Thursday, August 18, 2011

mi comida favorita

I feel like I made a huge error in my list yesterday. A huge and unintentional oversight. And I must amend my ways.

You absolutely will not survive infertility without

#10: Mexican food.

I'm sorry, it just cannot be done. So don't try.

For some reason, Mexican food seems to be the food genre of choice for those suffering infertility. I read a lot of blogs. I know a (relatively) lot of infertile people. And here's what's most frequently heard at the end of a depressing infertility conversation: "I'm just going to go eat ridiculous amounts of Mexican food." I'm serious. I have never once heard someone plan to go find comfort in Italian or Chinese food. It is ALWAYS Mexican.

For me personally, it's hard to say whether the infertility is causing the Mexican food of those chickens-and-eggs things. I have always loved Mexican food. But I have noticed that lately, like in the last 3 years that I've been doing this IF thing...oftentimes Mexican is the ONLY thing I eat. One night last week I realized, in the midst of cooking dinner, that I'd had no non-Mexican food for dinner in like 6 days. I started to wonder whether that could possibly be healthy. Then I thought about the hundreds of millions of people in Mexico who probably also eat Mexican food for every meal, and they seem to be surviving just fine. So I finished cooking and eating my Mexican food.

Me encanta la comida mexicana.

Which brings me to my next point: dinner tonight. Not surprisingly, it's going to be Mexican!! (Don't worry, last night I made homemade pizza...I felt so diverse!) But I'm expanding my horizons tonight based on a recommendation from one of my favorite blogs.
Soy Chorizo. 

Don't worry, I'm not going all fruity on you trying to be a trendy vegetarian. I'm an omnivore through and through. We actually normally avoid a lot of soy products due to the possible relationship between soy and male-factor infertility.  No need to take any extra chances. But I'm making an exception for this-here soy chorizo.


First of all, the name. COME ON. It's soy chorizo. The name is the funniest-ever possibly-unintentional double entendre. Chorizo is the Spanish word for sausage. So on the one hand, they're saying "it's a soy-based 'sausage', yall." Like it could be a soy hotdog (not a REAL hotdog, it's made of soy!) or soy milk (not COW's milk, 'milk' from soybeans!). That's probably what they meant.

But if you habla espanol, you know that "soy" means "I am". I am sausage. A soy product claiming to be sausage.

I'm sorry, if that doesn't crack you up, there's something wrong with your brain. How could I not buy some I AM SAUSAGE! Few vegetarian products make such bold claims. I AM SAUSAGE!!

(And yes, this funniness in the name was brought to my attention by that blog. Although I probably would have realized it myself if I'd ever noticed the product on my own...I would never have looked for and bought the product if the blog hadn't recommended it.) 

Anyway, the guys that write the blog are not normally huge fans of faux-meat, but are all ABOUT this sausage. And since I really do like (regular) chorizo but try to avoid it since it's not really the healthiest thing on the Mexican menu...I wanted to give this one a try.

And really Matt and I just like saying I AM SAUSAGE. What's for dinner tonight? I AM SAUSAGE tacos!

So that's the dinner plan for tonight. Diversifying my cooking with some I AM SAUSAGE. Happy Thursday/pre-Friday to you!


  1. ha! this made me laugh.
    *sigh* I'm in Trader Joe's withdrawal(there isn't one here.) We went from living across the street from one to none at all.

  2. Hilarious! Now I have to go look for it. Although, I can't buy it. LOL! I also love mexican!!! I <3 Trader Joes. We get Lainey's Sunbutter and Xander's coconut icecream there.

  3. I can relate to Kristina, I only have HEB and walmart to choose from when doing the grocery thing. Aaaaaaaand I can't really believe that soy chorizo is at all palatable. I mean, isn't that like the bacon of Mexico? And who would eat soy bacon? I love me some chorizo & egg taquitos for breakfast. Soy? Not sold. I expect a full report, ma'am.

  4. thanks for the shout out! i cannot believe fake meat could taste this good!

  5. While I also love Mexican food, I found that back in the beginning of the IF journey, I wanted sushi every month I wasn't prego since you're supposed to avoid certain shellfish/fish due to mercury. So, for awhile, we ate at Utage once a month. It's dwindled down now to be once every 5 or so months... BTW made nachos for dinner last night. :)


I love comments almost as much as I love Mexican food. Seriously.