Monday, February 1, 2010

overly excited

I might be a little too excited about tomorrow. And not just because it's Groundhogs Day.

Cause tomorrow night?? A reeeediculously good night of TV.

Is it sad that my life has come to this? The thing I've been looking forward to for...oh...weeks is a "good night of TV"??

Sad or not (we'll debate that later), I'm pumped. And oh-so-glad we have DVR, because doesn't it just figure that all the magic happens at the exact same time.


And this isn't just any ol' episode of Lost. In case you under a rock...this is the first episode of the FINAL SEASON. As in, there's the teeniest little chance that we may feel like questions are finally being answered...there may even be an 'aha' moment (okay, probably not, but a girl can hope)!

Anyway. I'm starting to think I'm really pathetic for being this excited. Excited slash stressed, honestly...because both shows will run 8-11pm!! So although I can certainly record both...homegirl can NOT stay up that late watching TV!! So no doubt I'll make an exception and stay up late for Lost, but whenEVER am I going to watch Biggest Loser?? We have small group on Wednesdays, so that's out. THURSDAY?? Will I even MAKE IT that long?? Oh geez.

You can see the struggles that mark my life. It's a miracle I can make it through each day.

So are you a Lostie?? A Biggest Loser fan (Go Pink!! BOOO Red!)? Do share. I want to feel less lame.


  1. I'm afraid that "Lost" lost me along time ago...3rd season, to be exact...I do like some Biggest Loser, although it's hard to watch with baby attached to your leg...that's what you have to look forward to heheh...enjoy your tv time while it lasts!

  2. Oh, you know how excited I am. I practically wet myself just watching the new Lost commercial today. And my baby goes to bed at 8 so I should be good to go. And I have no qualms about saving BL until wednesday. Hopefully I can squeeze it in during the day. And by the way, you could be worse. Kelly watches those 2 plus AI. We could never keep up with it all.

    Oh my goodness I can hardly wait for Lost. I may lose sleep tonight.

  3. I discovered the awesomeness of Lost (and the beginning of my addiction) sitting by your side. I'm so glad we have that everlasting bond.

    so you know I'm excited.

    The grey team is my personal fave.
    I'm with you on RED. Apparently catty middle school girls grow up to be manipulative, catty middle-aged women.

  4. Love Biggest Loser...totally agree...Go Pink!!!! I will be watching BL tonight when I get home from school...sans commerical interruption...thanks DVR!!!! Enjoy your shows (sorry I'm not a "Lost" watcher.)


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