Sunday, February 20, 2011

weekend A-Z

Alright, friends. I'm trying to mix things up. So here we go with an A to Z about my weekend (so far). We'll see how this goes.

A- Amazing Race: Unfinished Business starts tonight! I am totally excited because one of my all-time faves, The Cowboys, will be racing again. Since the home shopping girls aren't going to be on, my loyalties will be undivided: Cowboys for the win!
B- Beautiful weather yesterday. I love living in Georgia.
C- Couponing takes a lot of time. But it's worth it.
D- Digging the old plants out of my garden/flower beds. I can't wait to start planting!
E- Eggs. It's what we had for breakfast Saturday.
F- Furniture shopping with Matt's mom and uncle. I was called upon for my interior decorating expertise. Unfortunately I suffer Furniture Store ADD whereby I can't focus on anything and instead run from chair to trunk exclaiming "I need this! I need this! Wouldn't this look great in my ___?! I need this!"
G- Gym. Saturdays are definitely my favorite days to go to the gym.
H- Housewives, Real. What I just spent 3 hours catching up with via my DVR.
I- Ice cream. I haven't had any all weekend.
J- Jake, my brother, got engaged last weekend...looking forward to his wedding this summer!
K- Kelly's Korner blog carnival was what I participated in on Friday night. I had fun looking through tons of old UGA pictures.
L- Lack of funds. The reason my furniture shopping trip ended empty-handed. (Well, we technically weren't shopping for me in the first place, anyway.)
M- Monday. This week, I don't have to dread it!
N- Neighbors. When it's nice outside, we see and talk to our neighbors a lot more. It's nice.
O- Ovulation. Just another thing I managed to squeeze into this busy weekend.
P- Presidents' Day. The reason I took tomorrow off so that I could have a 3 day weekend with Matt. (How unpatriotic is the school system that that isn't already a holiday?)
Q- This really has nothing to do with this weekend, but Q was definitely not my favorite person on Biggest Loser this season and I'm glad he's gone.
R- Reflux, acid. Um...sick. I had acid reflux TWICE this week (including Friday night) and it is truly miserable. So miserable that we ended up making a late-night run to a gas station (only option in our small town) and buying some extremely over-priced Rolaids. $1.29 for EIGHT. You have got to be kidding me.
S- Sun. The reason I spent all day Saturday playing outside.
T- Thirty dollars. That's how much extra I need to earn (per month) in order to get a smartphone. Accepting all suggestions for how to get that $30. (Babysitting? Selling platelets? Dog walking? Get the water turned off at our house?)
U- UGA. My alma mater, and the topic of my previous blog post.
V- Vineyard. I love my church. Today was awesome.
W- Weeds. How they managed to grow all winter long, I will never understand.
X- X-ray. I did not have an x-ray this weekend. (Come on, what else was I supposed to come up with for X??)
Y- Yardsale. We went to one on Saturday. Didn't find anything.
Z-  Zedonks. I can't believe I still haven't been out to the wildlife preserve to see one!

Well, that was interesting. Obviously some letters were harder to think of things for than others! I will say, though, that this was a fun way to kill some time and reflect on the weekend (that is NOT OVER YET!!!!!) give it a try if you're lacking inspiration!


  1. HA your O made me laugh... wish I could say the same!

  2. erika, when i read your O i was expecting something different for your S. just sayin. :)


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