Monday, October 17, 2011

the new dress (& a blogging tip)

I got a new dress yesterday. Since it's sorta relevant to the rest of the story, here's what it looks like:


It was one of many clearance steals I found at Old Navy. Don't be fooled if you go look at the link-- it was not $25. It was ELEVEN DOLLARS!!! I know, I almost peed my pants, too.

I figured I'd have to wait til spring to wear it...but then, in a pleasant twist of "only in Georgia" weather, today's high was expected to be almost 90 degrees!! Whereas I would normally complain about such unseasonably warm weather, I bit my tongue since it meant I'd get to wear my new dress today. So I wore it to work.

All the little girls were fans. Mrs. B...I like you dress. (Not a typo, that's how most of them talk. I love it.) Mrs. B...your dress is pretttttyyyyy. I could hardly escape the compliments. I think it's a combination of not seeing me for a week, and then...yeah, compared to my normal work clothes, this dress is like...something special.

When I got to recess,  one of the girls (who talks and acts like an adult) ran up to me. "Mrs. B! You are looking FABULOUS today! LOVE the dress! Let me see." and she held me at arm's length and twirled me around. Nodding with approval, she continues: "yes, that dress is beautiful. Where'd you get it, is it new?"

I told her where I got it, and she nodded and said that maybe her mama would go to Old Navy to see if they had some more. Her mama would look really pretty in my dress, didn't I think so? I agreed. Her mom would look great in it.

She stands at arm's length again, holding the fabric from the bottom of the dress and inspecting it very closely. Then she lets it billow back down and declares: "Mrs. B-- you could go to a BALL in this dress!!! And then you can get a boyfriend!!"

I laughed for a minute, then told her "I don't need a boyfriend. I'm already married!"

"Married?? To who?"

"To Matthew."

"Matthew?? Matthew who? What's his last name?"


"Ba---?? Wait, what's YOUR last name?"


"Hey, yall have the same last name!...[thinking], you're already married so you don't need a boyfriend. Well, do you have any kids?"

"No, I don't."

"Why not?"

"uhhh...I don't know, I just don't."

"Oh, you have any babies?"

"Nope, no babies either."

"Why not?"

"Umm...I just don't. Maybe I'll have some one day. Just not now."

"Yeah, I think you need some babies. But it's okay. I don't have any children, either."

Thanks, kid. You're basically the only person I know that DOESN'T have kids...glad we have something in common!!

Anyway, I thought that was cute. And now I bet all the girls are really going to be disappointed the rest of the week when they see what I'm wearing. Oh well.


And now, on a completely different note: a blogging tip for you!!

Do you have your email linked to your Blogger profile? This is important to do so that other bloggers (like me) can respond to you directly when you comment on a blog. I've noticed *cough cough* that most of yall do NOT have your emails linked, which is why you do not receive responses from me when you comment! 

I found a really easy tutorial that explains why and how to do this a few months ago: go here to figure things out. I promise it takes about 2 seconds and is totally worth it-- I have had my own email linked for maybe 6 months now, and it makes commenting WAY more fun when I know that I usually get responses from whomever I'm commenting to!

(Now that I just looked back over the link I'm sending you to...go ahead and follow through on her second tip, too. So true-- it's way better.)

I guess that's all for today. You're welcome!! :)


  1. Oooh thanks for the great tip! I totally had mine unlisted. Fixed now though! :)

    Also I agree that the dress is super cute!

  2. Ummm yeah, I definitely bought that exact same dress last week. Probably the same size and everything. You will see me wear it on Saturday. I'm starting to think that in the future we should shop together and then if we see something we both want, we can just split the cost and share it.

  3. Wish the people I used to work with were that complimentary! I'm sure you did look super cute in it :)

  4. That girl is lucky you didn't break down and start crying... I guess it's easier to put on a brave face when you look cute, though, right :)

  5. very cute dress...and I was really concerned that the little cutie's mom was going to come into the picture and not be someone you'd want to look like (which is just as awful a thing to say as it looks in type)..but, it happens!

    And thanks for the email check...I don't ever look at my own profile, so I forget that other people do!

  6. Done. I also did the whole "pop up comments" view thing. I like it much better that way I must say.

  7. very cute dress erika! i have been wanting a maxi-dress but never found one i liked. it's perfect for work/church/looking cute. :)


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