Sunday, October 5, 2014

two months!

Camilla is two months old today!

This just in: all the people that warned me that time would fly by were correct. I am officially ready for her to pause and stop getting older. She knows how to smile, now we can live forever at this blissful age.

She's not nearly as impressed by her adorableness as I am!
 Name: Camilla Ann SAME LAST NAME AS US!!!!! And this will be the last time I have a category for name. It's not going to be changing.

Aliases: Millie, Mills, Millsie, Nugs, Snugs. I feel like we've really cut down on the number of nicknames this month and are zeroing in on the ones that really count. Or something.

You beckoned?
 Stats: No idea. At her 9/8 appointment she weighed 10 lb. 12.5 oz. Based on how heavy she feels now (we haven't been around a scale lately) (thank God) and how enthusiastically she eats, I'm guessing...13 pounds?? And she seems a lot longer...maybe 23 in? We'll find out 10/14! Update: Her appointment ended up getting moved to 10/20 and apparently I'm an amazing guesser because her weight at that appointment was 13 lb 9 oz (90%ile), length 23 in (55%ile).

She has a few Newborn sized things that still fit, but wears mostly 0-3 and 3-6 months. She graduated to a size 2 in disposable diapers. I pretty much cried a river when I came to that sad realization. She may as well have just moved away to college.

This is how I felt when I had to put a Size 2 on her.
-drinks 28-30 oz. a day; 4.5-5.5 oz. bottles every 3-4 hours during the day
-sleeps a 6-7 hour stretch at night (with occasional shorter (5 hr) or longer (8+!!!! hr) sessions)
-bathes every other night

Plotting her world domination?
Likes: Food! Snuggling! Laying on our bed and staring out the window! Being outside! Her swaddles! Most music! The monkey that hangs over her changing table! Hanging out in the Ergo! 'Talking' to Mommy! Baths! Being dried off with the hair dryer (on low, of course)! Trying to drink water in the bathtub! Her pink paci!

(Sorry for the exclamation points...but she gets really excited about these things, so it seemed appropriate. And yet annoying.)

I love most things about life! YES!
Dislikes: The carseat. Getting out of the bath. Having clothes pulled over her head/arms. Un-passed gas and un-burped burps. Tummy time on the floor. Country music (please pray for her).

Undecided About: NPR- she likes when they play classical music, does NOT like when they just talk. Her activity mat- sometimes fun, sometimes torture? Her blue/green paci- sometimes it is exactly what she needs and totally hits the spot. Sometimes it highly offends her.

Special Skills: Being a Happy Baby, making dolphin sounds, immediately spitting up on any outfits Mommy was super excited about, making Mom and Dad work really hard for a big smile.

They are putty in my hands if they think I will show them this smile...
Does eyelash growth count as a skill? Because they grow like an inch every night. Soon she won't be able to hold her eyes open under their weight!

It was an incredible month. She is such a delightful baby- I spend every hour of the day with her and it isn't enough. Her life is an indescribable gift to us and her happy disposition and easygoing personality are just lovely icing on the cake. I feel infinitely grateful to call myself her mommy.


  1. Millie's outfits are way cuter than mine...jealous! I cannot believe she's two months old. I won't tell you time flies because you're more than aware!
    I'm still so happy for you and Matt. Millsie is a lucky girl to have been chosen to become part of your family. She really is a miracle girlie!!!! <3

  2. She's such a pretty little lady and so adorably dressed! Her smiles are so sweet, too.

  3. Camilla, I'm with you on the NPR talk stuff- smart gal ;)

    Happy 2 months, little one- may the next hundreds of months be just as wonderful!

  4. I have to say that your posts lately just totally crack me up and I always look forward to them. It's just so fun to see you really reveling in this entire time and experiencing it with unadulterated joy. I love it. I wish all ALI peeps allowed themselves to feel and express their joy like this. It's inspiring. <3

  5. I can't get over how much she changes practically every time you post a new picture. I also can't believe she's already 2 months old...I think someone must have torn an extra page out of your monthly calendar or something; maybe your calculations are off? That seems much more likely than her already being 2 months old I've decided. Lastly, have you heard of "Rockabye Baby!"? I think one of those CDs might be right up Miss Millie's alley -- we have two or three in our collection and listened to them all the time in the infant days!

  6. She is precious! It's so much fun to watch her grow. If you figure out a way to slow down time, please pass the magic on. Elaina turns 5 at the end of this month and for the life of me I can't figure out where time has gone.

  7. This is probably the only baby month update post I've ever actually enjoyed reading!! he he!!!

  8. Oh your last paragraph got me... Tears! She's the cutest!! And I think she's pretty lucky to have you as her mommy :)

  9. I think my heart exploded with joy reading this!

  10. happy 2 months to her, and you! I love all of the happiness that she brings you, what a blessing. :)

  11. Love this post! So sweet!

  12. Wow, two months. You should probably explain to her now how hard you worked and long you waited to have her and that you'd really appreciate it if she could please STOP GROWING... good grief. Size two diapers? What does she think this is, a race to pullups? She's probably in a hurry to have Ariel and Cinderella on her undies.

  13. Happy 2 Months!!! She just gets cuter with every photo!

  14. Happy 2 months old, sweet girl!!!!! Gosh, she is too adorable. Just. TOO. Cute!!!

  15. Oh gosh that last paragraph! Tugging at my heart strings! She is so lucky to have you and Matt as parents :) Happy 2 months cutie!!!

  16. Happy 2 Months Millie! Please post a video of her sweet smile if you can capture it!

  17. Camille also had the "immediately spitting up on any outfits Mommy was super excited about" gift as well. Don't worry. . . this too shall pass. :)

    She is just adorable!! Happy 2 months little Millie!

  18. Happy 2 months precious little one! Tell your mommy I want to steal all of your cute clothes!

  19. You don't want her to stay this stage forever because the first time she says, "Ma-ma" your heart will explode. Also, Sam's eyelashes were (are) so long, I seriously asked my mom if there were such thing as an eyelash trim!


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