Friday, October 10, 2014

great discoveries

It's been another exciting week of maternity leave- I'm doing my best to not think about how how few weeks I have left. Gulp. Instead, I will focus on the good things.

This week we made a few great discoveries.

1. Fingers.

Uhhh, yeah. Fingers. They are amazing. I mean, she's seen them before, but sometime this week she started noticing that if they happened to land in her mouth, she can suck and bite on them which is extremely pleasurable. For us both- because it means that she has a tool to help calm herself down when we're in the car and I can't help fetch a lost paci! I've been trying to help her 'find' her fingers for a few weeks now, constantly putting them up next to her face (and/or just shoving them in her mouth, ha)...and finally it is sinking in and paying off!! One day I will probably totally regret this when we can't get her to stop sucking her thumb/fingers and she needs a trillion dollars worth of orthodontic work, but that day is not today. Today we applaud the adorable discovery of fingers! Plus, how cute is she sneaking them up out of her swaddle?? Such a little Houdini.

2. These amazing glasses.

I was going for something more subtle and mature...pretty sure I nailed it.

Just kidding. I was helping my MIL pick out frames for herself, but I just couldn't not put these on. Also, they were quite a steal- I think only $350 or so...before you pay for the lenses! So basically, I should get them in every color.

3. Babies love Couch to 5k too!

Since my gym membership isn't getting much action these days (as in, I've been once since August 5...), I decided to just start running again. Bleh. I could go to the gym in the evenings after Matt gets home, but like...I just don't feel like leaving and driving all the way to and from Athens just for that. No thanks. I'll just run here. I started back at the beginning of Couch to 5k just because it was easiest. Ha. I can definitely run more than that, but whatever. It'll make me feel good to have a couple weeks of 'easy' running. Plus, now I'm doing it with a stroller, so that's an added challenge (and an added bonus- places to put my phone and water, yay!). So if it works out during the day for us to go downtown and run, I run with Millie. If it doesn't, I'll run alone when Matt gets home. I much prefer running downtown because it's flat and there are shaded sidewalks- around my neighborhood it is hilly, sunny, and no sidewalks. Let's not make running any more miserable than it already is.

Anyway, this is Millie after today's run. She evidently finds running to be much more relaxing than I do. 

4. There's life on the outside.

The outside of my sister's womb, that is. That's right, folks: after approximately 812 weeks of gestation, my niece was forcibly evicted decided to exit the premises and try out life on the outside! Laney Marie was born yesterday, October 9, and is beautiful and surprisingly petite. If you think 9 pounds, 6.7 ounces is not 'petite,' then obviously you haven't heard that this baby's daddy (Sarah's husband, for the record) weighed over 13 pounds when he was born. So Sarah (at 9 days overdue) had plenty of reasons to fear.

Personally, I think she looks just like her cousin Camilla in the picture above! I am so excited and happy for Sarah and Mark and for us, too- Millie has girl cousins on both side of the family within 2 months of her age!

5. This cute baby in this cute fox dress.

So maybe this is a stretch...but I did discover this dress on the clearance rack at Target, so I think it counts. I took this picture Sunday and I personally think it is the cutest (if blurriest) picture on earth,'s the perfect note to end on. Happy weekend from Adorable Fox Dress Baby and me!


  1. Congrats to your sis!! Millie will love having cousins so close in age. (Also, in the words of Davis, your bro-in-law has a lot of stamps!)

  2. A 13lb baby! I can imagine your sister was getting really scared being 9 days overdue! It might be a good idea to ask birth size on dating sites....I think 10lbs would be my max :) Millie will have so much fun with her cousins as they grow!

  3. A- You actually look seriously adorable in those glasses... not my favorite color, but you can pull it off well. The price tag however???

    B- Couch to 5K... you're a beast. I'm pretty sure I'd kill over on week one these days.

    C- YAY for Sarah's baby. And praise the Lord she wasn't 13lbs! What do you even DO with that? Please tell me he was c-section baby?

    1. You'll want to sit down for this one. He was NOT a c-section baby. The good ol' fashioned way- wooooo!!! AND Mark's sister (who is now this gorgeous, petite size 2 woman) was also a 13 pounder. AND his mom and dad are both also average-sized adults!! How does this happen!??!!

