Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Required background music for today’s post: Boys II Men, Blink 182, Destiny’s Child, Britney Spears, N*Sync, and above all: Ricky Martin, ‘Shake Your Bon-Bon’

Today’s Way Back When-sday theme should really be ‘Rushed’. And no, not rushed in the sorority sense—I think we’ve already established that I’m not girly—CERTAINLY not girly enough to have rushed in college. I just mean a regular old I’m-in-a-big-hurry rushed.

You guys had tons of great suggestions for topics for today, but then it occurred to me that it’s almost Easter. Visions of Easter dresses and pantyhose and Sam & Libby flats and white hats filled my head. I knew I had to dig up some old Easter pics (the three kids in age order, in front of the tree and azaleas in our front yard. Same pose ALWAYS.) for you to feast your eyes upon.

But then it turned into this week. This is like the busiest week EVER. Matt’s brother’s wedding is on Saturday, so already Thursday through Sunday is absorbed with wedding activities…which pushed back our normal Thursday plans to Wednesday…and then we opted to hang out with our family last night instead of having our normal Tuesday…and anyway, the week’s shot as far as time for blogging/digging through pictures in the attic is concerned. So this morning I rushed through my breakfast and dashed to the attic in hopes those beautiful Easter pics would be SOMEWHERE near the top of the boxes of pictures and I could find them and scan them before I was late to work.

I couldn’t. Sadsies.

I did, however, find another seasonally appropriate stash of pictures. Therefore, today we will be waltzing (more like grinding) back through time and enjoying Prom 2000—my junior year of high school.

Ah, prom. What can I say about you? You’re a glorious tradition, and I’m glad I partook of you. And now I’m done talking like prom is an actual person.

I had a pretty solid core group of friends in high school, known to ourselves as the Spectacular Seven (not sure anyone else truly recognized how spectacular we were…). Since we were a 4-3 split of boys-girls, it usually worked out pretty well that we just mix-and-matched amongst ourselves when it came time for formal dances and what-not. Also, at any given time members of the group might be dating each other, or occasionally dating some Outsider…so the odd numbers were never really a problem. That’s how I ended up going to my junior prom as Michael’s date.

Michael was an excellent date, despite the fact that we were the same height and I had to pose for all pictures barefoot so that I wouldn’t tower over him in heels.

Speaking of pictures…I’m going to spare you a little this week. Rushed and all. I only had time to scan a few, and anyway—they aren’t that exciting that I need to inundate you. I found a few pictures of my friends, and since several of them are fellow bloggers and/or requested I feature pictures of them/their spouses during WBW, I wanted to take a chance to embarrass showcase them.

Here we are actually at the prom, and amidst this crowd of dapper folks you will find James and Kristina! Prom dates in 2000, “life dates” (married, you could say) in 2007. What foreshadowing! (Other interesting fact: James was MY prom date senior year. Maybe we’ll feature that one sometime!)

After prom (and most weekend nights, for that matter) we went over to Jessica’s house. This year, it appears that Jess and Christopher were dates. Somehow we also seemed to end up with some of the prom decorations (?? What else would those big white gate things be?? Any other Seven member, feel free to jog my memory)…

Patrick was thinking outside the box (HAHAHAHAHAHA…funny pun if you’re in the know.) (and if you’re not, I’ll let you in: his last name is Box) and took this girl who I can’t remember her name because she didn’t go to our school. I like her dress though. And I also like how if you look really close, you can see the Shrine to Jessica on the mantle behind the white gates. Jess is an only child. If you think First Kids get lots of photos…wow, that just pales in comparison to the Shrine that an Only Child can get. Especially Jessica. 

That’s all I’ve got for you now. Like I said…there are way more pics, but not way more time. But one more quick tale before I go—

Unfortunately (or fortunately, I guess it depends) for you, I went to Evans High. Had I gone to Greenbrier High, our rival high school, I would have had Christina Aguilera at my prom that year. I know, crazy, right?? Some kid at Greenbrier won a contest that year and the prize was having Christina come as your “date” and perform at your prom. It was pretty much the biggest thing to ever happen in suburbia. And also, according to most of the people I knew that were at the prom that night, one of the most frustrating/lamest things ever. Wish I could tell more, but…ya know, I wasn’t there. Sorry!


  1. Fun times! We had the "Super Six," but we were just girls... throwing boys into the mix might have prevented some of the drama, but then again, it might have made it worse

  2. Marshall was at the Greenbriar prom!! And he got Xtina's autograph! It's displayed in a shadow box right next to his My Little Pony.

  3. We definitely took those gates from Prom, because we were just about the last people to leave. And that was Emily. She went to Greenbrier, so I was at the Greenbrier Prom when Christina Aguilera was there. It was more than a little ridiculous. Good times, way to go Erika. :-)

  4. yay, good post erika! i like the pics. my husband was SKINNY! you all look great! :)

  5. Thank you for including me in this post.

    and you totally used the word "sadsies." Thanks for that too.

  6. that was definitely emily martin.

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  8. Oh neato.. :) I technically went alone my junior year at Evans (but I really went with a friend girl, Amanda H..) and also made an appearance at the Lakeside Prom as well. Though that date was very short lived. ;) Ahhh.. good times.

  9. So...for reasons that I can explain later, I googled "Christina Aguilera Greenbrier Prom" today and your blog was the first thing that came up. Hahaha! Amazing. And yes, it was lame and one of the worst prom ideas ever. BUT, 10 years later, its great material for two truths and a lie!


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