Friday, March 28, 2014

friday mash-up

IT'S FRIDAY!!! FINALLY. At long sweet last. I can't string together any coherent thoughts, so...a list will do.

1. It's raining now, but yesterday afternoon I called an audible and cancelled our standing Thursday afternoon gym date in favor of going home and planting our zinnia seeds. It's supposed to rain all of today and most of Saturday, and I'm just REALLY REALLY READY to have those things in the ground, so a Thursday afternoon planting it was. Now I just need it to not freeze for the rest of the spring. If any of you can call in any favors with the weather, I'd appreciate it. 

2. We have NO PLANS TOMORROW!! That is my favorite kind of Saturday on earth. (Scratch that, my MOST FAVORITE kind of Saturday would really be one spent on a beach in I guess this is my second favorite kind.) We want to see a movie, but we have a dilemma. American Hustle just got to our local cheapie theater. I really want to see that. But we haven't seen Divergent yet...and clearly, I want to see that, too. Obviously Divergent is at the nice (expensive) theater, but I have a gift card, so it'd be free. So there's really no financial incentive to stick to the cheap seats...just a really tough decision. Feel free to weigh in.

3. I bought this candle at Target last Friday.

Based on the unbelievably amazing scent that I couldn't stop inhaling the entire car ride home, I declared it early on to be the 'BEST CANDLE EVER.' Shocking that I would make such a bold declaration about anything. Ha. Anyway, I still stand by that as long as we're only talking about sniffing it in its unburned state. However, I was sad to discover that once it's actually know, as candles wasn't nearly as strongly scented. I'm used to a candle that can sit in the living room and fill up our whole (not terribly large) house with its scent. Bath and Body Works candles do it. Yankee candles do it. This guy...doesn't. Sad face. I mean, it still smells super good burning, but you can only smell it within like a 10 foot radius. 

Yesterday I theorized that maybe if I brought it to a smaller, lower-ceilinged, more enclosed place, maybe it would permeate the air a little better. So I brought it to my office at work.

BINGO. Freaking amazing. Now I feel like I'm working in a spa. I'm generously letting my co-workers come in and inhale my air for free this week. Next week, once they're hooked, I'm going to start charging. CHA-CHING! But for real. You don't get to go to the aromatherapy spa for free just cause you work with me, people.

4. Please weigh in on this hypothetical situation.

Person A (who doesn't currently have a computer or phone at hand): I wonder ______.
Person B (holding a laptop): I don't know...I'll Google it!
Person A: Oh, great! Thanks!
Person B: *typing* *click click click*
Person A: *peeks a look at the screen and is horrified to see THIS*

Person A: Whaaa?? WHHHYYY?? Did you go there ON PURPOSE to look something up??
Person B: Oh, what? Yeah, of course. Why, what's wrong?
Person A: DO YOU LIVE IN THE 1990s?? Do you have a pet Tamagotchi too?? Do you know know that the word 'Google' actually MEANS SOMETHING and is not just a synonym for 'search'?? Even though, I mean, it is a synonym...BUT YOU CAN'T USE IT IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO USE IT!!!!
Person B: *doesn't get what the problem is*
Person A: *continues mocking Person A for the next 100 years*

In your opinion, who is in the right here? Should Person B change their ways and use a non-embarrassing search engine? Can Person A ever trust Person B again? Asking for a friend...


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  2. 1) Gardening is exercise, at least on all of those fitness apps, so you are covered on that front.
    2) Obvi see both. You don't have plans, and it's supposed to be raining.
    3) Last night on my Target spree I went and checked that guy out...if my bill hadn't already been on the other side of $50 it's cousin (another scent) would have hopped in my cart.
    4) Person B needs to be introduced to is reading a magazine fun. Legitimate...

    *My comments on 4) were not completed when I hit publish. Ooops.

  3. Go see Divergent! We are going tonight and I cannot wait....just wish I had free tickets like you lucky lady. does NOT equal yahoo search. Happy Friday!

  4. Oh shoot. I love google. So I think that person should do all searches on google. However, when I say "I will google it" I really mean "I will search for it". Sooooo, undecided here.

  5. With no plans and rain the forecast, go see both movies this weekend! I'm a Yahoo girl. I rarely go to Google. I might just be stuck in the 90s too.

  6. 1) TGIF
    2) Go see Divergent. We are "hopefully" going to see it this afternoon, if the two little ones coperrate and take a nap
    3) I side with person A

  7. We have the same favorite Saturdays! :)

    Person A - FOR SURE! "Yahoo it" didn't become a thing for a always wins.

  8. 1) Is it sad that the thing I am most looking forward to about today is being able to clean our house?!? It's raining here too and the snow is melting at an amazing rate. Between catching up o blogs, cleaning the house, and checking the basement for water coming in, it's going to be a good day!

    2) Go see Divergent! I am seeing it tonight and fully expected you to see it last weekend!

    3) When you get rich off of charging your office mates to visit your spa, then you can fund your blog vacation. You know, the one where we all meet up at a beach in Mexico on a Saturday. Or at your house, either way!

    4) "Google" means "using Google." "Search" or "look it up" means using "anything that isn't Google." I might not have my own cell phone or Netflix but on this I am firm!

  9. Is Person B someone who is satisfied with partial results from only a small sample of sources? If so, then no need to engage in "I wonder..." type conversations with them.

  10. If it is raining tomorrow too, I say live large and see BOTH movies!! I clearly have commitment issues...

  11. You had me at "It's Friday!!" Hallelujah and amen.

  12. When candles don't fill my entire home with lovely aromas, I get really irked... they cost a fortune! I shouldn't have to sit with my nose ten inches away.

    I don't think I knew yahoo still had a search engine, but on the bright side, at least it wasn't Ask Jeeves!

  13. You can't even say "Yahoo it" - doesn't make sense. Even my 10 year old fully understands the power of "Google it."

    Hooray for flower planting, watch both movies and eat popcorn at both.

  14. I feel slightly embarrassed for person B. Google is my homepage so maybe I'm biased. Also, we thought American Hustle was HILARIOUS! I would definitely recommend it. Thanks to your first sentence I have that pop song stuck in my head now. It's Friday, Friday, Friday... So ya, enjoy that.

  15. I STILL need to buy that candle!

  16. If I didn't know that you were several states away, I'd swear my husband were Person B. He still legitimately has, and uses, a Yahoo email account. For that matter, he also doesn't own a debit card. He lives in the past, and it's embarrassing.

  17. Can I vote for you to watch BOTH movies tomorrow?? You said you have no plans...

  18. Ooh Allison has a good point. I saw both last weekend. Divergent was awesome! I might have liked it more than the book, which never happens. I got scared multiple times even though I knew what was going to happen. Husband thought it was great too and ranked it over the Hunger Games movies (he hasn't read any of these books). We got American Hustle from the Redbox. It was interesting, and I wanted to watch it, but on 3 attempts, I fell asleep each time and never finished it! I'm sure I would have done better in a theater. So my vote is Divergent as your priority, but see both!

  19. Yeah, why on earth would you use yahoo when you could log into AOL (via dial-up) and do it?!

  20. I think I am going to buy that candle for my sister, she is crazy for lavender and lemon. Also, my husband is the worst internet searcher of all time. If I wanted to look up "Divergent, Movie times", he would type in: "Based on YA book, Divergent, Colorado, movies, nearest Cheeseburger, movies?" Then there are a million results. It can't be helped. Person B is doomed.


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