Friday, February 12, 2010

this day makes me laugh

I mean, you gotta love today. You just do. First of all? IT'S SNOWING. Our school district showed great wisdom and prudence by cancelling school 2 hours early which meant I got to come home early! At that point in time it had only been snowing for half an hour so nothing had stuck yet. I quickly walked Lola and promised her we'd go play later, once there was actually something to play in.

She waited for this time to come with baited breath. She watched and she waited. She kept tabs on things.

Then she decided she'd rather wait in a more comfortable place. While watching Dr. Oz.

PS. In the photo above you will notice two blankets. The one on the left of the pic is "her" blanket. She is only allowed on furniture if she's on HER blanket. You will notice that her ear is resting on exactly one molecule of HER blanket, while the rest of her sits on MY blanket. She has a more liberal interpretation of the rules, I guess...and she's just too cute to yell at and correct. :)

Since Lola's slacking, I've been keeping tabs on the snowfall. It's doing great!! I ran outside a minute ago to see the progress.

Looking good! Here (below) you can see where I ran out, turned around, shot the above pic, and ran back in. Ha. I'm not one to linger and mess up all that beautiful snow on the driveway...

Unfortunately, banks are not as awesome as schools. Therefore Mattie is still stuck at work til 6, leaving me with no one to play in the snow with. In the meantime, I've had extra time for looking at blogs, which never really saddens me. I came across the following picture on another blog and I knew IMMEDIATELY that this is something I must own. I mean, we may indeed own two Snuggies already, but CLEARLY we NEED this one!!

If you've ever had the privilege of hanging out with Matt and I in person, you can attest to the fact that a Couple Snuggie was probably designed with us in mind. We like to sit close. :)

So I emailed Matt the picture immediately (in between texting him photos of the snow so he'd know what he's missing out on) with the subject line "BUY THIS FOR ME".
His response?

"I do not know about getting couples snuggy. I think it looks like a 4 armed monster and I just dont feel sexy in something like that."

That's a direct, copy-and-paste quote, folks. I couldn't possibly just make up something like that on my own.

Today rocks. That is all.


  1. That Matt quote is hilarious! And, I know, the snow is so pretty! We've already had it this year, but it's still pretty to look at. Definitely a good night for staying in. I'm really trying to post pictures on my blog but everytime I come in here to do it and put Leah on the floor with some toys, she protests not being in my lap. I'm a sucker for those big brown eyes so I just have to pick her up and go and play with her... but I promise I'll do it soon! Maybe tonight!

  2. I am so glad that y'all are finally getting some snow. We will gladly send all of ours your way. We have already experienced 58 inches this year!

  3. We are sending snow to you courtesy of Richmond, Virginia. Lainey asked me to remind her what GRASS looks like. Poor girlie had forgotten!

  4. yay for snow! and couple snuggies. Surely my brain has a genius idea in it somewhere that I can sell on QVC and get really rich. I KNOW it's there, I just haven't found it yet.


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