Friday, March 7, 2014

back to the land of the living

That's what I felt like shouting this morning as our car pulled out of the garage. I'm bacccckkkk!!! Look at that sky! Those trees! The chilly breeze! The stupid stray cat that's eating my cat's food! WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD!!! Apparently seeing nothing but the four walls of your own bedroom for 48 hours starts to wear on a person. But now I'm back.

I feel much better, thanks in equal parts to Percocet and this text that I received yesterday from my coworker/friend:

One should never underestimate the healing powers of the knowledge that new makeup is waiting for you at your workplace. Now I had something to live for

Thankfully I am also legitimately feeling a lot better, so it wasn't too hard to convince myself to pull it together and get to work today. And as a reward for my efforts, I went straight to the mail room and picked up my package as soon as I got here!

the buffer airbrush finish foundation brush | Amazonian clay waterproof linerclean slate flawless 12-hr brightening primer (free sample) 

You're probably (not) wondering why I'm cheating on Ulta and Sephora and ordering directly from Tarte, aren't you. Well, I'll tell you. I went to Ulta twice looking to buy this foundation brush and both times it was out of stock. That was irritating. So I resigned myself to buying it online. Then I did some quick makeup math involving coupon codes, free shipping thresholds, free sample options, and voodoo magic, which resulted in discovering that ordering from Tarte was a better deal (this time) than from either of the stores. And as it turns out, I placed this order on Monday afternoon and it arrived Thursday afternoon. You can't beat that for free shipping speediness-- nicely done, Tarte!!

If you've noticed a recurring theme in my makeup purchases lately (you haven't? Don't worry, my AmEx has...), you may correctly conclude that I am obsessed with Tarte. It is definitely my current favorite brand. For one, almost everything I've used of theirs is fabulous. And then as an added bonus, all of their products are formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, and synthetic that is an EXTRA huge win!! Cost wise, they're comparable to all the other mid-upper range product lines (benefit, Smashbox, Bare Minerals, Lorac, etc.),'s true love. 

Speaking of true love: you people LOVE you some 90210, don't you?? I was definitely surprised to see so many of you choosing that as your fantasy high school experience yesterday! I'm going to be very honest here: I have never seen an episode of Beverly Hills 90210. Not even one. I'm so ashamed. I can't even relate to what yall are talking about!!! I hope you'll cut me some slack- it's not my parents were very particular about what we were allowed to watch on TV back then, and shockingly...90210 didn't make the cut. By the time I was old enough to make my own decisions about TV viewing (cough*college*cough), no one was watching that, so...I never caught up. I hope we can still be friends. I would say that I plan on watching it some day, but that'd be pretty much lying. I'm just not inspired by early 90s clothing, hair, and drama, and I have no nostalgia attached to the characters, so...I'll probably never be bored enough to watch it. :)

Alright, well...we've covered makeup and TV, so that's basically the extent of my passions these days...guess we're all done here! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Ok let's see of I can type this fast enough to be the first comment. That would make me feel somehow accomplished on this Friday. You are inspiring me to go try some of this makeup. Which is so not me, but you make it sound so fun and exciting! Happy Friday! Glad you're feeling better and got some get well goodies from yourself!

  2. I love my Tarte face powder!! Glad you are feeling better!

  3. I think you should reconsider on the 90210 thing. It's worth watching!!

  4. 90210 was even more restricted than Dawson's Creek... so obviously I watched it.

    Glad you're feeling better. Hope it's AT LEAST another before you're bedridden by exploding cysts again!

  5. Shockingly my parents let me watch 90210. But I would pick Gilmore Girls. I am not into the drama that West Beverly High was all about.

    Tarte is my new favorite as well. I received the tower set that was on QVC for Christmas from my MIL and I haven't used anything else since. I love love love the eyeliner. I want to try their mineral foundation, it has over 300 great reviews on Sephora.

  6. Hi! Emyselfandi sister here (Kathryn..) I am OBSESSED with that Tarte brush- its the best thing that has EVER happened to my make up. Ive loved tarte for years.. but am always switching things up with my make up.. I can say that right now, i am using about 90% tarte make up, and its fantastic! :)

  7. I'm glad you're back and feeling better!!! How nice of Tarte to reward you like that! One day I will learn how to do/use make up!

    Have a great weekend! :)

  8. I never really watched 90210 either AND I am not very adventurous with makeup, so I have nothing to contribute… except the fact that I really enjoy free and timely shipping. The end.

    1. I was trying to figure out what to say about this post but Amanda just summed it up exactly. Although, like Jaclyn, every time you write about makeup, I am almost inspired enough to go buy some. I was seriously looking at lipstick at Target a couple of weeks ago!

  9. I never watched 90210 either...I've never seen a single episode. I don't even know who is in it. I was the "Dawsons Creek" generation...

    Um, what is this Tarte? I think I'm missing something. Maybe it doesn't exist in Canada...since many don't bother to wear make up under their head to toe snow suits.

  10. OMG there's one show that we aren't twinsies on... But that's ok...! Glad you're doing better!!

  11. AS SOON AS I'm out of my current foundation, I am springing for the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation. I'm hoping it's as fantastic as I've built it up in my head to be. Love you Bobbi Brown, but it's time to try something new! Cant wait to hear what you think about the foundation brush.

  12. I'm so glad that you're feeling better! Will have to check out tarte make-up. Your previous post with a photo of all your lipglosses has me intrigued- ha ha!

  13. Three cheers for feeling better and makeup deliveries (well Im always down for any deliveries honestly!) Just think- tonight we find out who Juan Pablo chooses!!

  14. Glad I could contribute to returning to the workplace enthusiasm. I admire your self-control...I don't know if I could have waited till the next day!


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