) and THEN I....wait for it....planned Thanksgiving.

Am I on the ball or what?? I appointed myself Social Director of my family and decided that someone needed to make plans and it may as well be me, so I did, and I called everyone and asked them/told them the plans, and everyone loved it!! I'm so excited! So my grandparents are going to fly in (from Texas) the Tuesday before T-day, I will go pick them up from Atlanta and bring them to our house so they can see it. Then we'll all head to Augusta on Wednesday and spend the rest of the weekend there, then reverse the whole thing on Saturday and Sunday to get them back to Texas. I am so happy that they will be able to come here and see our house. My grandparents are pretty old (mid-80s) but in pretty good health (my Nana more so than my Poppie)...but you know, it's just one of those things. I really never expected that they would get to see my house. They just don't make it East very often. But hopefully this will all work out and they will get to stay here for a night! It's good to know all my decorating will not be in vain.

Tonight we celebrated a friend's 30th birthday with a party at a local park. We ate lots of yummy food and then the boys played disc golf. The girls stayed at the pavilion and chatted. It was beautiful and cool outside and I loved getting to just hang out with my friends. Predictably, it turned into a discussion about pregnancy and childbirth and such...since at least half the girls there are pregnant (including one who just announced it tonight)! It sucks to not be in the club...but hopefully if you hang out around the club long enough, you get in. Isn't that how it works?? Haha.

Well, this has been a long and stream-of-conscious could probably use a few photos to make it more interesting, but I just haven't taken any lately. I need to take some pics of my fall decorations and all our recent progress in the flowerbeds...maybe tomorrow. For now it looks like we're watching some more football (go LSU, I guess!) and trying to forget about our own team's utter humiliation on the gridiron earlier today. Yech.


  1. You're way more ambitious than I am- I dont think I'll decorate for any holiday this year! I'm such a scrooge! We're already in the poor house for buying new furniture and decor- maybe next year we'll go all out for multiple holidays/occasions.

  2. I am so proud of you with your Christmas cards. I have an excel spread sheet too!! Welcome to the club. Anyway, you are ahead of me this year. I have my cards, but I don't have the picture yet to go in them. I will have them finished and ready to be mailed by the day after Thanksgiving! Yippe.

    I can't wait for you to join the preggo club either. I have some really cute knitting patterns that I really want to try for baby!

  3. I am totally impressed with your early planning. And you will totally get in the club by hanging around it. I'm pretty sure that's how it works. And thanks for telling my birth story. =)

    WV: trizeb. It's like the abbreviation for the sorority/club you're hoping to join. Although I'm not quite sure what a Zeb looks like.

  4. Ah, Trizeb. I remember my days as a Trizeb sister. I re-live them as often as possible by continuing to keep the t-shirts from every slutty social I went to in constant wardrobe rotation EVEN THOUGH I'M TWENTY-SIX YEARS OLD. Oh, I'm sorry, was that a passive aggressive moment? Well, that's how I feel about people our age who still wear those t-shirts in public. JUST STOP ALREADY.


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