Thursday, October 1, 2009

rolling stones, or something

Isn't there some adage about a rolling stone gathering no moss?? I guess I could look it up, but I'm feeling a little too lazy. Anyway, so if a rolling stone can't gather moss, then how is it that a ceiling fan that is perpetually on can still gather dust?

This is a great mystery. I'm sure people have been pondering it through the ages.

I just turned the fans off today for the first time and noticed that they all have like an inch of dust on them. The next great mystery is how do I clean them? The one over our bed I can handle, but the one in the living room is WAY up high...even standing on the furniture would leave me like 8 feet away from it.

I've half a mind to just turn it back on and forget about it for a few more months. Everyone likes a little circulating air, right?

I'm staying home sick today. I should have yesterday, too, but I had 6 hours of "professional learning" that I couldn't miss. Does it seem like I have PL rather often? It's because I do. I work under a national literacy grant. It requires an obscene amount of PL. To put it in perspective, in the state of Georgia, teachers are required to receive 10 hours of PL per year to maintain their certification. Under my grant, all personnel (teachers, paras, and "support staff" such as myself) are required to receive TWO HUNDRED hours of PL. I think that's like a million percent markup or something (math's not really my strong suit). So YES, I sit in 200 hours of PL (meetings/lectures) EVERY YEAR. It's rough, but required, and missing any requires some pretty tough make-up work. I am not itching to do that, so I spent all day at work yesterday. But not today. :)

Today I am resting, drinking lots of cider, balancing the checkbook, and hopefully spending a little time with Mollyanne. I hope to make lots of witty comments that will send her into hysterical laughter that will send her into labor...and then she will name her son after me. I will be generous and allow her to shorten it to "Erik"...because that's just the kind of person I am.

In conclusion...any advice on cleaning that fan in the living room??


  1. My parents have a ceiling fan in their living room that hangs from like a 20 foot ceiling. My mom used to have this feather duster-looking thing on a big extend-o-pole that would expand to like 10 feet tall. I can ask her if she still has it. If not I bet they'd have something like that at walmart, bb&beyond, somewhere like that.

  2. Sorry we didn't get to hang out. Not sorry you spared me your cold germs. =) Hope you're feeling better today!

  3. yea get a feather duster on a stick!!!


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