  4. So many cute babies on the blog!! Congrats on your new niece!!

  5. I absolutely love everything about this post! The baby Houdini pictures (so cute!), the baby fox dress (adorable!), the beautiful weather for running and sweet stroller baby (yay fall!), the arrival of your new niece (your sis looks SO happy!), and even the yellow-framed glasses (they actually look really cute on you!!). Yep, I love it all. Happy weekend to you, friend! And congrats to your sister and family!!!

  6. You're sister is a gorgeous mommy! Congratulations on your new niece! She's absolutely precious.
    Your pretty girlie is getting soooo big. Sorry...but all I could think was "What Does the Fox Say?" when I saw her dress. If you don't know the song...Google it and I apologize.

  7. Well gosh, I can't decide if I'm more excited about your sister's new baby or Camilla discovering her hands... it's a toss-up, but a big congrats to them both!

  8. Millie's little smiles are the best :) Congratulations to your sister and her husband, too! I have to commend them on an excellent choice of baby name...but then again, we have an Elaina Marie who sometimes goes by Lainey, so maybe I am a little biased :)

  9. Yayay for more nieces!! :) Oh my gosh 13 pounds?! I'm glad she was only 9 then!!
    I saw that outfit at Target too and almost picked it up but I was getting a little carried away with baby clothes and had to put some back :( Now that I know how cute it looks on, I may just have to go back for it!!! Have a great weekend!

  10. Wow she does look like MIllie! I thought that was her in the first pic and I was trying to figure out why you were posting hospital pics. Adorable all around!!

  11. Ok sucking her thumb was the BEST thing ever for Sofia - hello self soothing and sleeping all night at 9 weeks old! Additionally the dentist say she did zero damage to her mouth! WIN! So happy for you guys!!

  12. Congrats Auntie!
    Do they have any exercise class for mommas and babies in your area? I LOVED going to stroller strides on my maternity leave.
    I just started "running" in April and I did my first 5K with my stroller. I am a huge fan of stroller running...there is SO much storage for keys, phones, layers, snacks... it is the best.

  13. cuteness overload!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Auntie!

  14. She is so lucky to have close girl cousins! I have one that is 50 days apart and we are super close! It's great! Also, don't spend any time fretting about her thumb sucking and teeth! I thought that, being a dentists, B would panic that we have two thumb suckers. Nope! Apparently you have to suck your thumb for 10 hours a day for 3 years or something like that for it to negatively impact your teeth! So enjoy her self soothing! She is precious!

  15. Oh my! Lil Miss. Millie is just getting cuter and cuter.
    So happy your sis and the newest edition to your family are doing well.

  16. Excuse my ignorance since I am not a mother, why is it that babies are always wrapped so tight in a blanket?

  17. Hi J- I couldn't find you email address; hopefully you will see this here! A lot of people swaddle young babies because they tend to have a strong startle reflex (known as the 'moro reflex') that causes their arms and legs to flail out kind of like they are falling. This doesn't happen if they're laying on their stomachs, but since babies are now supposed to sleep on their backs, they tend to startle and wake themselves up with this random spastic flailing. Keeping them swaddled with their arms tight by their sides prevents this startle reflex and helps them stay calm and asleep (also, it feels more like the tightness they're used to in the womb). It works wonders for Millie, so we'll continue doing it until she's a bit older and grows out of that reflex (or starts rolling over- once she can roll, it isn't safe to keep her arms in the swaddle)!

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  19. Congrats on the gorgeous niece!!

  20. Congrats on your gorgeous niece!!! Wahoo!!! Love being an aunt (I'm sure that changes slightly when you become a mom)!!

  21. hmmmmm 13 pounds?! Bless his poor mama! So glad y'all have cute babies in your family, they will become besties!!!

  22. Congrats on your niece! Two babies, two girls so close together will be so fun for them growing up. I like how Millie is doing a hot dog impression after your run. A girl after my own heart.

  23. I can't believe how much of your blog I haven't commented on lately. I will fill up your last days of maternity leave with all my comments. Ha!

    I had been wondering around the end of September if your niece had been born yet so it was great to see these pictures. Millie is so lucky to have a girl cousin on either side who is close to her in age.

    And after you win the lottery, you should totally buy those glasses because they look really good on you!


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