Thursday, February 18, 2010

please excuse my absence

I apologize for my perpetual blog absence of late. In case you're unaware, the Olympics are taking place. It is my American duty to watch every single moment of them. And God BLESS the inventor of the DVR. Without it I would be unable to fulfill my American Duty...and I would also be subject to approximately 239,567 previews for Parenthood (coming in March, after the Olympics, only on NBC!!!!!). I mean....SERIOUSLY. Enough is enough!! My initial excitement about seeing Laurelei has long since given way to an inner groan every time I hear that trailer starting again. I would have to seriously reconsider my Olympics-watching if I weren't able to fast forward through them every time. But anyway, I digress.

Let's sum up:
LOVE- Olympics
FAIL- overload of Parenthood previews

I feel like I can really relate to all the Olympians out there, what with our recent blizzard and all. Me and winter sports? We're tight. Except my main sport was snowman-building.

Which I excel at. Obviously.

Anyway, now that we've had our annual (ok, annual if you only count the past 2 years) snow, I'm ready for spring. I have three plants I need to get in the ground this weekend and it's looking like the weather will be conducive to that, so YAY!

Well I really need to get back to [last night's] Olympics, but before I go I wanted to share the following conversation with you.

This happened at school this morning over breakfast. My conversation partner was M, a very adorable, very intelligent, very well-spoken just-turned-5-year-old girl.

M: "So, Mrs. you have any children of your own at home?"

me: "No...sadly, I do not."

M: "Well...when are you thinking about having one?"

me: "Well, hopefully very soon!"

M: "Well...I think you would be a great mom. I think you should have a baby very soon!! And when you do, I really hope you will bring her to school for show and tell..."

me: [melting...]

M: "...and I think that I will bring my hamster!"


  1. I don't understand why you said fail and then posted snow pictures. Am I missing something?

    Is Lola wearing a sweater? I am shaking my head a little at that.

  2. you're FAST!! for some reason it posted before I was actually done typing it...user error. I hope you will go back and see the completed blog now. :) and YES she's wearing a sweater. It's the most awesome thing ever (and I got it for $5). Don't hate. I don't have any kids to dress up. What's a girl supposed to do??

  3. I think little "M" is probably just practicing her prophetic gifting.

  4. Wow, I hadn't even realized how quick I was! Yes, the post makes MUCH more sense now! Love the conversation too...

  5. I love the recorded version of the Olympics except for this very sad thing that happened to me today.

    I was watching last nights men's figure skating (which was amazing!) and it stopped the recording right in the middle of Yevgeny Pleshanko's (sp?) routine! so not only did I miss half of his free skate, but I also have no idea what his score was and who won.
    I was so devastated that I sat there and stared at Yevgeny frozen in midair until the program restarted from the beginning.
    strike one against DVR.

  6. i love your snowman! he looks so happy. and i totally think that lola should have a sweater and whatever other clothing or accessories you would like for her to have :)

  7. I agree with Kristina! Lainey told us about two boys way back the first time we told her we were adopting. Maybe I should show her your blog pictures and see what she thinks. ;)


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