Sunday, October 10, 2010


I know, not a very original title. But seriously-- how often do you get to write 10-10-10?? I submit to you...not very often. In fact, the ONE TIME I had a chance to (physically) write it today, while writing a check, I messed up and thought it was the 11th. I'm trying to make up for my earlier shortcomings.

Plus, as luck would have it, I'm stuck waiting another hour for Amazing Race to actually start. It seems to always get pushed back since football lasts longer than they think it will, and then they still feel the need to air 60 Minutes...although...seriously, is anyone watching that show?? I'm thinking not.

So this is me killing time. And writing 10-10-10.

This just in: I was sitting in the guest room/office to write this blog. Matt was watching some sport and I am sportsed-out. But then I heard the familiar sounds of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and I said "Mattie, what are you watching??" He answered "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" like that was totally normal. So I came in here to join him. I don't know why he's watching it, but I will not question it. It's obviously an improvement over sports! I was checking out my Google Analytics today. I think it's time to share some of the fun and funny discoveries.

First of all...let me introduce some of you guys to the idea of a "bookmark." It will save you some time. I get that you may not want to actually "follow" me or something, or maybe you don't know how, is pretty funny that you actually Google "erkia b**** athens vineyard". Ok, but you do type out my last name. And you do misspell my first name. EVERY TIME!!! ALMOST EVERY DAY! It's hilarious. So, let's just be friends, okay? You obviously know me. Ditto to the people who come here every day by Googling "mattyerika" and "mattyerika blogspot". I the time you typed all that, you may as well have just typed the dot com and been done with it!

Okay, now let's just move on to the funny ones. How about...

* "erika body paint contest winner/atlanta". Yup, that's obviously me.
*"how to make a baby." was the title of a recent post...but I'm afraid whoever came here looking for that probably didn't find what they were looking for.
*"i need to find a new way to waste my life." Um...really? Who Googles stuff like that?! I hope spending 10 minutes here was a sufficient waste of their time.
*"something beautiful i could say to my daughter" Now that's just sweet. I bet it was a lonely man in his 40s or something who has a strained relationship with his teen or 20-something daughter. But that's just my guess.

How's this for cool: Since August 1, I've had visitors from 21 countries!!! That's awesome, especially since I probably couldn't even name 21 countries. ::long pause:: OK, maybe I could. But still. I think it's cool. And I still wonder...if you read this blog in another it still in English? I'm always confused about stuff like that.

Well, I think I've wasted sufficient time regaling yall with riveting stories of Google Analytics. Time to take a shower and then maybe Amazing Race will finally be on! And then bed...because unlike some lucky people (aka my husband)...I actually don't get to celebrate Columbus Day tomorrow. I have to work. BOO!

PS. If any of you are feeling like you want to de-lurk yourselves (that means, tell me who you are and that you read)...feel free! I promise I really do not judge you for your Google-ing ways. I do it too. Frequently.

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  1. 60 Minutes is awesome. And why does the person Googling your misspelled name also feel the need to call you the B word?


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