Monday, January 21, 2013


Things I Accomplished on MLK Day, 2013:

1. Slept in til 9:30.

2. Attended a yoga class with Mattie. It should be noted that I did not even ask him to go to this class-- upon hearing me declare "I think I'll try a yoga class today," he said "sounds cool, I'll try it too," and then he did. It was pretty fun!

3. Before beginning said yoga class, was approached by a woman who asked me if I was the yoga instructor. After I told her no, that actually this would be my first class ever, she said "oh! Well, you look like you could be a yoga instructor." At this point in time, my day was officially made. In case you were wondering what a yoga instructor apparently looks like, here's what I was wearing/looking like:
I'm sure you see it too, right? And yes, I am considering "getting mistaken for a yoga instructor" to be an accomplishment. Wouldn't you?

4. Grocery shopped at both Aldi and Publix.

5. Majorly reorganized all cabinets (we don't have a pantry) and the freezer. 

This included throwing out a crapload of expired (and mostly unopened...UGH) food and moving all of the "non-Bird Food Diet food" to a separate cabinet/part of the freezer. Which leads us to our current conundrum: what to do with all of that food? We have a whole bunch of frozen meat and dry goods (pastas, cream of ___ soups, snack food, brownie mixes) that we won't be eating in the foreseeable future. Should we a) hang on to them in case we give up the BFD soon and/or take a night/weekend off, b) give them away to friends/family who might have use for them, or c) donate to a food pantry. Of course, only the dry goods can be given to a food pantry...what about frozen meat? Need to figure this out. I will die if I look down there in 6 months and have 50 more pounds of now-expired unopened food to throw out.

6. Sliced up tons of fruit to dehydrate. We've been dehydrating fruit like crazy for the last week-- so fun and easy and makes for tasty snacks!

7. Chuckled at someone's FB comment that said something about how having inauguration events for a second term president is kind of like having a baby shower for a second baby. And then decided that I'm much more on board with repeat baby showers than repeat inaugural bashes because a) baby showers serve a purpose of giving a new baby things they actually need (diapers, monogrammed burpcloths, etc.), and b) baby showers are funded by people who WANT TO AND WILLINGLY CHOOSE TO FUND THEM and will also be attending/enjoying said party. And I can't say the same about inaugural events. So...ultimately I decided that second baby showers are way better and more necessary than second inaugural balls. 

8. Braved the 800 miles per hour winds and went on a long walk with Matt and Lola.

9. Knocked out a few chapters of test-reading for my friend Colleen's newest novel. Wondering what test-reading involves? Here's Colleen's vision for it. I'm really enjoying it!...both the story, and the part where I get to be really critical. Ha.

10. Silently (or out-loud to Matt, as the case may be) cursed the Postal Service/UPS for not running today. I'm expecting TWO packages from Amazon and ONE from Sephora-- how dare you take the day off?

11. Cooked a sweet potato and black bean chili and took this completely unappetizing photo right during the beginning of its "simmer for 30 minutes" phase.

Luckily, it tasted way better than it looks. And there are leftovers for tomorrow's lunch- woo!

12. Painted my nails.

13. Watched a few episodes of Duck Dynasty

and then The Bachelor.

Somehow I feel like these two shows cancel each other out and make me a well-rounded person.

And now that Bachelor is on, I feel confident that I will not accomplish anything else today. G'night!


  1. That is a lot to accomplish on a day off! Now I'm extra jealous of everyone who got the day off since Wade did not and therefore I did not either...

  2. Getting mistaken for a yoga instructor is along the same lines as being compared to a super model. Therefore: Super win! You had way too productive a day for a day off. You should probably take the rest of the week off to recoup. And definitely hang on to all of your non bird food friendly grub. Save it for weekend reward meals. Is it bad that all of my meals could be considered "reward meals?" Guess I won't be getting mistaken for a yoga instructor anytime soon :)

  3. I highly doubt I accomplish that much in a week, let alone a day! Way to go. Donate the canned food to the food bank, give the meat to friends and family and keep kickin' butt on the BFD. And triple win on the you look like a yoga instructor comment. Enjoy the rest of your non-accomplishing evening :)

  4. Impressive! I basically spent my day counting down the hours until The Bachelor... Now I feel pathetic!! ;)

  5. Very productive day!!! I'm impressed. That chili looks yum, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who visits several different groceries a day!

  6. Big day for you indeed! So jealous bc I had work today... Brian did NOT, so getting up and leaving was extra un-fun for me. Totally with you on #7, by the way!

    And I vote for donating the non bird food diet food to a food pantry unless you realistically think you'll stop doing it in the near future!

  7. Super impressive day, especially compared to mine. I moved from my bed to my couch around 11 am, then laid there until 2, when I walked. But, some days off are meant for relaxing and some are meant for being productive!

  8. #7 is my favorite. And I think multiple baby showers are fun. Did not have one for #3 (first boy), #4 but had my socks rocked off for #5.

    And Amazon shipping confuses me. We got a package (but we have Prime? maybe that is the difference?) It was a car part, nothing exciting.. well not super exciting.

  9. good grief! your day was intense for a holiday! that's pretty awesome to be mistaken for the yoga instructor pre-your first yoga experience. was this a mistaken identity for your looks or your incredible flexibility and balance? either way, pretty sweet.

    and I agree, second baby showers are WAAYYY more important than second inaugurations.

    glad you had a fun, productive day off with Matt!

  10. When is Colleen's new book coming out? Is it a new Elle book???? I am SUPER excited if it is!!!!!!!!

  11. seems like a super productive day! especially the past about being mistaken for a yoga instructor! that is now one of my new life goals! lol! I will never be that long and lean!

  12. #7 - Agreed. The. End.

    Oh and I think it is a total compliment you were mistaken as a yoga instructor. I can pretty much guarantee that mixup will never happen for me in my lifetime. Ha!

  13. I think since you break the diet when you eat with other people, you should just have people over to eat with you a few times and consume the food you have while also enjoying good company.

  14. That was a jam packed day! I am ashamed to say that I have NEVER been mistaken for a yoga would make my day, too! When I went gluten free, we gave most of our non-BFD stuff to our sisters. My husband still eats some gluten, so we kept some normal pasta and bread on hand but all of the mixes (including Tastefully Simple Beer Bread - YUM!) went to our families before we restocked with more tummy-and-fertility-friendly options.

  15. You should look for a wolf, fox, tiger, rescue and donate the meat to them. In fact, the wolf rescue here in Colorado will take even expired meat because apparently wolves can eat meat even if it's rancid. Yuck.

  16. Haha, your day sounds AMAZING. I love days where I knock out projects! And I'm obsessed with Duck Dynasty these days.


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