Wednesday, December 7, 2011

baby's first christmas (1982)'s Wednesday, which means it is....

The Blogivers

Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah.

In honor of the season, I thought I'd share some very meaningful pictures from Baby's First Christmas. And since I do not actually have a baby of my own (did you even realize that??)...naturally, the baby will be myself.

Since my birthday is next week (December 12!!!)...if you're any sort of mathematician like myself, you can probably calculate that my first Christmas was approximately 2 weeks (okay, 1 week and 6 days) after my birth. Naturally, this made me a very eager and excited Christmas participant. Luckily my parents thought to grab the ol' Polaroid and snap a few. Two, to be exact. That's how awesome I made their day. Two pictures.

At least they were good ones.

Yup, that's me...the sweet little cherub under the tree, screaming her ever-loving head off! Possibly it was because EW, THE CARPET!!!! Could it look any more dirt-like??! Who would want to be laid on that stuff??! Get me out of here! That carpet obviously did not put me in the mood for Christmas cheer. Mom, in charge of writing the '2 weeks' caption, obviously had nothing more to say about the day other than my age. I guess she thought the picture spoke for itself.

Almost the same picture, but wait!! After Mom put her requisite '2 weeks' caption on this one, DAD took matters into his own hands. Afraid that later in life he might not remember what was happening here, he decided to jot down the facts. Christmas Day. THE WAILER.

Thanks, Dad. Because it wasn't perfectly clear how I felt that day.

Anyway, that's WBW for ya today. Hope you have more Christmas cheer today than I did back in '82!


  1. Aww! Those are great photos! You were a very expressive 2-week-old (well, 1-week-6-day-old)!

  2. Ha those ARE awesome!! Can't wait until you have pics like that of your OWN little baby one day that Matt can label accordingly...

  3. I laughed out loud at that second pic, so funny!


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