Thursday, October 14, 2010

a disturbing tale and a conversation

In that order.

This afternoon, after I got home from work, I (in this order): changed into my workout clothes, walked Lola, and played with her in the backyard for a few minutes. As I walked back inside, Matt- who just arrived home- was walking behind me.

Hey, what's on your leg?

oh, wait. Covering the lower third of my yoga pants leg was something mushy and yellowish brown and runny and smelling distinctly of dog food.

Dog barf.


So like any good citizen, rather than changing clothes, which would have required having another pair of clean workout pants to change into...I dabbed the vomit off with a paper towel and headed to the gym.

Dear Fellow Gym Patrons: Please ignore the strange odor emanating from my elliptical. It's just that I'm probably the laziest person you've ever met and I'm sorry you have to suffer as a result. Love, me.

nd now that I have you wondering why you're even friends with me...I will remind you. A story from school today.

The scene: It's breakfast. The table has been chatting about upcoming Halloween costume plans. Not surprisingly, this mostly consists of comic-book-superheroes and Disney Princess characters. The little boy next to me thoughtfully looks to engage me in the conversation...

Him: Mrs. B, what are you going to be for Halloween?

Me: Oh! Ummm....[scrambling, cause I have no idea here]...I think maybe a princess.

Him: Yeah! You could be a princess. Or....a queen!! You can be a queen, Mrs. B!!

Me: [flattered]...Yeah!! I definitely might be a queen. Great idea.

Him: could be Batman!

Me: Wow!! I could be Batman??!

Him: [pondering] could be Batman's girlfriend.


  1. What a cute story thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi! So I just got your comment on my blog- so sorry to hear that you can relate, but always thankful for company during this ordeal :) Would love to hear about your experience some time!!

    Oh- and good luck with the Batman's girlfriend costume :) Funny thing is that my husband wants to be Spiderman and when I told him that would make it hard for us to do a "couple costume," he informed me that I could be Mary Jane. How generous of him!


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