Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the one where i embarrass myself and my friends

  I know I've probably never mentioned it before, but I'd really like to be pregnant. But don't click away just yet-- this isn't another whiny sob story!! It's WAY BACK WHEN-SDAY, remember?? And since I didn't feel like climbing into the 29,482 degree attic and hunting down a truly old picture, I simply browsed back through some older pictures I already have on the computer. Back through the college days. And when I came across these, I knew I had to share. And also, I would like to pre-apologize to Kristina and Catherine. I am so glad yall were my roomies. I am 100% sure I would never have pictures like this if I lived with anyone else.

You see, pregnancy is not just a passing whim. I have wanted to be pregnant for awhile now. Like, including back in 2004, in college, when I was not dating anyone and it would have been entirely inappropriate/inconvenient/impossible to be pregnant. I still liked the idea of pregnancy. 

Or at least the look of it.

And so did Catherine and Kristina. Which is obviously why we had a Pregnancy Photo Shoot.

I mean, aren't you ever just hanging around your apartment, wondering I wonder what I'd look like if I were pregnant? and then find your roommates wondering the same thing, and then decide to all find some loose-fitting shirts, some smallish pillows, and a camera?? Right, me neither.

Obviously we were the inspiration for the hit (haha) Bravo! TV show Pregnant in Heels.Because I'm sure all 9-months-pregnant girls really feel like walking around the house in heels, right??

Isn't this so artistic/maternal/fabulous??

Wouldn't it be like, so cool to be 9 months pregnant at the same time as your BFFs?? Then our kids could like, grow up and be BFFs too!!! And get married!! I'm pretty sure these were some of the conversations going on during the shoot.

And yes, basically, I do still feel like it would be the coolest thing ever. Except that Stine will be on something like kid #4 and Catherine and I will be eeking out #1. But whatevs.

Well, you're welcome for that. Enjoy your Wednesday night. Let me know if you want to see any more cute pictures of me "pregnant." Not that I still pretend that or, definitely not. That would be totally lame.


  1. Confession: I might or might not have looked through all of the tagged pics of you on facebook the other night and saw this pic and wondered if you had ever looked back and it! The good news is that you will look cute WHEN you do become pregnant :)

  2. Probably around the same time y'all had this photo shoot, I stuffed my own shirt with a pillow and went to Lowe's to embarrass my then-boyfriend while he was working. He wasn't impressed, so I dumped his behind.

  3. and I never pretend I'm a pregnant bride and have a photo shoot either pshhh.

  4. I seem to remember stumbling across this photo shoot in action...I don't really know what to say other than, wow, it still amazes me every time ;)


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