Friday, April 15, 2011

on my own

To truly get the flavor of this post, I'm going to need you to bust out your Les Miserables CD (because I know you have one, right?) and sing along to On My Own a few times...really try to feel the depth of poor Eponine's plight, will you? Thanks.

Well, my plight this weekend really isn't anything like Eponine's, but I am still, in fact, on my own.

Yup. The world record is being broken. Mattie's left me for a dude camping weekend (bachelor party for his brother) and I am ALONE. For the first time in (check the Daisy Path counter thingy) 3 years, 9 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days, I am sleeping without my Mattie. And I am NOT a happy camper about it. I tried every manipulative wife trick in the book to convince him he should not go, and none of them worked. I even had this dangerous-storm-bringing cold front shipped in, complete with tornado warnings and hail, just to convince him he'd rather stay in our house than in a tent...and he didn't fall for it! Lame.

Since I am 100% sure I am not capable of sleeping in a house by myself (not entirely sure I have EVER done that, actually...I always had roommates), I arranged babysitting for my sister-friend Catherine to stay here for the weekend. Hopefully when she arrives I will manage to stop crying and feeling pitiful and worrying about rabid bears and/or tornadoes rampaging Matt's camping trip.

In the meantime, I have:

--Watched every episode of Say Yes to the Dress that has aired in the last few hours. Love this show. Love it more when I have someone to watch it with. WOE IS ME, I AM ALL ALONE!

--washed/dried/folded one load of laundry. Yawn.

--visited 40 random new blogs from today's Blog Carnival at Kelly's Korner.Today's topic is "What Are You Reading?", which is right up my alley. From a blog I visited, I made the amazing discovery that Francine Pascal wrote a new Sweet Valley book for grown-ups, featuring Jessica and Elizabeth as grown-ups, too! Um, hello-- AMAZING! Unfortunately, the girl reviewing the book was pretty disappointed...but I will probably need to read it anyway. I foresee a nice long sit at a B&N somewhere in my future this weekend!

--Baked this pizza, which I will eat as soon as I finish this blog:
And yes, I did just have cheese pizza (from a restaurant) last night...and no, I don't care. I have come to the realization/conclusion that my diet is comprised of 40% Mexican food, 40% pizza, and 40% fruit...and if these numbers add up to more than 100%, that's because I eat way more than any person should. I eat 120% of what you eat. So there!

--Mollyanne and I are planning a brunch party to celebrate and watch the Royal Wedding on April 30th. Since I was pretty sure I was going to marry Prince William and all...well, this is pretty much the nail in the coffin of that idea. (As though my own wedding was not...) So we may as well join in the merriment with festive brunch foods and beverages and the company of a bunch of girls, right? Our thoughts exactly. Anyway, I'm really excited, especially cause some girls suggested folks bring their own wedding gowns, wedding albums, and the like...I am all ABOUT that! Now if only people would RSVP to our facebook invitation... 

--um, my blogging just got hijacked when my mom texted me a picture of their NEW DOG and I almost died from the cuteness and also the fact that she STOLE MY NAME. The name I am giving our future daughter, that is. Or actually just a very close derivative of the name. Of all the people I didn't know I'd need to worry about them stealing "my" name...anyway, now I am dying of jealousy that my parents have this adorable new dog and it is fueling my ever-present desire to fill my house with cute puppies (since I can't seem to fill it with babies)...trying to resist the urge to rush to the nearest dog adoption fair tomorrow and adopt the cutest, tiniest baby there is...I bet Matt will never leave town again if I do that, though!! Mwah ha ha.

Well, that brings us about up to date on this super exciting evening thus far. Tomorrow I hope to enjoy all of my typical favorite Saturday activities...gardening, getting a new puppy, laying out, getting a puppy, yard sales...and spending lots of quality time with girlfriend(s). 

What do YOU do when your significant other leaves town? Any ideas for me? Think I should get a puppy? Think my mom should BACK UP and re-name the dog (who has only had this name for a few weeks)? So many things to weigh in on...


  1. Usually it's me going out of town and Marshall finds some new project(s) to conquer. So.. bust a hole in a wall for Mattie. Hartley and I visited Marshall at work today and there were SEVEN brand new puppies.. only TWO days old! They were so cute. If you don't get a puppy, at least find some and spend some sweet cuddle time with them!

  2. Being alone is never fun. I remember Patrick leaving for a similar outing and we had only been married for about a month. I think the hardest time I was by myself for a week while he was in Spain. Girl movies, hang out with friends, and do whatever you want.

  3. Sounds like you are more than prepared to face the weekend- I have faith in you! Brian used to travel a good amount when he was still in youth ministry, so I know the feeling. Although I will admit, it was kind of nice to have the house to myself every once in a while... I could watch shows like Say Yes to the Dress uninterrupted and without anyone changing the channel to ESPN during commercials, although apparently your other half doesn't mind that show :)

    Maybe you should road trip it to Houston to help pass the time?? We could get puppies together and make fun of pregnant people!

  4. Girl, I have Les Miz on cassette! I even have a Cosette doll. :D

    Thank you for stopping by Yoga Gal and commenting! Have a great weekend. I have to admit, I like a little alone time occasionally because that is when I get to eat all the foods that my husband does not like. Like casseroles. Who does not eat casseroles? My husband, that's who. ;)

  5. I hate when Bran travels. Luckily (for me!), the program he taught took him off the travel rotation last year! YIPEE! The 6-7 weeks a year were a pain and always showed up at bad times (Hello! We just matched wtih Xander 3 days ago and you are sending him to Missouri.. they didn't seem to care as much as we did. LOL)

    I watched Dirty Dancing on repeat!

  6. I can't believe that Sweet Valley has a new book out! I read all of those books in elementary school and watched the show. :)

    I hope you had a fun weekend and it wasn't too bad all alone. I usually go to my parents' to see them and spend a night when Ian goes camping (which is every few months). Looking forward to the royal brunch!


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