Monday, March 23, 2015

yay, friends! and predictably, flowers.

We had an awesome weekend with friends. And not just any old friends- super exotic international friends!!! Dave and Natasha (and Sam and Rachel) came all the way from CANADA just to see us!! Okay, maybe not- maybe they are actually doing a two-week Southern U.S. road trip and we were merely one stop of many...but the fact remains that they came from Canada and stayed with us for two whole days!

Even though this is the first time we've ever met in 'real life,' it certainly didn't feel that way. I guess we're both pretty much the same way in real life that we are on our blogs and emails, so there weren't any surprises (like surprise, I'm actually a  60-year-old man!!! or surprise, I'm a serial killer!! know, like everyone warned you would happen if you met someone "from the internet"...) I had a great time introducing her (and her family!) to Athens, which mainly involved a lot of eating.

Sunday was rainy but not terribly cold, so we braved the elements and took a lovely stroll through the Botanical Gardens. If this discourages you from wanting to visit me's understandable. But looking at flowers is seriously my favorite thing to do, especially with fellow flower-lovers, so bad weather be damned...we were going to the garden!!

Millie even seemed to enjoy it! Between the Ergo, Matt's rain jacket, and the umbrella...I don't think she even realized it was less-than-optimal weather conditions.

We had a lot of fun...who wants to come visit next? Maybe you'll get lucky and I won't drag you through a garden in the rain, but no promises.

Speaking of friends...

Last week, Millie's teachers reported that she and another little girl in her class have been spotted holding hands and babbling together lately!! This totally warmed my heart and made my day (just ask my coworkers, I couldn't stop talking about it)- so far Millie only really shows interest in me, Matt, and animals...I've been so excited for her to start making friends with other babies! I begged Millie's teachers to please text me pictures if she did anything adorable like hold hands with other babies, and I was only sliiiiightly excited to receive a long string of picture texts later that morning showing just that!! (Again, my deepest apologies to my coworkers who probably got really tired of hearing me squeal over these pictures...all day long...)

 Sorry for the obnoxious cropping of Millie's friend, but I don't know S's parents' policy on plastering their baby all over the internet, so I'll err on the side of not. Hopefully cute hand-holding is fair game, though.

We're both super cute! We should be friends!

Oh wait, excuse me? Did you just take my rattle? I'm not so sure about this friendship thing.
I really like Millie's girl, please face in that last picture. Hopefully she also shares smiles (and toys! and germs!) with her friends, too.

Do you remember last year when I talked about the tulips that popped up in my gardens and surprised me (because I'd forgotten I planted them)? (Yes, flowers again...sorry.) Well, they've done it again. Obviously I am the dumbest person alive when it comes to bulbs (or at least tulips)...I 100% thought that they were a one-and-done thing...that they wouldn't come back this year (unless I planted new ones, of course). But guess what!? I was wrong!!

Hey, where did these come from??
 Last year those tulips gave me such hope when they came up. They symbolized beauty rising from the ashes of the previous fall. And now here they are again. There were no ashes this fall. Just happiness. And now a little extra beauty piled on top of the happiness.

My little hope fulfilled sitting beside last year's symbols of hope. I don't even know what to make of it, but I sure am thankful.


  1. I really love that y'all got to meet! I actually thought about requesting you FaceTime with us over the weekend, but decided to let you enjoy your time instead... you're welcome ;)

    1. Oh, that would have been fun! Next time, okay?

  2. "which mainly involved a lot of eating." sooo when you guys free next? :P Gah those hand holding pictures are too adorable!!! Also Millie has the best cheeks! I know you know that but I'm sure you enjoy hearing it too :)

  3. Did you seriously think I planted an annual?!? Ummm, no. Bulbs are fabulous because they're beautiful but also because they come back and MULTIPLY! One day's work yields 5 years of joy, or do I tell myself!

    Also, squeeee! Baby hand holding! That's the cutest thing I've seen all day, and that's actually saying something.

  4. Oh my gosh the CHEEKS! Love the profile shot in front of the tulips.... really highlights how awesome her cheekies are.

  5. Good grief she is sooo cute!!! I love her little eyes peeking out above the raincoat, and the tulip pictures, and the hand-holding...actually all of them. This is the best Spring ever, don't you think?

  6. So fun that you and Natasha got to hang in real life! But yes, if I come to visit, please don't make me walk around in the rain. Let's sit indoors and eat chips and queso, ok?

    Also, totally loved it when the twins started making friends at school- made me feel even better about dropping them off every day, knowing they were excited to hang with their peeps :)

  7. That hand holding has got to be one of the sweetest things I've ever seen! I need to plant some bulbs, especially if I just do it once and get years of beauty.

  8. Pick me, oh pick me!!! I'm going to be so close to Athens next month!!!
    Millie's cuteness is too much. She's making friends and having fun...what more could you ask for?!

  9. For the record I would have enjoyed the botanical garden lol. I love the outdoors with pretty flowers.

  10. I love that she has a cute little friend already! That is the best!

    Yay for meeting friends who aren't serial killers ;) So fun that you got to meet and hang out :)

  11. That last picture and her beautiful eyes. SWOON!

  12. Aw I love what the flowers represent and they are beautiful!!

  13. I just have to say that I LOVE all of Millie's adorable clothes! Looks like a fun time :)

  14. Love those flowers and all they represent!

  15. "Last year those tulips gave me such hope when they came up. They symbolized beauty rising from the ashes of the previous fall. And now here they are again. There were no ashes this fall. Just happiness. And now a little extra beauty piled on top of the happiness."

    Well written, makes me teary. So happy for you, M &C

  16. So much sweetness! Love the hand holding and beauty of those hopeful flowers next to your dream cone true.

  17. So every time our lilies come up and I seem surprised, James gently reminds me that, yes, bulbs do return every. year. "No need to get all excited, Jen" :) HAHA.

    Beautiful tulips, beautiful daughter, and beautiful symbol of hope.

  18. We had so much fun with you guys! Sam and Rachel keep asking when we're going back :) Sam especially wants to play Pandemic and I think Rachel just liked Millie's books.

    Also, cute hand holding doesn't get old. At least not that I've found.


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