Monday, October 13, 2014

cute baby, almost-famous husband

 We had a pretty delightfully uneventful weekend. We spent a lot of time watching football and watching our adorable little bobble head test out her little chair.

She's not really big enough for it quite yet, but she gets a kick out of sitting in it for about 49 seconds at a time. We're happy to acquiesce. Because she really does look like a bobble head when she sits there.

When Millie wasn't able to serve as my full-time entertainment because she was doing something boring like napping, I amused myself:

I've had that app for like a year and it doesn't get old. I put beards on Millie and Laney and texted the pictures to my parents with captions like they grow up so fast!!! and stuff like that. It cracked ME up, anyway.

On Saturday night my sister-in-law came over to hang out for awhile. We ate sushi, watched football, drank wine, and (finally) got all of the wall art up in the nursery! Let me tell you: wine and hanging gallery walls are a stellar combination. HA. 

We spent a lot of time getting excited for Sunday night's Walking Dead Season 5 premiere. But we had extra reasons to be excited beyond just liking the show...

Well, lots of you guessed it- or almost guessed it. 

Matt (not me!!) spent two days being an extra in Walking Dead!!!!

It was a really fun experience for him (and me, vicariously)- but unfortunately, not one he was allowed to talk about publicly until after the episode aired. But it aired last night!!! So let's talk away!!

The sad news: You could barely see him on TV.

That's his back (with a machine gun strapped to it). Basically you saw his legs run by, then this ghostly shot of his back/head. If you blink, you miss it.

The happy news: You could see him much better in the trailers.


Perhaps the yellow arrows will help you locate him. Since this trailer aired in July, we were really hopeful that we'd be able to see him on the 'big screen' when the episode aired. Sadly, we couldn't (in this scene). Womp womp. They panned far enough left to see the girl next to him!!!! But not him!!! Oh well. We re-watched the episode last night and only on the second viewing did Matt notice himself running by in that other scene. We had been totally focused on the fence scene and were so devastated that we didn't see him there that we didn't look hard enough during the running/chaos scenes!

So back when he filmed (in May), I was WAY OVER THE TOP EXCITED LIKE PEEING MY PANTS LIKE YOU CAN'T IMAGINE HOW FREAKING OUT I WAS and I had this huge plan to interview Matt and do a big tell-all on the blog because uhhhh hello, it is so cool that he was an extra on the best show on TV!!!! But then a lot of other exciting things happened over the summer and fall (can you think of any? hint: she's growing a beard already) and I never got around to actually 'interviewing' him and writing it up for a post. So last night Matt was like "do you have questions for me? Are you going to interview me for the blog??" and I was like...uhhh...riiiight. I still want to! I just haven't thought of what to ask yet. So maybe this will work out for the best- do you have any questions for him? Since today is a bank holiday, Matt is home and has plenty of time to answer all of your burning (heh heh- if you watched the episode) questions about zombies, machine guns, the Terminus set, and the general glamour of being a Hollywood Atlanta extra. So ask away! He's an open book, except for if it's something he can't be an open book about. I don't feel like getting sued by AMC. But he says he doesn't know any spoilers anyway, so I don't think it'll be a problem.

In conclusion, my baby is adorable even with a beard, and my husband faux-stabbed zombies for money. Happy Monday!!!


  1. I'm gunna have to try out that app on my niece! :P That's so cool he was an extra but a bit of a bummer he wasn't more visible!!! I don't really watch the show, too bloody for me, but my question would be: What qualifications did you need for being an extra?

  2. Sam and I watched that trailer TWO THOUSAND times looking for you. He kept trying to convince me that you were the girl (the one beside Matt) and that the makeup just made you look different. No go, mister. I knew better. But I guess not knowing Matt was in it, I never noticed him.

    Also, he go PAID?!? I would have sworn extras did that for fame not fortune.

  3. How did Matt get to be an extra? That is soooo cool!!!

  4. I don't know what the editors were thinking when they scrapped Matt's big scene in the actual show, when clearly he showed so much talent in the trailer! Awesome that you were able to find him running, though. I am still hopeful he'll make it into a more extended flashback later this season.
    So here are my questions:
    1. How is Matt going to top 2014? A daughter AND an appearance on WD seems like a pretty tough combo to beat.
    2. If life really is like Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon, doesn't this experience practically make you BFFs with Andrew Lincoln?

  5. That was wayyy cool! Matt is a star. How long did it take to get ready for his scenes? Makeup, wardrobe, etc? How many days were you there for the actual shooting of your scenes?

    I cannot ignore the adorableness of Millsie! You probably should invest in a good electrolysis plan now. Looks like she may need it in the future! ;)

  6. That's awesome! Brittney at Razorback Britt told me about this post and I'm a huge WD fan so I had to check it out! My questions for Matt...

    What was it like working with the zombie actors? Did it freak you out?
    Were there any special effect things you got to do?
    How did you become an extra?
    Did you get to meet the cast?
    What was your favorite part about being an extra?
    Did you get to keep anything from the set?

  7. I'm so sorry he wasn't seen more!! I mean, he totally should've been! But i know it was still a cool experience!! The show last night was SO GOOD!!! Last season was all doom and gloom, so i am glad there was some joy in this episode! WHEW! Carol is my new hero! I thought it was all over - for glenn, at least! AHHHH!

    I really don't have specific questions for Matt, just "TELL ME EVERY DETAIL FROM THE MOMENT YOU ARRIVED ON SET!!!!" :) :) I love this stuff!

    Um...Millie is adorable. I want to see the gallery wall!

  8. I kept looking for you guys!! Though I wasn't 100% sure what I was looking for, so I kept checking the blog for an update :) the episode was AMAZING!!!
    I would like to know if Matt screamed at Daryl and Carol to make out, cuz I totally would have done that. I love them sooo much and want them together so badly. I may have shed a tear or 10 when Daryl ran over to her. Ah!

  9. Can't wait to see the nursery! Congrats to Matt. So cool that they're filming so much in GA. My friend has identical twins that were just cast in a show!

  10. haha that is awesome!!!! How did he get to be on the show? Regardless if you could barely see him, he is still famous in my book!!!

  11. That's awesome!!!! I totally forgot about your little secret!!!

  12. I do love the bobble head in the seat! Ady is still pretty wobbly in hers and it's adorable! And that's super awesome of your hubs. I bet he was in heaven!

  13. Haha, Matt did a great job ;) Sounds like it was a hoot! And the bobble head- most adorable bobble head ever! <3

  14. That's so crazy! And I'm way creeped out just by these pictures on your post, so clearly this is not the show for me. Yikes!!!

  15. That show was kind of losing my interest towards the end of last season (or whatever, last stretch of episodes), but Sunday night's ep was AMAZING. In other words, even though Matt was hard to see, it was still an awesome episode to be cast in! Very cool! Eric was jealous when I showed him this post, haha.

  16. The fact that Matt was even a leg or a blur on the show still means that he is living the dream of every other Walking Dead fan in the world. He's so famous, and I feel famous JUST from the fact that I knew before you could blog about it. I'm pretty much the star of the show at this point. I love Camilla's little fox dress and her beard. I am maybe downloading the app now.

  17. This is so awesome!! Way to go, Matt!

  18. I couldn't download the Duck Dynasty app when you talked about it last year but I found another one and now it is Rachel's favourite app. I will find random pictures that she has added beards too and it is hilarious.

    Also, if I was a Walking Dead fan I would be so starstruck by Matt, I would probably faint. Since I've never seen the show, I am just hugely impressed!!!

    1. Also every single time you post a picture of Millie, I think it is the cutest picture ever, and then she outdoes herself. That girl has talent!


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