Saturday, January 12, 2013

the last day

So yesterday was my last day at the 'old job' (school). It was both exciting and fun and sad and tearful and so I guess the proper term for the day would be "bittersweet." I've worked for the grant program for 4.5 years and made some very dear friends during that's going to be sad to not see them every day! But I'm super super super excited for my New Job (and NEW PAYCHECK- let's be honest- CAN I GET A HALLELUJAH??) so it helps  keep the sadness in perspective. Anyway- the day was filled with kind words and sad goodbyes and yummy food, starting with finding this on my desk when I arrived:

On the Adherence to Bird Food (Endo) Diet scale of 1-10, I would have to give yesterday a "well bless her heart, she sorta tried." I mean, I did great for breakfast and lunch. But what am I supposed to do, turn down a free vanilla latte? You must be crazy.

On Friday afternoons we have a meeting over at another office. When I arrived, my co-workers had thrown a little going away party for me and another co-worker/friend who is leaving next week. Everyone had brought food and drinks and cards and decorated and it was really, really nice. Then they made little speeches for us!! I mean, it was like a wedding or something. Everyone was saying nice things and crying and I wish I'd been able to record it so that I could go back and listen to all the nice things the next time I have a sad day. It was a really fun afternoon and it reminded me of how thankful I've been for these folks the last few years-- despite the stress and craziness, I have been blessed with some really wonderful co-workers. And incidentally, they're great cooks, too-- there were cake balls, sausage balls, that lemon 'puppy chow' chex mix stuff (have you seen it on Pinterest? It was SO good!), brownies, various dips and chips, crackers and cheese...I mean, it was a pretty legit spread. In half-honor of me! So you better believe I feasted. When I was telling Matt about the going away party, he commented that to get something like that at the bank you have to work there for 40 years and then retire. Sucks to be them, I guess! 

Matt and I had already planned to have a celebratory date night in honor of Finishing the Old Job and Getting/Starting the New Job, so after I turned in my computer, badges, keys, and had some final good-bye hugs, we were all ready to keep partying. And by "partying" I mean basically just be the same old boring us, only in a different location. We had dinner at Cali 'n Tito's, cause I'd been craving a fish burrito all week. Then we went to Cine, a funky local "barcafecinema" (apparently they're opposed to spaces?) to watch Life of Pi. 

I've read the book several times since a friend loaned it to me in college and it's one of my favorite books. Matt's read it too, and we really wanted to see it on the big screen since it was bound to be beautiful. It was. Beautiful, perfect, and overall just a VERY good adaptation of the book. I loved it. I also loved Cine-- it was a REALLY fun and different atmosphere, and you could get popcorn for only $1!!!!!!!!!! AND they had probably 10 or 12 different flavored 'spices' (?? not sure what to call them) you could mix in your bag (you know, white cheddar, parmesan & garlic, jalapeno, etc.)!!! It's honestly hard to know whether I was more excited about the popcorn or the movie. They were both pretty amazing.

All in all-- top notch date night to end a day of celebrating.

Today we slept in, ate a Bird Food Diet-friendly breakfast (steel cut oatmeal w/ dried fruit and nuts mixed in), and enjoyed the 70+ degree weather by (what else??!) working in the yard!! It was wonderful until the part where I got sneak-attacked and swarmed by fire ants. Apparently they don't hibernate for the winter? Who knew. Anyway. I'm not completely sick of winter yet (as in, I'm not begging for it to stay warm and spring-like), but it's really nice to have a lovely day mixed in! 

So now I'm off to figure out some lunch...and I guess I need to edit my little Blogger profile thingy, too, eh? I'm not a teacher anymore...very weird! Have a great weekend!


I just went out to check the mail and put threw on my slippers so that my feet wouldn't get wet. When Matt saw my "outfit" he pitched a hissy. "BABY!!!! Don't go outside in THAT!!! Why can't you take you socks off??!! UGH!!!"

Since this is a "fashion post": workout capris, nasty old running socks, and bling-tastic moccasin slippers probably all came from Target.

Hahahaha. Apparently SOMEONE has strong feelings about ladies loungewear fashion these days, eh?

Second Edit: When I told Matt I'd just put my beautiful outfit on the blog, he said "What are you trying to do, lose followers or something?" in this incredibly disgusted voice. HAAAAAA!!!!


  1. Yay for celebrating Erika! Glad they gave you a good sendoff!

  2. What a sweet send off! Also, in Cine in Athens? I've been wanting to go see a movie at one of those restaurant/theater places, but I've only heard of one in Suwanee. It doesn't sound as awesome as Cine, though.

  3. You are hi-lar-ious!! Your socks with slippers in capris outfit sort of reminds me of someone that wears socks with flip flops (the thong kind of flip flop that separates the big toe from the other toes) :).

    P.S. I love your slippers!

  4. Such a sweet last day! Congratulations on the new job! Maybe don't wear that outfit on the first day :) Well, I think you could get away with the bling-tastic moccasins, they scream "practical with a side of fabulous". Very avant garde!

  5. I'm positive you deserved your sweet send off! Congrats on your new job...can't wait to hear all about it!
    Your sparkly shoes and sock attire is rather adorable and endearing. Tell Matt, it's the weekend and weekends are all about comfort :-)

  6. Sounds like you were a pretty big deal- I'm sure you will be missed! And tell Matt that if anything, pics like this are what brings MORE readers, so he can kiss it! :)

  7. Yay for your celebration! LOVE the pic of your loafers and socks! Dan sings, "It's time for the Frumpulator" whenever I come down in my baggie sweatpants and socks with loafers, so I understand! :)

  8. Last photo, Hilarious!
    It's being real.

  9. Love the socks and moccasins look. I do it a lot. Also Yay! For an amazing, well deserved send-off. And yay! for date nights!

    Tell Matt you're too funny to lose readers.


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