Tuesday, January 17, 2012

dear bravo,

Dear Bravo,

I would like to humbly ask that you do not actually have the season finale of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills next Monday as originally scheduled. The problem is, I might die of a broken heart if I don't get to hang out with my girls from the 90210 every week. I'm going to have to insist that you immediately get back to filming them and subsequently filling up my DVR with the best hour of television a girl could hope for every week. I laugh, I cry-- I can't let you end this season. I really can't. 

Please reconsider.

Love Always,

PS. Please also consider making me wealthy, moving me to Beverly Hills, and casting me for the next season.

PPS. Anyone have any suggestions of shows that can fill the void in my heart until RHBH comes back?


  1. I really hope Bravo reads this and responds... keep us posted.

  2. Watch Downton Abbey! It is streamable on Netflix and I am digging it! I started it last night and watched 3 episodes while staying up too late waiting for The Bee to get home (I am just about to start #4!)! I am addicted to Mad Men (who knows when THAT will be on again, goodness!) and The Walking Dead which starts up again next month. Long story short, I FEEL YOUR PAIN!

  3. I guess if you haven't watched Mad Men yet, that is a good option, too...also streamable in Netflix!! (sorry for multiple comments...I blame the beer!).

  4. I second The Bird w/ Mad Men.
    I heard "Boardwalk Empire" is pretty good about Atlantic City in the pre-prohibition era by the creators of the Soprano's haven't watched it yet.

    "Revenge" or if you want to get old school. . . my guilty pleasure "Gossip Girls".

  5. I'm obsessed with Dance Moms.....it's completely ridiculous but so addicting! This is Amanda Joiner's friend by the way. I think I've only commented once, but I always read your blog! :)


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