Sunday, February 5, 2012

a saturday well spent

So I see lots of people do these "my week in Instagram" (or maybe they have a cutesier name, probably) posts, but I've never joined in for several reasons. A) I don't have Instagram-- or rather, Androids don't. At least not the last time I checked. So I use something called Lightbox instead, which I think is kind of the same...but until last night, I never figured out (or rather-- thought about) how to use it from a computer...which meant I didn't have very easy access to my pictures (I pretty much just emailed the ones I liked to myself)...which meant that most of my photos from Lightbox remain on my phone. B) I don't take pictures of very exciting things on my phone, because I just got a Big Girl Camera and I much prefer taking pictures with it. Okay, so those are basically the only reasons I don't get in on this blog trend-- but today's a new day! Or rather, yesterday was. Because yesterday I took like FIVE pictures on my phone, which clearly qualifies me as a Phone Picture Blogger. I also took about 70 pictures on the Big Girl Cam, which also qualifies me as a Real Photographer (or NOT...I'm pretty sure I am still categorized as a 'fauxtographer' according to this web page).

Yesterday was a pretty typical-and-good Saturday. Here's the things I didn't get pictures of (the first half of the day): 9am Zumba (sorry all you peeps who are holding your breath for a video! Not today!); Matt taking Lola to the vet; hanging out/drinking coffee/becoming emotionally healthy with Catherine; visiting the new Aldi for the first time.

Around 3 o'clock, we got ambitious and busted out the camera. And walked around the yard. And took pictures of exciting things such as (but not limited to) ourselves, our cat, and weeds growing in the yard. I know, it's hard to lead such an exotic life.

After we exhausted all of the photo possibilities in the yard (5 minutes), we decided to head to our small downtown and hit up some antique shops and see what we could see. This is when we started getting a little photo-happy. Antique stores are FULL of photo-worthy things!

 All ready for Catherine's masquerade party!

 An old-timey dentist chair!! It was super amazing. I spent at least 10 minutes trying to justify spending $500 on it and ultimately could not. But at least we sat in it and took some pictures!

A "ho primer"??! Personally, all the hoes I know seem like it came pretty naturally...but just in case you wanted to take your ho game up a notch, there's a guide for that.
 It was at this point that the epic song "You's a Ho" got stuck in my head. And I know almost all the lyrics STILL, so there should be some sort of prize for that. Why you take a ho to a HO-tel? Ho-tel everybody, even the mayor...reach up in the sky for the HOzone laya!... Hey ho, how's it goin', where ya been? Prolly doin' ho stuff, cause there you ho again!

You're welcome.
This is definitely the first and probably only time there will ever be a link to a Ludacris song on my blog. Relish this moment. Because it's the funniest song ever. [LANGUAGE ALERT IF YOU LISTEN TO THAT UNEDITED VERSION I JUST LINKED TO! Beware!]

ANYWAYS. Back to our Saturday. After we finished laughing at all the stuff in the antique store, we wandered around downtown and found brick walls to take pictures with. 

 Note: that's my phone in my 'pouch'...I do not have rectangular fat rolls. Just FYI.

 After the brick walls and a few more thrift stores, we considered downtown to be exhausted and headed back home.

We finished off our Saturday with making some semi-homemade Indian food (baby steps, yall!) and doing our taxes. And we GET MONEY BACK this year, which is slightly insanely exciting and I plan on getting all of it in gold coins that I can throw around and dance in, like Scrooge. Or not, but that's always a fun idea. And wouldn't that make for a sweet photo shoot? Maybe next weekend, folks!

Enjoy your Sunday and your football and/or Puppy Bowl!

You's a ho...HO!...You's a ho...HO!...I said that you's a ho... (it's still stuck in my head)


  1. You doing ho activities with ho tendencies- ho's are your friends, ho's are your enemies! Thank you for reaffirming, once again, why we are BFF's.

  2. I want to check out those antique stores! What indian food did you make? I'm trying a recipe this week that I found from Real Simple. Any excuse to use my crock-pot...

  3. I totally laughed through this post. No, You da hoe! Best use a ho primer. You are your hubby are so cute : ) I don't have cool Instagram either. Looks like we are dorks together.

  4. Hahahahaha:) You two make me smile!

  5. Sounds like a lovely way to spend the day! Also worth noting--that's the only Ludacris song I know. But now I feel better about knowing it.


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