Wednesday, January 4, 2012

toes in the sand

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Howdy, friends. 

Did you know that the high temperature here (this is GEORGIA, if you need reminding) yesterday was like THIRTY FIVE? That was the HIGH. For a point of reference, over the weekend the highs were in the upper 60s-- much more acceptable temperatures, if you ask me. And then all the sudden it's 20 degrees overnight and barely cracking the freezing point during the day? Thanks, but no thanks.

It got me thinking about one thing:

Nice warm beaches...and my toes in the sand.

And then I started humming this little ditty by the Zac Brown Band: Toes.

And then I watched the video, which goes from entertaining to ridiculous pretty quickly...but I still sorta love the song. Or at least the refrain: I got my toes in the water...ass in the sand...not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my is good today. Life is good today.

And then I became extremely aware of how freezing my OWN toes currently were. And I cursed this stupid cold weather. And then I thought about my friend Kristina, who currently resides in West Palm Beach, Florida...where I'm guessing (based on her daily tweets of beach pictures) it is not exactly 35 degrees. And then I decided to go spend Spring Break with her (after she promised to teach me how to use my camera and also pledged to help me find some manatees to stalk).

And then all THAT got me to thinking about one of our past spring breaks: 2006, to be exact. We took a road trip to Florida in search of warmth and beaches and sand, and we found them. And life was good.

 Look!! We had no GPSes and yet we still made it! Miraculous!

Ahh...such a great trip. Look at those toes in the sand (mine are the big ones, haha). 

Screw you, freezing cold Georgia. I'm gonna find me some sand.


  1. The second to last sentence of this post is my favorite.

  2. I agree with Allison! Also, I'm in San Francisco and would think it would be pretty chilly being how far north it is, but the high is around 70 today... confusing? Regardless, I am a big cold weather fan so I will take the 35 degree weather when I can get it!

  3. Eeek!!! I am so so so excited!!!!

  4. 36* here and with the wind feels like 28*. Last night it was 19!!!!

    I need some sun and sand too. But alas, no vacation in 2012 for me. :( Boo.


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