Monday, December 5, 2011

a great day

Indulge me for a sec as I walk you through some of the many great components of this great day.

1) Started the day out with a Truly Awesome Email of the Highest Order. Let me share it copy-and-paste style so that you can enjoy it, too:

I have to share the best scrabble word/move ever.  See attached.

Win 1 - it's the word penises.
Win 2 - I used all seven tiles.
Win 3 - I got 60 points.
Win 4 - It posted the word penises to my facebook wall.

Haha, yes, I just shared that with you.  For some reason, I just feel like you would enjoy this as much as I did.

Attached was a screenshot of the aforementioned amazing play. This was from my friend Jessie and yes, I did enjoy it as much as she apparently did.

Friends, emails like this are accepted and encouraged at any time. This was the best way to start my 5:45 am morning. 

2) Great hair and pants. I've discovered a new way of curling my hair and it is SO fast and easy and it lasts all day and looks great (in my humble opinion) all day. Love it! A nice alternative to my daily ponytail, for sure. Also, I bought the Best Pants Ever on Black Friday and they have changed my life, or at least my expectations for work pants. These things, I am confident, contributed to a great day at work. They even made up for the fact that I FORGOT EARRINGS, which is normally a day-ruiner.

3. Christmas music. I'm gonna brag on myself for a minute here-- I do a mean 'O Holy Night' duet with Josh Groban. It nearly brings me to tears every time we perform it. I thought it couldn't be beat...until the drive home today, when I sang the same song with Martina McBride. My duet with Martina is giving my duet with Josh a run for its money...luckily there are still three solid weeks left of Christmas music for me to decide a definitive winner.

4. Great weather. Normally the literal bipolar-ness of this Georgia 'fall' would have me a little agitated...but today I decided to take advantage of an afternoon in the mid 60s to take some pictures outside! Then the 9 and 11-year-old neighbor kids from across the street came over to hang out and play with my cat (who was serving as my unwilling photography model). I enjoyed talking with them for 45 minutes or so, and as we chatted and followed the cat around the yard, lo and behold, we happened upon what can arguably be called my First Thing Worth Actually Photographing. I know!!! After taking 200 pictures, I finally found something worth taking a picture of! May I present to you: this animal skeleton.

I know, right?? Are you on Erika's blog, or the National Geographic page? Hard to say.

Our fearless hero.

So what is it?? The kids said a rat. If so...then I will put that skull on a stake and plant it square in the middle of the yard to let it be a warning to any other rats that are thinking about dropping by. Beware Ye Who Dare to Enter This Yard!!! And also I am going to give my cat about 8000 treats and pats and maybe even spring for shots this year...because I'm guessing he's the one responsible for making sure that animal is a dead skeleton in my flower bed and not a living beast in my yard/garage/house [shudder].

5. In about 30 minutes, I'm leaving to go to my first ZUMBA class ever!! I am SO excited!!! I've heard you lose like 10 pounds per class, so I have really realistic expectations for the evening. 

Actually, my goal is to Not Die. Any other benefits will be considered fringe.

Hope your day was a fraction as fun as my last Monday of being 28. Yes, that's how I think of everything the week before my birthday.

Relevant Christmas Card 2011 Stats:
# of Cards Received: 5
# of Cards That Have Awesome Return Address Stamps: 2
B&W to Color Photograph Ratio: 2:3
Card Hailing from Furthest Away: I would have to consult Mapquest or something in order to determine whether Carroll, Iowa or Austin, Texas is further...but one of them. 


  1. If I can't have my win of beating Amanda, I shall consider it a victory to be in the running for sending one from the furthest away!

    And the animal skeleton is nasty, whatever it is (or was).

  2. I have a stamp for my return label, but sadly realized upon trying it out for Christmas cards that it didn't work. I decided to hand write out everything instead of waiting. Way to go on the Christmas cards! We so far have 2 cards. Glad y'all got our card.Our Furthest is from Greenville, SC. I'm so stealing this for my December blogs. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Got YOUR Christmas card today- way cute! And props to you for picking up an animal carcass...

  4. Your new camera takes great pictures...even if it is of a dead animal.

  5. I LOVE doing that same duet with Josh Groban!

    What is the new trick to curling your hair? I can use all the hair help I can get...the kids at school get excited if I wear my hair in a ponytail instead of a messy bun.

    And nice National Geographic-esque pictures! Keep them coming, please!


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