Wednesday, May 25, 2011

lofty ambitions

It's Way Back When-sday!! Hip, hip, hooray!!!

I've gone through a lot of "dream career" phases in my short twenty-eight years here on Earth. Well, maybe it's really only an average amount. I'm not sure if I know what the average actually is. But I've had a lot of career aspirations.

In rough chronological order, I have wanted to be:

A paleontologist, an author, a teacher, an astronaut, a dancer, a librarian, an author, a Broadway singer/dancer, a physical therapist, a music therapist, an FBI agent, a mommy, and a lawyer.

Some of those dreams still persist-- I'll let you guess which ones (it's more than one. Put your guesses in the comments!)

However, despite my many career goals, most of my childhood play centered on a few favorite things. Digging through my old photos this week, I've noticed a few common things. I played dress-up and pretend a LOT (and I remember this,'s not just in the pictures). My favorite things to dress up as and pretend were, by far, 

a) being a mommy (high heels, lipstick, baby doll, purse)

b) being a teacher (high heels, chalkboard/whiteboard, prized "teacher edition" math book that I scored at a yard sale, bossy look on my face and sad faces on my reluctant siblings/students)

c) being an "office girl" (high heels, working at my desk with papers, files, pens, etc.)

Apparently my desk job was very tasking:

Now that I'm all grown up and my REAL JOB is actually about 50% teaching and 50% "office girl," I realize that my childhood play wasn't that far off from the truth. I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel like doing this all the time occasionally. (Things to note in this picture: That's a CHINESE JUMPROPE, aka the bomb dot com, draped over my shoulder. Not sure how it played into my office work, but obviously it did. Also, I appear to be a working mom-- see my baby stroller in the bottom left of the picture? I must have worked for Google or one of the other companies that let you take your kids to work. Also, I think I have this same haircut NOW.)

Happy Wednesday-before-a-three-day-weekend!!



  1. If you have the same haircut now as you did then, that just means you were WAY trendy back then :)

  2. I'm going to guess author + mommy with an occasional desire to be a lawyer?

    And I think the main reason I'm going to guess this is because they all 3 are jobs I still want! Although I have also always (semi-secretly) wanted to be a broadcast journalist...

  3. I'm going to say Mommy and FBI Agent (drug dealer neighbors).

    I'm loving the pale pink cassette/radio!

  4. my guesses are author, mommy, teacher. i wanted to be a music therapist at one point, too!

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