Friday, January 20, 2012

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Yes, I'm blogging on a Friday night. Because that's the kind of person I am. And because I've sucked at blogging any OTHER days this week. And I don't even have any one cohesive thought. Tonight, it's random tidbits for you.

1. I've started using the My Fitness Pal app last week and I LOVE IT. It was totally random that I even started-- I am not on a "diet" or anything, per se. I was just Googling around one day last week, trying to find a way to figure out how many calories I burn at Zumba, and it led me to some of the message boards on MFP, which led me to poking around the site, which led to downloading the app, which led to LOVE LOVE LOVE. I have never been on a diet or done the calorie counting thing before...I basically just eat pretty healthy and work out regularly and hope for the best...but for some reason I think this is the most fun thing ever. We'll see how long the attraction lasts. The main thing that bothers me is trying to figure out how many calories are in stuff I make my (self-invented recipe) chili I basically live off. Am I seriously supposed to figure out how many calories are in each fraction of the turkey, pumpkin, corn, beans, onions, etc. that make it into a portion? That blows my mind. Anyway. You should download the app. It's loads of fun if you're a control freak like me!

2. I have my first ever JURY DUTY on Monday!!!!! If I sound super excited, it's because I am. I've been registered to vote for over 11 years! And this is my first summons! I have great visions of how awesome it could be, even though I do realize it will most likely be really boring and lame and I'll get dismissed quickly. But hopefully I'll at least get $25, right? And a day off of work for free? I just don't see how this could be bad. (Also, I have convinced myself that even if I DO get picked to serve, it can't be for anything THAT scary/sad, because to my knowledge there has only been 1 murder in my county in the last year, and it was only a few months ago and won't be going to trial any time soon...therefore, any case I actually have to hear should be relatively non-traumatizing. Right?)

3. We have embarked upon Operation: Decorate the Nursery!!! I know!! It is very exciting. But since you just never know when we might get the call...which will mean your baby is BORN, come GET IT in our case, it won't be some 6-months-notice kinda looks like we might need to have a place for said baby to crash! So we're having fun making plans for our white-walls-white-carpet-boring-everything "nursery" and spending our afternoons at fabric stores and thrift stores, because naturally I don't want to do anything the easy way. Here are some rooms inspiring us right now (naturally, it will have to be gender-neutral):

Source: via Erika on Pinterest

Source: via Erika on Pinterest
 As you can see, I'm a big fan of the light gray walls with bright aqua (and other shades of blue) and lime (and other shades of green) accents. BIG FAN! Speaking of fans...we have to put one in that room. The ceiling kind. That should be exciting. So we spent our afternoons this week visiting all 3 fabric stores in Athens and being really indecisive about what fabric we want (I want to make curtains and the crib skirt, for starters)...then once I finally decided on The Fabric, I decided to calculate how much it would cost for the 16 yards I would need for the curtains. HAHAHAHAHA. Even though I had a 50% off coupon. HAHAHAHA. I walked away with no fabric. Whose genius idea was it to charge that much for FABRIC??!?! Of course, I will go back and get it eventually. Because the pre-made curtain selection in this world is totally lame and my baby deserves nothing but my crafty best! Even if it costs like a week's pay...

[EDIT: OK, I did not realize this until AFTER I hit "publish" and was re-reading the post, but instead of just deleting my original thinking, I thought I'd leave it up for posterity. I do not actually need 16 YARDS of fabric. I need 16 FEET! Luckily for me, that will be substantially cheaper. No wonder I was so sticker-shocked at the store! Feet, yards...math has never really been my strong suit. Maybe I will get the fabric tomorrow!]

Tomorrow we are hitting up the thrift store/church yardsale scene (since it's supposed to be pouring all day, making outdoor yard sales not sound very attractive)...I am hoping to score a dresser that we can paint and make look awesome (like in that top picture).

OK, enough blabbing about decorating the nursery. But I'm sure we can all agree it's preferable to whining about infertility, correct?? So just be thankful for that.

4. I need to join the rest of the human race and read some popular teen fiction. Should I start with the Twilight series or the Hunger Games? Follow up question: do you have copies of either that I can borrow, since the library is perpetually checked out of these (at least whenever I check, which isn't often)?

5. In addition to planning The Nursery (favorite pastime #1), I have started dreaming about the flowers I will plant as soon as it is socially acceptable to start planting. Trust me, the Yard Situation 2012 is going to be FAB. I have big dreams, people. Big ones. My vases shall runneth over. And I have the Big Girl Camera, remember? So this year you can start preparing yourself for Flower Picture Overload. Fair warning.

Alright, I think that's enough to catch you up on where my mind's been this week. Back to your regularly scheduled Friday night activities! Happy weekend!


  1. Loving the light gray + color theme- good choice! Also loving that you are getting to decorate a nursery... that must make it all seem so real!! But really, are you waiting for a call any day now? That would be so exciting but so nerve-wracking!

  2. 1. I have a few friends reading the Hunger Games and they are SO addicted. Try it. I don't read, so I don't know.

    2. I'm working on new curtains for Hartley. I'm using the method my Grandmommie always used- take flat sheets (twin works fine), cut them in half, hem. I picked plain pink sheets and will eventually paint a white chevron pattern on them.

  3. erika, how exciting about planning a nursery! you are so crafty to make the curtains & crib skirt yourself. can't wait to read the updates!

  4. Can't wait to see how the nursery comes together!!!

  5. I love those colors! Well chosen. So did I miss something? I'm kind of confused about possibly getting the "call"... is there a post that refers to this that I missed?

  6. I can't tell you how happy this post made me... I hear you talking about decorating a nursery! I LOVE your inspiration photos! Have so much fun and enjoy all the preparing. I'm praying for you guys!

    P.S. I DEFINITELY vote for the Hunger Games over Twilight.

  7. Your baby will have such a cool nursery - those inspiration photos are gorgeous! I LOVE that dresser from the first photo and am a fan of gray walls in nurseries, too! Such an exciting time! I am looking forward to seeing the room come together!

  8. Hooray for nursery decorating! The third one is my favorite, though that dresser at the top is also fabulous.

    I haven't read any of those books either, but I just bought the first Hunger Games book on my Kindle so I recommend starting there so we can talk about it together. Although I'm not going to start it until I finish the books I borrowed from you, so you have a little time.

  9. I like the last two the best! I am so excited for y'all. I didn't know that you could be parents any day:)

  10. Love that first nursery. I would start with the Hunger Games, then try Twilight and Eragon. If you are feeling jazzed on those, move up to the Game of Thrones series. It's fabulous.


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