Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Decor 2011

My halls are decked this year. Well, not halls...technically, we don't have any halls in our house (wasted square footage, I say). But walls/tables/shelves/doors/patches of floor? Decked.

This could have something to do with my new obsessions with Pinterest and crafting...possibly.

And just the fact that every year I manage to accumulate a few more Christmas-y 'things.' That naturally means that each year is better-decorated than the previous year. And that in about 2 years, I'm gonna have to move for lack of space to store all this junk the other 11 months of the year. Ay yi yi.

Anyway...if you're new here from Kelly's Korner or Nester: hi! Welcome! And it may help to know that I just got my first 'real' camera a few weeks ago and my current level of photography skill is 'bless her heart, she tries.' Come to think of it, so is my crafting and if you are looking for a posh and professional inspiration blog, this ain't gonna be it. But it is my house and I rather enjoy it, so if you can deal with my semi-bad pictures...we can be friends!

So...on with it!

I took 2,810,938 pictures trying to get a good tree pic. It's not happenin. None of the tutorials I pinned actually helped me. Maybe next year. It could be because our tree is in a really awkward spot in the room. Our house was NOT designed with a Christmas tree in mind...something I will remedy in our next house. I MUST HAVE A GOOD SPOT FOR A TREE (and this isn't it).

Right, so...the tree is behind the couch, blocking the piano. Awesome, right?! Plus it means you can never actually SEE it if you're sitting on the couch. If we actually had Christmas morning in our house, this would be bad news. Since we don''s just something to complain about on the blog. :)

I always love my piano (and all of its awesome 70s-ness)...but come Christmas, I really love it. Its shelves allow me so many spots to place random knick-knacks and decor I wouldn't otherwise have a place to set! Score 1 for the piano!

You might notice some reoccurring elements in my decorating (as pictured below): Jars of sparkly balls. Book trees. If you recall, I went a little bit crazy with the book trees this year. And then I figured out how to sew cute stars to go on top? Done. Sold. I WILL COVER MY HOUSE IN BOOK TREES.

 Looking over at the other side of the tree, towards the front door and coat closet. 

On top of this bookshelf lives the nativity my Nana got in Israel. I know, my nativity just beat your nativity. Sorry! To the right of the shelf you will see a little bit of randomness inspired by something I pinned (surprise, surprise): an upside-down tomato cage I wrapped in lights and tinsel. Fun! 

Here's the view from the kitchen:

Mantel, complete with MORE BOOK TREES. You may also recognize my beloved stick tree!

That concludes the bulk of my Christmas decor. Other than that I just have little 'touches' in each of the other rooms:
 Wreath in the kitchen dedicated to our alma mater.

 Greenery with tiny ornaments in mason jars in the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Yarn wreath on the front door.
Christmas houses in the dining room.

Last but not least...

This may not be remotely attractive, but it is Christmas-related and arguably the most useful thing in the house right now:

My gift-wrapping station in the friggin empty, wasted-space that should be a nursery if only we weren't barren spare bedroom! It's a mess, but a useful one. As you can see, Lola approves (and there's proof we even have wreaths on the outside of our house!).

Ok. That was probably more pictures than you ever needed or wanted to see. If you've made it all the way to the end, congratulations! Leave a comment and I will mail you a book tree or something. :)


  1. So festive. Good work!

    P.S. My word verification is "whorne"... a little too close to another word, if you ask me.

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  3. I just love the book trees soooo cute! I will have to take time to figure out how to make some of those!! Loved all your decations! your house is beautiful!!!

  4. I LOVE the book trees. If you heart so leads you, you could make me one. I would not be opposed to that. ;) and I will trade you some hymn page ornaments for a tree.

  5. Looks great! And for the record, our "friggin empty, wasted-space that should be a nursery if only we weren't barren" has a treadmill and our wrapping supplies in it. Spesh.

  6. A few random thoughts:
    I love the UGA wreath we are huge GA fans ourselves.

    I would LOVE to visit Israel.

    The color of your living room is gorgeous.

  7. First time visitor here from Kelly's Korner!

    Your house is beautiful! I adore the stick tree and book trees. Your piano is gorgeous!! Oh, and your nativity is cooler than mine - what a timeless treasure!

    Enjoyed your blog!

  8. I LOVE your house! It is beautiful! You are so creative!

  9. You are so creative! I love the wreaths especially the yarn one so so so cute and creative! Your house looks so welcoming and inviting love it! Over from Kelly's can't wait to read more

    Thanks for sharing

  10. Your home looks great, very creative. I love the book trees and yarn wreath.

  11. Looks beautiful! I love your yarn wreath!

  12. I love all your trees. (Especially the tomato cage one.)


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