Monday, December 1, 2014

holidays! yay!

We had an awesome (and redemptive, imagine that!) Thanksgiving weekend. I'm a little short on time because I need to participate in Cyber Monday before work hours begin, so I'll try to dig up a few pictures I haven't already shared on Instagram and Facebook and let my words be few.

It's a little out of control how excited I get about dressing this girl up. If you silently judge people whose children are perpetually overdressed (that is, the opposite of a rugrat situation), then I'm probably keeping you pretty busy judging. I can't help it though. When I saw this deer sweatshirt dress thing at the consignment store, I needed it

Also, let's all take a moment and silently reflect on the fact that she has finally outgrown those moccasins. As of yesterday, I just can't cram her feet into them anymore, try though I may.

A moment for our fallen comrades, the moccs. 

Thank you.

Millie rekindled her passion for napping on my chest this weekend. I can't say I minded.

Shame on Matt for participating in this unauthorized photo op. Also, don't be tricked. Despite browsing many Black Friday ads, we did not participate in any shopping this weekend (well, except for a very mundane, non-holiday-esque trip to Target for normal necessities). My days off are precious and few nowadays, and I'd much rather spend every minute snuggling my girl and not standing in lines. Cyber Monday is what's up, anyway!

Never pass up an opportunity to be twins with your cousins!! Timmy is so sweet to his baby sister and cousin- when asked what he was thankful for this year, his first response was "Millie." Now if that doesn't make you tear up, I don't know what will.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend lots of time with our family, but especially with these two.

We dipped out on the Extended Family Togetherness on Saturday afternoon so that we could get our house decorated for Christmas! We spread out the decorating over Saturday and Sunday and it was much more leisurely, organized, and enjoyable than normal!

A basket of Big Balls plus my reflection. You can't even imagine how many Big Balls jokes we make. Apparently we're 13.
I'll do a proper Christmas Decor tour sometime, but for now I will leave you with this: the four stages of Christmas tree acceptance for an infant.

Everything is better with her.

And now I'm off to shop work! And thus far, disappointed. I'd hoped to see a deal for the Fitbit One* I want for my birthday, but apparently in honor of Cyber Monday Amazon raised the price $20?? I swear I looked at them every day over the weekend and they were always $79 and now $94.95?? Yeah, I guess I'll wait. Womp.

Good luck re-acclimating to real life! Oh, and a zillion thanks for the awesome feedback about the high chairs last week! I had no idea so many people would be passionate about the space saver chairs, but that's what we decided to go with for now. Anyway- Happy Monday!

PS. Ooooh can't forget to share this: my SIL made the most amazing brussels sprouts in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD for Thanksgiving and I ate basically 23 pounds of them and cannot stop thinking about them. I have already begged Matt to make them for me for my birthday. And since they're on my mind, figured I better share so that you can make them and change your life, too. Enjoy! 

*Amazon affiliate link


  1. Next year, there will be a 5th stage of Christmas tree acceptance: TOUCH AND BREAK ALL THE THINGS!

    Glad y'all had a happy holiday weekend!

    1. Ha this is SO true. All the breakable ornaments are near the top of our tree. :)

  2. I hope you post multiple picture of Millie's adorable outfits every single day! If I was as cute as her I would do the same. ;)
    Um...the big balls jokes are non-stop in my house. I live with two boys and a husband who I'm pretty sure is still thirteen. I won't tell you the stuff I poor ears!

  3. Love! I thought I liked Christmas before, but until this year I didn't realize just how much I was missing. Now I'm like, OBSESSED with Christmas. And not ashamed.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe, I'm a huge brussels sprouts fan to begin with... and these sound extraordinary.

  4. Hmm, I was going to check out FitBit prices today for Wade, so I'm glad you did the hard work for me, I suppose!

  5. I can not wait to try this recipe because I LOVE brussel sprouts in the oven..yummy! Every picture of your sweet baby girl is just so incredibly cute!

  6. RIP Moccs - you served Millie well and made her look extra adorable! Off to do some cyber monday shopping before all the deals go away!

  7. I just love everything about your posts! Thank you for sharing your precious family with me. Hopefully you find some more moccasins because those are too cute!

  8. I cannot handle the reindeer outfit in the first pic! AHHH so much cuteness. And balls are hysterical, no matter how old you are.
    Aaaaand I was so excited that you linked to Natasha's blog!!! She lives here in DC and is married to my most favorite radio show host (Kane from The Kane Show). They have 2 adorable daughters and I just love her.
    I love when my world gets small!

  9. Look at that impeccably dressed little girl! So sweet. I just heard of the fitbit today. Glad to know it's NOT a good time to look into it on Amazon, haha!

  10. I love seeing how u dress Millie. She is adorable and the best part of having a baby girl is dressing her up. (^.^) Love the pic of both of u sleeping. Cuteness all around.

  11. As always, I love the pictures of Millie. She is just too cute! My favorite is the one of her sleeping on your chest.

    I did almost all my Christmas shopping online today. It's way better than waiting in line at the mall!

  12. Did you name your tree this year? Inquiring minds need to know! Also, could that sweet girl get any cuter? I keep thinking no and then she does. Super baby!

  13. Do they make Millie's dress in adult sizes? Of course I would not look adorable in it but that dress is awesome!

    Also, I'm glad you answered the high chair debate because I was very curious what you decided to go for.

  14. Love her little shoes! So cute! Are you going to share the recipe with us?

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