Wednesday, October 6, 2010

with a bang

I would have to say that October has started off with a bang. First of all, the weather is delicious. It's hard to believe we went straight from tank tops to scarves and boots in a week flat...but I'm definitely enjoying the scarves and boots. And I always look forward to the month or so of cheaper power know, when the weather is kind enough that you can go without AC or running the heat...well, that just makes the budget smile. And our budget needs all the smiles it can get, trust me.

We went to Augusta last weekend and had such a good time. My dad and mom each had a goal to accomplish with us for the weekend. It's been my dad's mission to get me to watch Avatar with him...since apparently Matt and I are the only humans left on earth who hadn't seen Avatar. Sorry, we don't get out much. Anyway, approximately 15 minutes after we arrived in Augusta, we were all plopped down in the living room settling in for the long haul. I don't watch many movies these days...they're just too long. My attention span is about 44 minutes long (the amount of actual "show" there is in a one-hour TV show) movies just do me in. And Avatar is like 4 hours long or something. Ummm..recipe for disaster. Or sleep. Either way. Anyway, I managed to stay awake for almost the whole thing (fell asleep for about 30 minutes 2/3 of the way through) and I thought it was great. So...glad I could join the rest of the culture, even if it is a year late.

With Mom, it was all about the Wedding Preparation. And first and foremost was Shopping. Mom needed her Mother of the Bride dress, I needed my Maid of Honor dress, Mom needed jewelry, shoes, and everything we were at the mall on Saturday BEFORE IT OPENED. Well, it was technically open...for mall walkers. And us. So, yeah.

Anyway, we were highly successful, finding everything we wanted and needed very quickly. I actually got a GREAT deal on my dress (the 4 bridesmaids are just wearing long black dresses...whatever we like and whatever "makes you feel fabulous" were the directives from the bride). I was NOT excited about purchasing a full-length black dress...something about it just screams boring to my head...but I actually found one I really really liked (it's tiered/ ruffled...all the way down...and sparkly...and Calvin Klein...and probably mis-sized, because the size is so small it practically made me giddy to see the tag, but it DEFINITELY sealed the deal!) and I got an AWESOME deal on it! We're talking: originally $250, marked down multiple times to be $75, which is what I thought it would be...but when I checked out, found out it was 40% off of THAT, making it...practically free. Basically. So that was thrilling and meant that I had money left over to go a little nutty at Forever 21...let's just say I have all the accessories my heart has ever desired now. Well, not all. But my birthday is just around the corner...

Once we got home we (and by "we" I mean I) got the invitations addressed and ready to mail. That was the other goal for the weekend. And we watched some crappy football. That was the low point, for sure.

So the weekend was a great success. Sunday morning we had time for a few pictures...I'm trying to get a good one so I can get our Christmas cards made! But I don't think any of these are going to be it...but they're still not bad.

Me and my mama. And my new necklace.

Sunday afternoon we celebrated the birthday of my favorite one-year-old. Please note the sparkly headband and earrings. Hudson likes sparkly things. So do I. Thanks, Forever 21!

And that brings us to this week, which could actually be called Week of the Doctor's Office. I feel like I've been living there. Actually, since this post is already getting long, I think I may just make it a separate post.

With that said...Happy October!


  1. I think the picture of you and Hudson should be your Christmas card pic! "Merry Christmas, from Erika and her New Man!" Just kidding, Mattie!

  2. What a coincidence, we have the same favorite one-year-old!

    And I haven't seen Avatar either, which I guess makes me the actual last person on the planet to not see it.

  3. will ya'll be in the AUG for Thanksgiving this year? please say yes.

    AND if you are...please let me do your Christmas cards right and take some proper pics of ya'll. I mean...not to brag...but I've got skillz.

  4. 1) we have not seen avatar, either. and have no desire to.

    2) augusta has a forever 21? how exciting! at what point do you think twenty-somethings aren't supposed to shop there anymore? haha. :)


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