Friday, February 25, 2011

fun february

A few years ago, Wesley (the campus ministry Matt and I attended/interned at/met at) started a thing called "Fun February." This was after we had already left, but I believe the idea was that February is typically a lame and boring month, so they decided to jazz it up a bit to keep things, well, fun! Random fun activities and themes, surprises...I don't know, just lots of things intentionally planned to make February less drudgery, more fun.

I like the idea. So in late January, Matt and I decided we would have our own "Fun February." You know, when you're as exciting as we are and your life consists of such exciting things as working, working out, walking the dog, and...sleeping...well, it's hard to imagine incorporating any more fun than that, but we figured we could try. We're ambitious like that. So during that extremely long and boring wait at the naturopath's office in early February, I single-handedly came up with our Fun February list on the back of some random paper I found in the depths of my purse. Since then we've added a few more things, and made some solid progress towards crossing most things off. The goal was just to do as many of the fun things as we could. No pressure to do it all, but...well, we do like to finish things we set out to do. So we're feeling the crunch, since it's the last weekend in February and all. Anyway, without further adieu, here's the list!

In case you're really interested, here's the breakdown:

1. rock climbing Done and done.
2. sour Twizzlers
A few months ago, a girl at work had some of these Twizzlers and I ate some. They were amazing. And I'm not really a Twizzler fan. I told Matt (who is a Twizzler fan) about them and he was very intrigued. We spent the next FOREVER trying to find them in a store. It took TWO MONTHS. Then once we found them, we didn't get them because...who just buys a bag of Twizzlers and eats it? Anyway, we did. This month. For Fun February. And oh, it was worth it.
3. $2 movies
4. dog park
5. play flute to see if Lola sings along (she didn't, but she was completely terrified.)
6. eat dinner with friends
7. take Lola to see the cows (there's a huge cow pasture about a mile from our house. Lola loves going there to see the cows, whom I imagine she thinks are her mommy and daddy and family, since they're just huge black versions of herself. She likes to bark at them.)
8. let Aidan come in the house for a little while (he's our outside cat who hasn't been indoors in...5 years? And is completely terrified of our dog. I think the reason this one hasn't/won't be crossed off is Matt is completely anti. Oh well. It woulda been fun.)
9. do taxes (guess who picked this as being fun?)
10. paint beautiful pictures
11. eat 3 Kings (our favorite appetizer at our favorite Mexican restaurant)
12. take a class at Lowes or Home Depot
13. go yardsaling
14. get a firetruck soundtrack and play for Lola (she HOWLS for real firetrucks and it's awesome. She was not tricked by a soundtrack. Oh well.)
15. go to a thrift store (I got 3 books)

So, that's the status of Fun February. I thought about adding on "get a smartphone" so that Matt would feel the pressure, but that might be too mean. Maybe for Marvelous March.

PS. Glad yall all like the new design...thanks for leaving the comfort and convenience of your Readers to come all the way I have to think of a new scheme to get yall to come back!

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