Wednesday, January 16, 2013

another exciting list

Sorry for being the crappiest blogger ever, but I cannot think of a single topic worth dedicating an entire blog to talking about. Therefore you get yet another random conglomeration of thoughts. And I don't really think I used the word 'conglomeration' correctly, but at least I spelled it right, so do I get half credit?

1. I happened to be looking at the 'topics I frequent' on my side bar and noticed that I have more blogs categorized as 'politics' than I do 'Hunger Games.' That is simply tragic, people. For like 3 years I remember the 'politics' category had only 2 things in it! What has happened to me?

2. The rest of the work week has been a great improvement over Monday. And I've been able to sleep at night. So yay.

3. I have written only two Christmas/birthday thank you cards. Etiquette fail. And I've only mailed one of them. Ugh. How late is too late for thank you cards?

4. Last night I was being really obnoxious to Matt (or "causing drama" as he calls it)-- you know, stupid things like repeatedly 'jagging' him with a jaggy fingernail...poking him...whatever. Stupid stuff like that. In his faux-anger he called me the worst thing he could think of: BAND-AID BREATH. Yeah. A grown-ass man just tried to insult me by calling me band-aid breath. I didn't even bother trying to contain my tears-caused-by-excessive-laughter.

5. Speaking of irrational fears, somehow two of my new co-workers (ones I'll be working extremely closely with) have already unearthed my two greatest (birds and hotels, duh). I have heard them evilly plotting ways to force me to confront these fears. Wonderful!!

6. I need some suggestions of things to blog about. Obviously writing lists for the rest of my life isn't gonna cut it. Help a sister out. How do yall feel about the 'questions' posts? You know, where a blogger says "ask me anything you want to know about me/life/whatever and I'll answer it!" and then people ask all sorts of crazy awesome questions and she answers them? I think they're fun-- but only when people PARTICIPATE! Otherwise it's static...awkward...anyway. Thoughts? Suggestions?

7. In regards to the Bird Food Diet-- here's my experience so far with the various food groups I'm eliminating. It's been surprisingly painless/easy to give up dairy, meat, eggs, soy, and refined sugar. But going gluten free? HARD. It definitely requires the most thought and planning and alternative thinking (like if you can't use bread, tortillas (corn tortillas are gross and not an acceptable option), or crackers...what exactly is going to be the carrier for this awesome chickpea salad?) That's when it's pretty handy to remember that I'm not being super hardcore about this whole thing. Ha. So I pick a tortilla because it's thin and probably has less gluten than bread, right? Right. Also helping this whole experiment is the fact that I do not attempt to stick to the plan for any social meals. Ha. Which means that dinner with friends, dinner with family, dinner with family again, lunch with friend, Bachelor with friends...all of those have involved eating whatever I want with no guilt whatsoever. So maybe the conclusion here is that you can do ANYTHING as long as you can cheat whenever you want. Isn't that motivating?

8. There's going to be an Ulta opening up in Athens in the fall!!! Wooo!! I'm a little bitter that it's not a Sephora, but I'll take whatever I can get. 

9. There's a infinitesimal chance of snow here tomorrow, so naturally everyone's losing their minds. Since I'm not eating bread or milk, I don't know what to rush to the store to get...but I hate to be left out of that great Southern Tradition.

10. Do yall like stories about scorpions? I have two great personal stories about scorpions. I think I'll tell them sometime. Get excited!

11. A few weeks ago we replaced our thermostat with a new (programmable!!) one. Did you know that all thermostats don't take up the same 'footprint' and that you should take that into account when painting? Yeah, us either.

And...the end.


  1. Ha, I didn't know people rushed to get bread and milk- why not bread and water? Sounds like you need to rush out to get chickpeas and tortillas instead! OR consider snow to be a "social event" and pick up some tortilla chips, queso, and chocolate chip cookies :)

  2. Ugh, my bird food diet is nowhere near as hardcore as yours, but I am going to bed STARVING every night! Thankfully tomorrow is date night, and then Amanda is coming to town, so there will be plenty of cheating opportunities in my near future to make up for these hungry nights...

  3. Glad your work week is getting better!

  4. So funny that rushing to the store is considered a southern tradition before a snow "storm". It's funny because it's actually the same up north. But mostly when the forecasters are predicting a good amount (6-12"). In any case, us northerners buy every case of water, carton of eggs and gallons of milk we can get our hands on... Craziness!!

  5. My hubs and I made just such a run to the store tonight, milk and bread safely secured. And I laughed out loud at the fact that you have 2 personal scorpion stories.

  6. Really love this blog, thanks for sharing.

  7. You have to fry corn tortillas in a little oil before you use them to soften them up, it is the only way to make them not dry and actually taste good.

  8. You are too funny! I think I have a little writer's block too. I'm stocked with bread and milk so I feel a little left out as well.

  9. I love the lists! I have some thoughts for you:
    3. I feel like a superstar seeing as I wrote all my thank you notes already with a two-week old! Ok I will stop bragging now, ha.
    5. I think it's hilarious that you have a bird fear when your mom has a bird.
    7. I am secretly bitter towards those that do 'free' eating but can CHEAT! Because I can never cheat!! Trust me, it makes it so much less enjoyable/so much more stressful when you can seriously never cheat. That said, there are some yummy gluten free crackers at Sams Club. And I agree that corn tortillas are nasty.
    11. Same problem with our new thermostat. Did you have any problems putting it up? We totally blew a fuse the first time and I'm afraid to go at it a second...

  10. I have never heard the term "Band-Aid breath" before... I'll have to try it on my middle-schoolers! I commend you for your valiant effort at going g-free. I tried for like a minute (or however long it took me to choke down a flour-less cracker that might as well have been cardboard.) No go! Can't wait to hear the scorpion stories!

  11. You are hilarious!
    - I have only written about half of my Christmas thank you notes too. Maybe, I will finish them some time before next Christmas.

    - We also have programmable thermostats - the Nest. My husband is obsessed with them. Haha.

  12. Love the word "conglomeration." I would ask questions. You have six months to do thank you cards. Way to go on the bird food diet. I commend you. And "band-aid breath" sounds like a school kid insult -- just sayin'!

  13. I'm a little late at reading this, but I definitely vote for the scorpion stories :>)


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