Thursday, March 26, 2015

the millie+lola love fest

I wasn't sure sure how Lola would adjust to having a baby human in the house. She's never been a huge fan of kids- adults, yes. Other dogs, yes. Kids...not so much. So I've always been a little nervous about the Lola + Baby scenario. (Those of you with stellar memories may recall the intense (hahaha) baby-training bootcamp we put Lola through as we prepared for our first adoption...)

Anyway. After a few months of mutual indifference followed by months of on-again-off-again unrequited interest (that went both ways...sometimes Millie was interested in Lola and Lola couldn't care less, sometimes vice versa), they've finally hit a period where they are both rather smitten with each other. It's like a straight up middle school romance in our house, yo.

Millie: Oh Lola, let me touch your face!! Hee hee hee!! Lola: NOM NOM NOM BABY HANDS
We only let them play together under strict supervision, lest things get out of hand.

So actually, there's a lot in common with middle school romances here...

Don't play hard to get, Lola- you know you want me to play with you!!! You tease!!
If only you could hear the adorable giggles and squeals Mills makes while all this is going on. They really should invent a way to take pictures so that you can hear sounds...

You came back!!! You do love me!!!
 We're trying to teach Millie the concept of gentle petting and not pulling far it's a total failure, but we'll keep trying. We're also working on teaching Lola the concept of not wagging her tail so hard that she knocks Millie over. That's also not really taking yet...but we'll keep trying.

Let's be best friends forever, okay? Seal it with a kiss!
I mean, look at that happy face. Doesn't it make your Grinchy heart grow three sizes? And for now, the love is mutual, and it's really fun to watch. I'm hoping that unlike most middle school relationships, this one will stand the test of time. 


  1. Love! It truly does sound like middle school romance. Gracie and Gus are pretty smitten with each other. Gus has always loved kids and babies. They pay attention to him and drop food, so you know, to him, they are perfect. The cats, however, are not fond of Grace.

  2. I hereby request more video footage of Millie. Thanks in advance!

  3. It's a high school romance in the making! Just look at the love on both of their faces. I second the video footage...sound of sqeeling is a must. We are missing out!

  4. It's always hysterical when Joseph's dog's tails wag and Blair just goes about her business! Dianna's son Owen and their old dog would make out. It was pretty indecent.

    Puppies and Babies are true love! You really must capture a video. I say at least one a day!

  5. Maybe they'll be the best of cute!!

  6. This is how my little guy is with our cat... if only the cat got as excited as Landon does! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Yeah, our cat agrees with your cat- babies are definitely not the best!!!

  7. Cute little playmates! Makes me sad Avery only got 6 months with one of our dogs and hardly even knows the other... but admittedly not sad enough to bring Tucker back home or go out and get a puppy :)

  8. Add videos so we can hear the cute giggles!!!

  9. I feel like I'm just continuing the chant…videos, videos, videos!!
    I don't think there is anything much cuter than dogs and babies. Especially ones that are BFFs! I hope their love for each other only grows! :)

  10. Adorable! They'll get the gentleness part soon enough. We have a rabbit at work and my son LOVES it. At first (he was about a year old then) he was a little rough, but over the past few months he has really figured out that being gentle keeps the rabbit around longer and it's a win win for both parties :)

  11. A dog and a baby are just two of my favoriting things! Adorable!

  12. Kind of thankful for the indifferent stage from Sterling right now. But it's nice to think these two might be buddies in the future! Such sweet friends!

  13. I'm laughing over your comparison with middle school romances! Ha ha ha!!!


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