Thursday, February 3, 2011

grocery stores have wifi?

Um, yeah. I'm using the free wi-fi offered in a KROGER. Now, I have a perfectly good reason for why I'm sitting in a Kroger with time to kill, but I'm wondering if the average grocery shopper actually takes a time-out to enjoy the cafe area here with its free wi-fi?? I dunno. I'd probably be more concerned about the ice cream melting in the buggy. But maybe I'm wrong.

Anyway. So today Matt and I have gone off the deep end to a nearby city in order to visit a naturopath. Yep! You see, we start to get antsy if we feel like we're not going to enough doctors appointments and spending enough money on this infertility thing. We actually look for MORE MORE MORE!!

I'm only half-kidding. We've actually gone to hardly any doctors lately because, well, they don't have anything left to offer us. By their admission, I'm not just making that up. So, we're departing from the comforts of Western medicine and looking outside the box a little. I'm actually really excited.

So in a few minutes Mattie will be all hooked up to like a billion electrode thingies and we'll be finding out all sorts of cool things and if nothing else, it should at least be entertaining. We've had a friend visit this naturopath recently and find it to be incredibly enlightening and more helpful than anything her usual doctors have had to offer. So that would be nice if it turned out that way for us, too.

But if not, no biggie. The worst that can happen is that we spent a relatively small amount of money and found a grocery store that offers free wireless and tables on which to enjoy the wireless. Not a bad Thursday afternoon.

Hopefully someday soon I'll be less busy and more able to blog regularly. I miss it! I miss you guys! Alright, time to go get electrified. Peace.


  1. Hey Erika,
    Before I started reading your post I felt like God was telling me to comment and say "He will make a way".... then I read your post and I think God most definitely wanted me to pass that phrase on to you today.

    And um, yes, I realize that may be really weird-ish considering that we're not like spirtitual BFFs or anything... but, I think its something that I'm supposed to share with you.

    And congrats on the new wifi hotspot!

  2. i am praying for y'all whenever i think of it. i hope this gives you some new insights!

  3. I once "met" a woman online that conceived after using alternative treatments. I believe she did accupuncture (accupressure?) And I have another friend in Ohio that loves her naturopath for treatment of other conditions. So no, I don't think you've jumped off of the deep end. I suffer horrible migraines that regular MD's only treat with narcotic pain meds. I've found amazing relief with the chiropractor. Alot of our grocery stores have wifi and really big cafe areas. Several of Brandon's employees go out to Kroger for their lunch break regularly. LOL!


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