Saturday, April 9, 2011


This just in: My weekend has, thus far, been perfection. Actually the whole week has been pretty good, so this weekend is icing on the cake. (And it better be GOOD icing and cake, since next weekend is looking to be TERRIBLE. More on that at a later date.)

Here's details, so you can be jealous.

Thursday night I purchased a dress and shoes for Matt's brother's upcoming wedding. The dress, which I previously scoped out and tried on with Mollyanne and Amanda's help last weekend, is a size SMALL. Trust me: I am not a "small" girl. So while I realize that this is just evidence of size inflation (deflation?) or "vanity sizing" or something like that, I would also like you to know that I. Do. Not. Care. My dress is a size small, and it makes me feel like a dainty princess just to know that. Also, I purchased these shoes, which are mad sexy:

They make my legs look like they're about 11 feet long, and they only cause moderate amounts of excruciating pain, so...WINNING! Now I am all set to look fab at the wedding, and that makes me happy.

Yesterday I wore a really cute outfit to work (interesting side note: 2/3 of my outfit, the shirt and adorable wedges, were purchased at yard sales) and got tons of compliments. Several girls asked if I had fun plans for after-work. Despite my great desires to MAKE fun after-work plans that involved dining out and doing other fun things, instead, we went to the gym. After all, this "small" physique doesn't just maintain itself. Hahaha. We got a good "burn" (talking like a Biggest Loser contestant here) and that made me feel proud of myself for Making Good Choices on a Friday night. We came home and grilled pork chops and enjoyed dinner and wine on the back porch. Afterwards we had a fire in our firepit, then came inside to enjoy caramel corn (note: I cannot spell 'caramel' correctly on my first try because I type it the way I say it: carmel. And then I get the red underline of death.) and DVRd Storage Wars. 

This morning I drove to a nearby town for a bridal shower for my soon-to-be sister-in-law. That's a lot of hyphens. I love my new SIL and loved the shower today: it was hosted by her grandmother, which meant there was lots of china, fine table settings, amazing food, and classy women. AND it was brunch, which is my favorite meal of the day, and the weather was perfect, and it was altogether awesome. Of course I have no pictures, so I hope I have painted one with my words. 

On the way to the shower, I passed a church yard sale. I mentally noted if that it was still going on when I was driving home, I'd stop and take a look. You know I'm a sucker for yard sales. Anyway, it was, so I did. I got some GREAT deals, including two shirts, a pair of maternity jeans (designer, in my size, for 50cents. I buy in faith that I will need them soon!), and two books. Pretty darn good. Also, a guy at the yard sale told me I was "the best-dressed customer of the day." I assured him I do not normally get so fancy for yard sales, I just happened to be returning from a shower, but thanks for the compliment anyways!

Came home and laid out for a few hours whilst enjoying one of my new books. Was pretty successful evening out the tank-top tanlines on my back.

And in a little while, I will be leaving to go embark on an afternoon of craftiness with my friend Diana! We're going to be attempting some crafts from this awesome blog Diana introduced me to. I am excited to do crafts with someone other than myself, but a little worried that I am not quite crafty enough to succeed at whatever project we attempt...but it will be fun trying, no matter what.

So that, my friends, is perfection. The only thing that could make this weekend better would be if I had one of those sweet matchy-matchy LTD2 outfits from my last post to wear for the duration. It was great to find out I wasn't the only person rocking those. You know how people have theme parties like "tacky Christmas sweater" and all that? Wouldn't it be fun if we could all track down old LTD2 outfits and have a LTD2 themed party? Well, except for the part that LTD2 sized out at about a kids' size 16, and I think it's safe to assume most of us are a wee bit larger than that now. But still, it would be fun!

Happy Saturday!


  1. chris & i want to start going to yard sales...i'm just not sure i'm ready to give up my sleep yet. i guess that's what naps are for!

  2. I want to see the dress. Borrow a camera:) What craft did you make today?

  3. I still have (and wear) LTD2 underwear...but they are awesome.


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