Thursday, October 2, 2014

a shower, a rugrat, a fall stereotype

 I have several (super important, life-changing, mind-blowing) (not) things to share. Since they aren't really related at all, a list will do ya.

1. I had my fourth shower on Sunday!! It was SO much fun. And I got exactly two pictures. (Well, about 5 takes of the same picture...but I'll only count that as one.)

Here we are with the fabulous hostesses- Amanda, Mollyanne, and Catherine. They did such an amazing job with everything- convincing people to come, making all of my favorite snacks and drinks, and having the supplies for an amazing scrapbook that everyone put together for Millie and me! Just picture all of these things in your head, since...yeah. Here's the only other picture I took. Let's hope Amanda remains friends with me after you see it. ;)

With my knack for photography and catching people at their's a wonder folks aren't beating my door down for the chance at a photo shoot. Then again, they'd have to fight past the people waiting for the chance to hold Millie, so...things could get crazy. But for real. People love holding Millie. She doesn't seem to mind it much, either. Anyway, it was a wonderful shower and I had so much fun hanging out with friends from various groups. And Millie received a lot of really sweet presents!! So everybody wins.

2. I let Millie be a rugrat on Tuesday.

I know, I know. Judge away. I had to judge myself. In case you aren't me or Matt (unlikely, but it could happen) and you aren't sure what I mean by rugrat, let me define.

Rugrat (n): a baby or child that is not fully and/or cutely clothed and/or has a dirty face. May also have 'grocery store feet' (if walking).

I am normally firmly anti-rugrat status. I like Millie to be adorable, fully clothed, and to have a clean face. But if Matt is in charge, she often leans toward rugrat- hanging out in nothing but an unsnapped onesie with the residue from her last bottle still crusty on her cheek. He thinks it's cute. I typically don't. Until yesterday, when all by myself I made the decision that she should play outside like this:

Because SHUT UP- that is one cute rugrat. She'd spilled something on her shirt, so I was changing her outfit...and then I just saw how precious she was in her diaper and made the executive decision that we (well, she) would enjoy the warm weather in the almost-buff. Besides, she'd probably just spit up on the clean shirt, anyway...this is really the more environmentally friendly choice.

Look at that adorable drool hanging off her chin. I was so committed to rugrat-status that I didn't even think to take a burp cloth out with us. When she spit up, I just wiped it on my own t-shirt. So basically I was a Mama Rugrat. Two of a kind.

I texted Matt a picture. Naturally, he approved. 

We spent a good 20 minutes outside being rugrats. When we went in for a nap (on my chest, cause when she's that cute...I just can't put her in the RnP to sleep), we kept our good thing going.

Only time will tell if my new and liberal stance on rugratiness will stick, but dang. She was super cute.

3. We're going to the pumpkin patch (farm) on Saturday!! And I am so excited I can hardly focus. I know it's silly- Camilla is going to be completely oblivious and get NOTHING out of's really for me. But like...'go to the pumpkin patch with my child' has been on my wishful to-do list for like fifty years. I finally have the chance. I refuse to wait another year. Also, there is kettle corn. So like...yeah. And we're meeting some blog friends there! And the weather is going to be freaking amazing- high of 65!!!! So please excuse me as I use 400 exclamation points to express my enthusiasm. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and also, please note Matt's reaction to the news that we are going to be meeting friends at the pumpkin patch.

E: Hey, we're going to meet some of my friends at the pumpkin patch.
M: Cool. Friends? Or blog friends?
E: friends, but they can just count as friends, you know. We've met them in person before.
M: Oh. Let me guess, is her name Amanda?
E: Yes...
M: [thinks he is hilarious because in his opinion, ALL BLOG FRIENDS ARE NAMED AMANDA. Which is pretty much true, but somehow I just don't find it as hilarious as he does. Besides, he still doesn't actually know who we're meeting...since I really do have like 12 blog friends named Amanda...]

Anyways. I cleared up the which-Amanda situation and we're good to go. But seriously. I wish parents in the 80s were a little more creative naming their baby girls...

Alright, ability to form cohesive sentences is quickly waning, so we'll leave it at three. Have a happy day!


  1. A- I should kill you.

    B- Millie is adorable, and when else can you wander around in your undies!

    C- Oh dear goodness, I'm SO jealous! Yay for a pumpkin patch and fall family photos!

    D- Amen. Mom thought she was sooo original with my name. Any time you can't use a last name initial to differentiate between two kids, but ALSO require a roman numeral, we have a problem. Bless those mommas of the 80s.

    1. I don't know if it's any consolation, but you in the first picture could be in a magazine.

    2. You look fabulous and so cute holding sweet Millie :)

    3. Bless you all. She could have at least cropped my head off. I look like I have demon eyes. Erika is fabulous with and iPhone camera

  2. Love the rugrat look!! JB has piggly wiggly feet all the time (and, sadly, he doesn't walk barefoot outside so that really speaks to my current cleaning skills inside our own house…)

    Am I am real friend or a blog friend? I am not Amanda, but I am the second most common name from the 80s. :)

  3. So cute! Lesson learned....the pumpkin patch is great for photo ops and food. Buy your pumpkin at Aldi. This from the girl that once spent $17 on an average sized pumpkin.

