Thursday, August 11, 2011

this post has not been endorsed by anyone

Hey yall!! As you may know, I am not a labor and delivery nurse.

Shocking, for sure.

However, my friend Hollie IS!

And you may be wondering why I'm sharing this exciting news with you. I guess that's a warranted question.

Because yesterday Hollie decided to do a tell-all questions post on her blog. As in, ask whatever you want to know about working in L&D and she will ANSWER IT.

If this doesn't excite you, I don't know what will. I've never even BEEN in labor, nor does it appear that I will be anytime in the near future, but I was PUMPED UP about this opportunity!! I am one of the nosiest people ever, so I LOVE hearing a good tell-all about what goes on behind those closed doors. Then I read some of the questions people were asking. Then I asked a few of my own. And then I started jumping up and down with excitement for when Hollie is going to answer them and how awesome it is going to be!

I just thought I'd be remiss not to share this opportunity with all of you guys.

And Hollie did not ask me (or anyone that I know of) to share this, so don't think it's like that. This is just me being excited about blogs and life and gory details and all that.

So go check it out!! 

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  1. yessssss. a shout out.

    Mad props to the lady Bates.

    So now that we've established how non-gangsta I am, let me just say that I'm really excited already! I've gotten some great questions- some that I wouldn't have expected! Stay tuned!


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