Thursday, February 24, 2011

ramblings of the sleep-deprived

Hello to all you mothers-of-young-babies out there. I would like to join your club for the sleep-deprived. Up all night? Check. Deliriously exhausted? Check. Cute baby to snuggle with? Um, no. Still have to function all day and take care of said baby? Well, consolation prize is called a "sick day" which means I still get paid by my work, only I don't actually go. I stay home and sleep. It's brilliant, really. It also means I have extra time with which to ramble on incessantly on my blog: bonus!!

I'm sick. It started Tuesday night at the gym when I couldn't catch my breath. I figured it was workout-related, but even though I puffed away on my inhaler all night, I could never breathe deeply. All day yesterday my chest/throat felt like an elephant was sitting on it and I lost my voice because there wasn't enough air to make it be loud. That makes for a pretty useless pre-k teacher, I'll tell you that much. Plus, well...I like breathing. Not breathing= sad me. I figured that it was probably asthma-related bronchitis or happens frequently...suddenly my asthma just decides to go nuts and my bronchial tubes get all swollen. Matt wanted me to go to the Urgent Care last night, and let me just admit how lame I am: Yes, I wanted to go so that I could get some steroids (to open my tubes back up). But...I really didn't want to be weighed. It infuriates me that they think knowing your weight is somehow necessary when you clearly just have an upper-respiratory problem. I mean, I guess if I were obviously morbidly obese or something, there could be a connection...but since I'm not, I don't see why they need to know. Anyway, after debating for about an hour whether it would be worth the trauma of getting weighed, I decided to just go. As it turned out, they didn't weigh me. But we did have to wait in the waiting room for like an hour with the most obnoxious 4 children in North Georgia. I'm not sure which would have been worse. Scales or bratty kids. Tough call.

Anyway, I was correct on all my diagnoses, so I got my 'roid prescription and was good to go. Let me tell you. I am definitely that girl that reads the entire printout that they stick in the pharmacy bag regarding all the rules and regulations for the drug you're about to take. This particular steroid gets high marks that one of the possible side effects is WEIGHT LOSS. I'm sorry, what? I think you should re-market that as a BIG OL' BONUS. Hey-- you can breathe again AND you got skinnier!! Sign me up! However, other side effects that were not-so-great include heartburn (yeah, you must be kidding me. I'm so over that.), upset stomach, and sleeplessness. CHECK on the sleeplessness. Thanks. Why can't I have the weight-loss side effect? Why so quickly the sleeplessness? This world is so unfair.

Adding to my sleeplessness last night: a 2am LEG CRAMP. Um...why, God? Why me? Did I not eat 2.5 bananas yesterday (oh yes, I did)?I haven't had a leg cramp in like 2 years. Why on the night I'm also fighting the 'roids? I never recovered from the cramp. If it was already hard to sleep, it's now impossible with a mangled-feeling leg. So much for feeling good enough to go to work today.

Anyway, my plans for today now include:

1) Sleeping, if possible. (I have to take the 'roids 2x/day, so we'll see if they keep me up all day as well. What is this stuff, speed?)
2) Reading this book that I started over the weekend:
3. Cleaning the bathroom (nah, too sick for sure.)
4. Thinking about getting this phone

5. Thinking about going *big breath* back to school this summer to obtain a paralegal license.
6. Working on my Esther study (which is SUPER AWESOME OMG I LOVE IT)

7. Well...let's just be honest here. You know that all of the above things will be completed whilst I waste away my life viewing quality reality TV programming. Because there's nothing that makes you feel good quite like watching really rich people totally screw up life.

Hope your day is exciting as mine. That is, if you have any time left after checking out the 11,000 links I just gave you. Good luck and Godspeed! :)


  1. Whoa way to throw in a big Number 5there! :)

  2. Ugh. Every time I go to an Urgent Care I am extremely annoyed by sick children and sometimes even sick adults.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Glad you didn't get weighed- feel better soon :)

  4. Oh man.. Steriods are THE worst! I have the hardest time keeping the pills down for some reason. I'd rather have a 'roid shot in my hip. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. love the Esther study.
    and I love how part of explanation for the paralegal program was blah,blah, blah, and "other marketable skills." They should tag undergrad programs as having marketable skills or not.


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