Wednesday, February 8, 2012

slothing: the good ol' days

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Yup, it's Wednesday already.

This week I don't have anything in particular (or anything super hilarious or embarrassing, let's just be straight up) that caught my eye to share. I was just clicking through old photos and was overcome by the general sense of happiness that I feel when I look through all the old pictures of me and my college roommates.

Did you have awesome roommates? I must say, it was probably my favorite thing about college (and post-college) life. Living with a houseful of girlfriends is SO MUCH FUN, and at least in our case, came with surprisingly little drama. Sometimes I'm almost a little sad that I'll never get to do it again-- until, of course, all of our husbands die (in their late 80s, of course), and we (being the strong and healthy women) are left on our which case we have already decided to move back in together. It only makes sense.

Anyway. I dug out a few pictures that accurately portray what life in the 115 was like. To save me from labeling the same people in every one, you can just remember that Elizabeth (no blog, for shame) is the one with red curly hair, Catherine looks like a Tinkerbell-ballerina (her life dream), and Kristina is the "ethnic" one. And I'm me. You should recognize me by now.

This is a typical evening in a house of girls (although I think this picture was actually on a snow day). This is the roomies with our next-door and down-the-street BFFs (from top of the couch: Lisa Marie, Catherine, Laura, me, Kristina, Elizabeth...Aidan the cat is creeping on the pile of pillows to our right). We did a lot of "slothing" (our term for what's going on in this picture: laying around, doing nothing, being comfortable...slothing!)

Luckily for us all, I LABELED this picture when I saved it: this would be the roomies celebrating the last season of Friends. With pina coladas, naturally. It's how we celebrated anything worth celebrating.

There were random enthusiastic trips to Six Flags for UGA Night (this is at the Superman ride, obviously).

There was no shortage of chocolate. Or laughing.

There was music and art. And I'd like the record to state that Kristina was crafty back before crafty was cool. She single-handedly provided all the wall decor for our house.

There was laundry.

There was cooking. We each had a night each week to prepare dinner for 'the fam.' It's how I learned to cook!

There were huge amounts of chillaxing in your mis-matched loungewear with silly slippers and plenty of coffee and girl talk.

And it was so much fun.

I was almost done, but then I saw the (hideous) cabinets in this picture and it reminded me of a story. When we moved in to this place, we decided to divvy up the cabinet space for each roomie. Sadly, there wasn't a lot of precious cabinet real estate to go around, and a good chunk of it was wasted on those two cabinets (you can see them) above the stove. The HIGH ONES that NO ONE can really get that much use out of?

Guess which roommate got nominated and voted to get those cabinets?

Yup, that would be me. Their reasoning? I was the "tall one."

OK, sure, I'm a good 4 inches taller than Kristina and Catherine-- I'll give 'em that much. But Elizabeth?? PLEASE. I'm like maybe 1/8th of an inch taller, which you would never even know because her hair is fluffy on the top and mine is flat, which makes her look taller. But she milked that eighth of an inch like it made all the difference in the world while she shafted me with those stupid cabinets. I'm not bitter or's just we should have at LEAST gotten to rock-paper-scissors for it or something.

Whatever. Roommates. What're you gonna do? (Note: when we move into the nursing home together, I am NOT getting shafted with that tall cabinet again. YOU can climb up a chair every time you want a stupid bowl of cereal. HA!)


  1. Ha, I would post pictures of me with my roomie(s) but most of them would be pictures of me and Allison!

  2. Ok, I'll echo my facebook comment and say I love the blog - and I'll still let you have first pick at the nursing home with the cabinets. However, just so I don't seem so unfair. I believe it was that 1/8 of an inch combined with the added reach of the phalanges that put you over the edge! :)

    Much love!

  3. also...this gets me thinking....are there no shots of the alpha board? Or perhaps that's too much info for the beautiful blog!

  4. This makes me look forward to our nursing home days! And thank you for that " I was crafty before crafty was cool" comment. I was... Darn it! And I agree..need some footage of the alpha board.


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