Friday, May 6, 2011

your weekend just got awesomer.

Well you guys certainly aren't shy about begging for recipes, now are you?? Although I'm not blaming you. I did my own fair share of begging and hunting just to get my hands on this recipe in the first place. Then, once I saw what the ingredients were, two things happened.

1) I understood on a deeper level why it was so delicious in the first place.

2) I felt immediately guilty for drinking several cups of it a few months ago and guilty for the future in which I knew I would be drinking several cups more. Oh, and also guilty because I knew I was going to lead my friends and loved ones right into the lap of temptation by serving this to them, too.

So with the privilege of this recipe comes a lot of responsibility guilt. And also, please invite me over next time you serve it.

Without further adieu, I present to you Miss Diane's Coffee Punch.

 Sorry for the un-glamorous photo. I was too busy drinking punch to care.

1/2 gal vanilla ice cream in chunks
1 quart of cold strong coffee
1 quart of whole milk
1 pint of half and half
1 (15 oz) can of chocolate syrup
1 (9 oz) container of cool whip
That was the recipe as I received it. Now I'll give you my narrative about what to do with that laundry list of dairy products.

First off-- I couldn't find a '15 oz can of chocolate syrup.' The only choc syrup I know about is in a squeezy bottle thing, and those were more like 22-24 oz. So I got that and just measured out 15 oz. Next, the "regular" size of cool whip (name brand or not) was 8 oz. So I just used that.
Also, when you mix all this together it is a GIGANTIC AMOUNT!!!!! I made a HALF RECIPE (twice) because that's all that would fit in my largest serving bowl. So, you have been warned. It's a LOT of liquid, then you dump in the ice cream and you're in danger of overflowing your punch bowl.

I just mixed together all the liquids & chocolate syrup, then spooned in the coolwhip, then the (softened) ice cream last. It actually did really well sitting at room temperature for a long time because the ice cream continually melts and keeps it cold.
As I mentioned the other day, you can definitely have fun mixing in your choice of liqueurs. We mixed in Bailey's-- I would also think Kahlua or Godiva or something would be delicious.'re welcome. Your weekend, if you choose to make this, is definitely more delicious and awesome now. Unless you were planning on weighing yourself. I would recommend putting that off for another week or so.


  1. wow. that is a lot sugar. and fat.

    must be delicious.

    also we should prob have a phone date sometime cause I miss talking to you...even though I hate the phone. (and no need to baby news. just a desire for regular old catch up/talking about reality tv kind of know...the best kind.)

  2. Marshall's sister has a recipe that uses both vanilla and chocolate ice cream. It's definitely my favorite and will request it for future showers and birthday/holiday events!


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