Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Check it out, yo. It's post #200! I'm sure you were all keeping close track. 

Unfortunately (or not, depending on your perspective), this will probably be a quick post. One of those "promise I haven't fallen off a cliff" deals. But it's okay. At least I have a few pictures to share.

We've had a whirlwind of a two weeks. But at least our last weekend-whirlwind was pretty awesome.

We decided a few weeks ago that we wanted to try some indoor rock-climbing. Neither of us has been (well, I went a few times about 12 years ago...suffice it to say I don't really think that qualifies me as a competent rock climber) and it just seemed like it would be fun. Unfortunately, rock climbing excursions (at the local climbing gym) aren't really within our normal entertainment budget (which is like $2/weekend or something). BUT with it being Valentine's and all, we decided to cash out some of our credit card reward points (hahaha) to fund some rock-climbing. Last Saturday was our big day.

And it. Was. Awesome!!!

We took a quick belay class (that means "we learned how to do the rope things so that neither of us plummeted to our deaths and/or had to pay a professional to stand there and babysit us") and then we were on our own for a couple hours of climbing madness. Although we are regulars at our gym...might I forearms were NOT prepared for this kind of workout!! Neither were my fingers. Matt and I decided that a person with really long arms and short fingers would have the ideal body type for climbing.

Speaking of bodies...I show you the next picture only to prove that I did something other than supervise Matt. You have to pinky swear you'll never try to right click-save this picture and view it larger than it is. Trust me, you don't need to see my thighs at this angle in any sort of detail. This is definitely the least flattering angle that could ever exist.
 Um yeah, back to pictures that only show the upper half of my body...

Anyway. We had a blast and are definitely going to scrape some change together to make a return trip sometime soon. I also enjoy that I now have a good reason to workout my upper body at the gym. I normally don't bother since I don't really do any heavy lifting in my normal life...but since I think I might become a professional rock climber now...I have motivation!

After our rock climbing excursion, I got to go to a Georgia GymDawgs meet with Mollyanne. Even though we lost, I still had a lot of fun. It's just nice to get away and do something different and fun with a friend every once in awhile! Normally when I'm at any kind of display-of-athleticism-event I have moments of lingering regret, like oh woe is me, I am old and past my athletic prime...and I never even had an athletic prime...and I feel sad about things like the fact that I will probably never learn to do a back layout or flip-flop on a balance beam. But I think the fact that I went rock climbing directly prior to attending the gym meet helped this time. I still might not ever do twists and tucks through the air, but I might like climb up the side of a mountain (you know, the kind of mountain that's inside a building in downtown Athens, of course). And that's pretty good, right?

Well, I've lingered too long. My bed is calling.

Happy 200, Blog! Here's to 200 more...or something.

PS. It's going to be 73 degrees this weekend!!!!!!!! This is me dying of excitement. Watch out sun, here comes my pale legs!

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  1. Oh bummer... you mean attending athletic events doesn't count as being athletic? Oops. LOL! Looks fun!


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