Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Really heavy stuff on my heart tonight, yall. Except that by "really heavy" I mean "not actually heavy at all," so don't go grabbing your tissues just yet. I just want to start with a disclaimer: I am so insanely tired that possibly nothing in this post will make sense. Only I'm not like...sleepy-tired. Just the regular amount of that. It's physical. Like my whole body is so exhausted it hurts to move my fingers to type. So if letters and words make no sense, it's because my body is broken and I can't even be bothered to fix what's on the screen. I'm not sure what to attribute my exhaustion to, but I'm leaning towards the bird food diet and three Zumba classes in 5 days. Or probably I have some really rare disease? I'll probably Google my symptoms later. That always goes well.

ANYWAYS. I'm powering through cause I have such pressing issues to discuss.

Remember last summer when I confessed that I'd never seen a single episode of The Bachelor or Bachelorette? It's been a source of much shame for most of my adult life (or not), and several of you committed to helping me remedy the situation by reminding me when the next season was coming so that I could jump on board and watch. Well here's a news flash: most of you failed me on that. Thanks for nothing, ladies-- what, you want me to just be clueless about pop culture FOREVER??? Sheeeeesh. ;) But anyways, LUCKILY for us all, my friend Mollyanne did NOT fail me. Like a good neighbor (OMG I'm talking in commercial jingles. HELP!), she reminded me several times that a new season was starting and even offered to watch the premiere with me to fill me in on backstories, how things work, how we judge the girls, how to know if people are there for "the right reasons," and other important things. 

So guess what.

I've watched an episode of The Bachelor. My American citizenship can be reinstated.

We watched it on Tuesday night, because let's face it-- Mollyanne and I aren't insane. Obviously we were watching the National Championship on Monday night. So I was still slightly behind the times-- but now I'm all caught up. For this season, anyway. And I must say-- it feels great being able to read and follow all the Twitter/blog commentary on such an important topic! I feel like I'm in the club now! And I think I caught on to how things go pretty quickly-- I will attribute my proficiency at judging/mocking all the girls and picking favorites to my years of watching other important reality shows.

Anyways. So now you know-- I'm in for this season. And I definitely think I'll enjoy it. Especially since that totally creepy 50 Shades (of CRAY CRAY) girl got booted.

Now, while we're on the topic of men, let's talk about the one I know best: Matt. Let's talk about how awesomely supportive he is of my slight shopping problem. This is us in the car on the way home from the gym tonight:

Me, after expressing that I needed to start laundry when we get home because all of my preferred workout clothes are dirty: "Oh, I happened to be looking at Old today and noticed that they're having a big sale on workout clothes..."


Me: "Oh! Ummm..yeah! Maybe we can go look sometime. I do love cute workout clothes..."

Matt: "Yeah, you want to work out way more when you have cute workout clothes, so you should definitely get some more. Do you think they have any shirts like the one you wore Monday?" [Please note that he apparently remembers what I wore to the gym Monday. WINNING, Matt, WINNING.]

Me: "Yeah, they have the ones like that for $7!"

Matt: "WHOA! Do you want to go now?"

Me: ", I'm hungry and I can't even stand up. I want to go home."

Matt: "Well, what time is your Zumba class tomorrow? Do you want to go beforehand?"

Husbands of the world who might be reading this: THIS is the proper reaction to wives who express a desire to go shopping. Please take note and act accordingly.

Ladies: He's all mine. BACK UP.

[One last semi-related story. Tuesday morning as we were waking up, still laying in bed, Matt groggily informs me that he had a weird dream that night. "What about?" I asked. "I dreamed that we were hanging out with the Gurleys. [Not weird.] And the Kardashians."]


  1. WTG you on watching The Bachelor, and WTG Matt on being such a great husband! Them good ones are hard to find, so we gots to hang onto them...

  2. You should skip the workout all together and just go shopping while Matt's on board!

  3. Matt sounds like a keeper! You're a lucky girl! I'm pretty fond of boys named Matt...our first born is a Matt too. My husband has been training my boys to be awesome's fun to watch!

  4. Congrats on your new Bachelor following- I hope you enjoy it and get irrationally attached to a contestant early on... that makes it the most fun! Also, high five for Matt!

  5. OMG. Y'all are so cute. I die.

  6. Bummer… I think I'm the only person left on the planet that hasn't seen the Bachelor. It's lonely. I do believe you could have watched it on Monday though. Despite my doubts on the quality of the show, it was still probably better than the "National Championship".

    (Did you catch my bitter reference to the fact that the National Championship was in fact the SEC Championship?)

  7. so glad you finally got on the bachelor train. don't know if I will be joining you this season but I am tempted ;)

    maybe I can convince tom to be a little bit more like matt or maybe matt can convince tom. ha!

  8. Welcome to the bachelor club my friend! More importantly, I want to know what was so hot about the shirt you wore to Zumba on Monday!

  9. I'm thinking we could have made Matt's dream come true by having Jonathon and the Kardasians come watch Bachelor with us. Although I'm not sure who would have been harder to get. But I would sure like for some of Matt's shopping encouragement to rub off on J.

  10. Bachelor is the best! So glad you're tuning in :) Mondays are always the worst, being the first day back to work after the weekend, but knowing that The Bachelor is on makes Mondays a little less horrible (for me at least)!

  11. First, I don't want the Bachelor either! You are not alone. Second, I also have a sweet husband who tells me "you should buy that!" when I mention something. However, I think it's just because he likes to shop, and if he gives me a pass he thinks he gets a pass, too. :) Mrs. Frugal is not falling for that one, buddy...

  12. I want to see these awesome work out clothes

  13. Serious props to Matt! He's now up there in the Example category to which I shall reference to Ryan when he's misbehaved. And it IS true--it's way easier to work out when we feel cute.

  14. Gold star for Matt! Things like that show just how much that man adores you! And I have yet to watch those shows...not thinking I'll jump on that bandwagon any time soon! One of my fave shows just started up again (Downton Abbey!) so I'll stick with that for now!

  15. I haven't watched The Bachelor either. And I also want to see the cute workout clothes. I love that Dave affirms me when I want to buy something -- it's so helpful!


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