Thursday, December 8, 2011

change of heart

While driving home this afternoon, that song came on again.

Ya know, the song. The Christmas song that drives me crazy? Until the day I had a change of heart about it, a few years back? And then I blogged about it and got all serious and cheesy and it was pretty bad but pretty true anyway. Feel free to refresh your memory if you're feeling lost right about now:

Meditations on a Song that Drives me Crazy (December, 2009)

For the record, every OTHER version of that song (except the Mercy Me version I was talking about in the blog) still drives me crazy. But I really do like that one version. Still. Funny how you can not be a fan of something your whole life and then one minute later, feel completely differently.

That's not the only thing I've (we've) had a change of heart about lately.

Nothing I really wanna get into just yet...but the ol' rusty hearts are a-changin'. Towards things that have previously been a "no way, not me, not now..."and are now more like a "why not me, why not now?" or even maybe "I kinda really want this...finally."

Could I be any more intentionally cryptic (and yet not)? I doubt it. I'm just not really ready to throw it all out there yet. But we're talking...and praying...and thinking...and researching. And maybe making a new plan.

And wait-- could it be??

Yes! I do! I have another really cheesy Christmas song that previously drove me crazy and now makes me cry! And it goes right along with our newest change of heart. And I tried to find the cheesiest video of it ever, for your supreme enjoyment. You are so welcome.

(Note: I do not think the kids are cheesy. It's the playing-guitar-in-the-gently-falling-snow.)

So...that's that, I guess. Happy almost-Friday (and last Thursday of me being 28)!


  1. Happy almost birthday! I'll be praying for you guys as I am 99.999% sure I get your cryptic comments and know far too well what change would have to take place in my own heart to get to that place. I hope you're feeling better and can enjoy some pampering and spoiling on your birthday!

  2. Thinking of you through your time of prayers and research!

    The Christmas song that drives me crazy is that "Christmas Shoes" one. One night last year it came on when we were in the car and I started to cry and my husband took my hand and said, "I can tell you are so stressed and not feeling like yourself - you HATE this song!" I haven't had a change of heart about that song!

  3. Um I'm going to require that you e-mail me with more information... even though I already have a hunch!

  4. ... and then I'm going to hound her until she tells me what new information you've given her.

  5. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... I think I might know what this change of heart may be. But maybe not. So I need you to disclose your cryptic message! :)

  6. Well, I wish I knew you better to know what you are thinking. BUT, I do know that 29 is the best prime. And a year you can't regret.


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