Wednesday, May 4, 2011

babies everywhere

 Yup. Babies everywhere. The state of my life-- only none of the babies belong to me. Boo hiss. But that's not what we're here for today, friends!! Today is Way Back When-sday!! I know, it's your favorite part of the week, too.

Do yall remember the Nutrigrain ad video? If you do, it's definitely the first thing you thought of when you saw "babies everywhere." This was one of the first viral internet videos I remember hopping on board for, back in the dark ages of the internet circa 2003. I love this ad. So you should definitely watch it and enjoy. Even though it has pretty much nothing to do with today's theme other than providing me with the phrase "babies everywhere." (My other favorite video from those days? The End of the World. Best. Video. Ever. But fair warning-- there's plenty of foul language. Sorry. I can't help it that it's still really funny. Apparently I have low-brow taste in videos.)

So!! Babies everywhere, eh??

It's Wednesday. You can bet that on any given Wednesday, I'm needing a mental break from the week slash life. And my personal favorite way to entertain myself (other than watching old school videos, evidently) is by engaging in a little online ogling of Cute Baby Animals.

I know. I'm the lamest person ever. But seriously-- few things will put a smile on my face like some Cute Baby Animals. Which is why I am totally addicted to watching the Panda Cam. Because if pictures of baby pandas are cute...then watching them LIVE ALL DAY LONG is obvs the best thing ever. Panda cam, thanks for making my life awesome.

Also, sometimes I just think of whatever random cute animal I'm in the mood to look at, like labs, or penguins, or zedonks...and then I just do a nice Google image search for 'baby ____ ' and I'm good to go. I am so not kidding. This can revolutionize your whole day.

So now you probably won't be surprised to find out that I love looking at pictures of my own pets as puppies/kittens. I mean, how do you think I even ended up with these pets? Because I am a sucker for baby animals, that's why. It's a miracle I only have two pets right now...and it would still be three, except for Nadia's unfortunate cat-napping, which is another story for another time. So here's a few of my favorite pictures of Way Back When Lola (the dog) and Aidan (the orange cat) were puppies/kitties. Yup. You're welcome.

Why yes I do have excellent taste in baby animals, thank you for noticing!! I wonder if there is such a job as being a baby animal concierge? Like...say you're in the market for a new pet and you just aren't sure you're capable of picking the right/cutest one? So you could hire me and I'd do all that backbreaking legwork for you. Test out all the cuteness...cuddle with them...yep, pretty sure I could handle that career.

Also, and here's where we delve deep into my animals are frequently THE thing that get me through the months (and months and months and months) of disappointment related to infertility. Because I love puppies, right? And unlike baby humans, I know that I could get myself another baby puppy ANY time I want. And so sometimes that's the thought (process) that consoles me. I'm once again not pregnant this month. I am really sad. But I would feel happy if I had a puppy, and I CAN GET A PUPPY IF I WANT TO. Even though I know I won't. That doesn't seem to matter. I feel better because I know I COULD. Is that weird? Should I be seeing a psychiatrist or something? I dunno. But I take great comfort in knowing that any ol' day, I could have a new puppy in my hands.

So there's our walk on the wild side for this week. We started with old internet sensation videos. We briefly talked about my love affair with Google images of baby wildlife. We looked at some super adorable pictures of my OWN baby wildlife. And then we took a glimpse into the Weird Side of my brain where my coping mechanisms lie, and now we're done. 

Have a great night. You can probably guess how I'll be spending mine.

Yeah. If this baby giraffe leaping through the air doesn't make you smile, then I submit you have a heart of stone.


  1. What the heck did you just make me watch?! Whenever I'm down, I like to watch VIDEOS of baby animals! Or AFV-esque videos!

  2. I love puppies when their ears get folded over!

  3. lola was so little! and cute. sometimes i think i want another dog, but then i wonder who would watch TWO animals for us when we go out of town...

  4. I just gave you an award! Check out for details. Btw, cute kittens and love the baby giraffe!

  5. So cute! I wish I had the knowledge that I COULD get a puppy if I wanted to - our apt. complex doesn't allow animals. Not to mention, I'm allergic to most, so I'd have to be picky with the breed. Sad. In the meantime, I'll settle for looking at your cute animal pics. ;)

  6. Ha just read this- I regularly conduct google image searches of "cute baby _______" (fill in the blank with various animals) to cheer myself up. We should so be real life friends/co-therapists!


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