  4. I think she definitely rocks the Rugrat look. :) Have fun at the pumpkin patch, try to take more than two pictures, haha. && i know the feeling of having too many Amanda's, I'm a 90s kid named Jessica, I don't think I was ever the only one in my class or group of friends.

  5. lol I Love the rugrat way. My husband is super clean/neat. He calls it "sloppy sock kids" and is horrified my upbringing from slopping sock land shall someone include our future children.

  6. I am on board with you and typically being Anti-Rugrat (I now have a name for this!) but you are right Millie is the exception to the rule. Super excited for your day at the Pumpkin Patch and can't wait to see pictures!

  7. I can't wait for the Millie in the pumpkin patch picture already!!!!! Haha if I had blog friends nearby, I'm sure Peter would ask the same thing, though blog friends ARE friends! Hmm I have to find me some named Amanda - I don't know any!

  8. Well I'll be...if that's not the cutest little rugrat around! It's a shame you didn't embrace this look on her earlier -- now that it's getting cooler outside, we're going to have to wait almost a whole year before we see her in rugrat-mode again! (But in the meantime, I look forward to seeing her in snow bunny gear and lots of adorable winter accessories!)

    Can't wait for our pumpkin patch date -- perfect weather, lots of great photo ops, and fun times with friends (blog friends, real friends...friends are friends no matter what form they come in)! See y'all on Saturday! :-)

  9. Having a fully clothed baby is overrated when you look as cute as she does in her diaper. And her tootsies in the nap picture? I die.

    Also, when I was a baby my dad nicknamed me "Charlie Tuna Cakes," (no idea why) and for most of my childhood probably until I graduated from college, he called me Charlie more than anything else. As an Amanda of the '80s, I spent many days wishing I had just been named that instead.

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  10. Can't wait to see pumpkin patch pictures!!! I'm sure they will be nothing short of adorable! I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I tell you how much joy your story brings us along with all of the cute baby pictures :)

  11. Is it just me or did she grow a lot since you posted the pictures of your finalization day? She's such a cutie! I wish I could be a real life friend and attend your shower! If you are ever in Canada, let me know!

  12. Haha! I was supposed to be Mandy but my mom was like, "Oh I'll name her Amanda and then we'll just call her Amanda..." Obviously, that never happened. She does maintain that she named me mentally chose my name long before it became the most popular name of the 80s.

    I want to come to the blog friend Amanda pumpkin patch meet up!!!!!!! I can totally relate to that feeling of wanting to take my child to get a pumpkin (and to take a bajillion photos) for what seems like forever. Maybe they won't know what's going on this year, but I'm sure they'll appropriately appreciate the adorable photos later. They BETTER.

    P.S., love the rugrat look. The diaper is cute... just as cute as bloomers! So there. And she looks so happy. I love it.

    1. Wow, the number of typos in my above comment is atrocious. I'm working from home today and gleefully catching up on my blog reading/commenting, but still feel guilty for getting paid to do it. So I was rushing, and pausing every few seconds to smile at the baby sitting next to me. Despite this, my lack of proofing is inexcusable. I'm sorry!

  13. Your friends are truly fabulous to celebrate Millsie's addition to your family.
    I think it's hilarious that so many Amandas have commented on this post.
    I'm completely lost on "grocery store feet". Um,,,barf, yuck, eek!!!! Who would ever in their right minds allow a child to walk around a grocery store in bare feet? That, I assume, is the only possible way that said term exists!

  14. Your little angel is the cutest rugrat baby ever! Ha ha!! :)

  15. Argh, I so wish I was the Amanda that was meeting you there!! Also, just wait until she's a toddler and then she will be a perma-rugrat- it's like they are physically unable to have clean faces and go a full day without looking at least semi-homeless!

  16. Cutest rugrat ever!!

    I am jealous of your pumpkin patch date with friends. I might go find some kettle corn in your honor. :)

  17. Whew, so glad MY name isn't Amanda! Close call for me though...

    Glad you had another wonderful shower!!

  18. My girls are rugrats ALL.THE.TIME! Less laundry ... it is very green!

  19. I love all these showers - so much fun! Can I please steal your daughter? Please and Thank You!

  20. Embrace rugratness while you can. Millie looks adorable. In 20 years it will just be scary :)

    Also, your excitement about the pumpkin patch reminds me of Kelly, from Kelly's Korner, who once wrote, "I'm just feeling very blessed on this beautiful fall day. A day I dreamed of for many years. Keep hope. Your pumpkin patch days are coming. :-) And they will be worth the wait." (

    I am so excited that after so many years of holding out hope, your are getting (one of) the days you've dreamed of for so many years.

    (I started writing this comment on Thursday morning and am just finishing it now. It's a sad state of affairs, I tell you!)


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