Tuesday, January 15, 2013

life like whoa

Yall. "Overwhelmed by life" is not normally a phrase I can use to describe myself or my days, but yesterday? That is the only applicable description I can think of. Let's hope it was a one-day thing. It started with my first "real" (apparently the other 5 days I was here weren't real?) day at the New Job, which was jam-packed with meetings, tasks, and things that shoulda been done five minutes ago. I worked nonstop from the minute I arrived until the minute I left and barely even made a dent in my to-do list. This has never happened to me before!!! I'm the most efficient worker I know! I KNOCK OUT TO-DO LISTS!! And yet...I didn't. If you think this weighed heavy on my heart for the rest of the day, you would be right. But there was no time to dwell, because to get from downtown Athens to home to Zumba at 6 requires NO STOPPING FOR REFLECTION OR DAWDLING ALONG THE WAY. It requires rushing and efficiency. So I made it in time, but still had my Work Brain on. I thought surely Zumba would clear the mind. It didn't. It made my body cry, but my brain managed to be thinking about all the things I didn't finish at work! That is some commitment  brain. Way to go, buddy. After Zumba, we rushed home to cook a (absolutely fantastic, if I do say so myself) new recipe for dinner (cod on a bed of wilted spinach with peppers and onions, drizzled in a honey-balsamic sauce. YUM!!!), clean up, and straighten up for two lovely ladies to come watch Bachelor with me. THAT was fun, and I mostly managed to forget Work Stuff and focus on fun stuff like bachelorettes with HORRIBLE HAIR and scary personalities. Then I went to bed, but guess what? I DID NOT SLEEP ALL NIGHT! Not even a minute. Why? I have no idea. I was exhausted. But no sleep. So...awesome. Today should be juuuuust great.

Then I open up my Google Reader (which hasn't been touched since yesterday morning at 8) and there are like 400 unread blogs (you people were BUSY yesterday/overnight) and I was so overwhelmed I almost just wanted to hit "mark all as read" and be done with it...but I can't do that. I like reading blogs. Why would I skip out on one of my favorite things?


Not surprisingly, I have nothing interesting to write about...I just wanted to get it all out. Normally I do NOT consider myself all that busy or overwhelmed. So it's a strange feeling. I imagine I'll adjust to things soon...once I get used to things at work, stuff that was taking me an hour and 3 phone calls yesterday should only take 15 minutes, right? Right. And maybe I won't try to squeeze in cooking (and eating, and cleaning up from) a new recipe into an hour of space between the gym and people coming over. 

Oh but wait-- isn't it time for the weekly Fashion Update? Oh what-- you think I don't do Fashion Blogging. Well, maybe I'll start. Only my regular clothes aren't so fashionable, so we'll skip those. I devote all of my Fashion Devotion to my gym-wear, apparently. I'm serious, yall. Working out is SO MUCH BETTER when you're amped about your outfit. Let's be honest. Sometimes I don't feel like working out at all. But I feel like wearing my cute leggings, hot pink shoes, and neon green Spandex tank top. But where else is it appropriate to wear those things but the gym? So if I put all those clothes on...well, you can bet I'll be dragging my buns to the gym. Because otherwise I just look ridiculous. So see? Fashion choices fueling Good Life Choices. My other fashion/workout advice for you today is to stand at the front of the class (if you're in a group class). For one, you (and everyone else) can much more easily admire your outfit in the mirror if other people aren't blocking you. Also you can watch yourself to make sure you're doing the moves correctly. But PRIMARILY, being at the front ensures that you don't slack off and get half-assed a few dances in. Because everyone would see. So that's my secret tip for getting the most out of your group workout class. You're welcome. Next week I'm going to charge you for this kind of advice, but today (because I'm tired and generous) I'm letting you have it for free.

Without further adieu, here's last night's Workout Fashion. Post-workout, mind you, so there's legit sweat on those clothes. And that explains the nappy hair.

I know-- so fashiony of me to include links, right?? Don't get used to it. 

Alright. Time to knock out a little of my Google Reader. And then my to-do list. BRING IT, Tuesday!


  1. Are we living a double life? We must be! Starting my nursing career scared the heck out of me because no one...I mean no one...is more efficient than I! Screeching halt...........learning to prioritize my patient's needs, assessing each of them, administering meds, constantly changing orders, discharges, new admissions, toss in vomiting and crashing pediatric patients(!)...oh my word. My life came crashing down around me. I didn't sleep for days, thus decreasing my productivity, didn't eat, drink, or pee while at work. Ugh! What had I done to myself?!
    Then one day it starting coming together. Yay...I could hit the ground running, work out a plan, only fall behind a little, even take a bathroom break (gasp!), rehydrate and maybe sneak in a snack! Each and every single shift it improved. I no longer dread going to work...it's still crazy and hectic, but I LOVE my amazing job!
    You'll get your groove, find your comfort level and settle in. We, the efficient types, just need a little time to figure it out and make it our own!

  2. I'm praying for extra strength and energy for you today. And for sleep tonight.

    And keep those fashion posts coming, as well as the workout tips. Maybe I should move to the front of the class tonight??? (After I stop by Old Navy of course!)

  3. Starting a new job can feel totally overwhelming! You will start to get into your groove, no doubt!

    Love your workout gear. Maybe investing in some cute workout attire would motivate me to workout??? :)

  4. Agree with Brittnie - you will get into your groove! I always always always have felt that way when starting a new job or a new position, and then a month later I knew what I was doing and life was better again. Hope you get some sleep tonight!

  5. Totally agree about being in the front row during a workout class... Last night I was right up front and was smack dab, right next to the instructor (this wasn't by choice, it was the only mat left by the time I got to the class). I quickly learned that I couldn't just lie there during an abs series... so today, I can barely move, but at least I didn't look like a dummy to the rest of the class in the back row :)

    Good luck keeping your eyes open today!!!

  6. Love you and your wonderful blogging voice. A few things...
    1.) Did you notice that you said "from the minute I arrived until the minute I leaved". I saw that in my reader and thought it was so funny! :)

    2.) Your crazy day yesterday sounded like the most heroic day of my life. Working, exercising, cooking, and hosting all in one day? I can't even imagine such a productive day! Haha

    and 3.) I wear new workout clothes to sit around the house all the time. Shame! :)

  7. Totally off-topic comment but I thought I should tell you...I dreamed that you had a baby in 105 weeks. (2 years+ 1 week). I'm pretty sure I'm not a psychic or a prophet and honestly I hope it happens sooner than that! But I love your particular brand of craziness- thanks for sharing with all us strangers on the interwebs! Always praying!

  8. Well thank you, now I know exactly what I want for dinner. That sounds scrumptious! And kind of healthy, so you probably didn't really need to go to Zumba (bonus work out points for you!!!) Super cute outfit! Fashion choices do fuel good life choices... says the girl in sweats on the couch eating the last of the Christmas stocking chocolate. Good thing you exercised enough for the both of us :)

  9. Loving your chaotic retellings, as well as recipe choices and that sign behind you. Did you make it? Like everything else in your life, I think it's super cool. I think I may try Zumba this year...

  10. Like you, I am one of those people that can normally cross everything off the to do list in a day's time, so the days when I can't really do throw me off! Plus there is something unsettling about leaving work while you're still frazzled, so I can totally relate. Glad you had some fun activities after to help you (sort of) unwind!

    Also, you look a million times better than I ever do after working out, so congrats!

    PS - Get excited because I'm doing my "day in the life" post tomorrow!

  11. They say (not really sure who "they" are, so don"t ask) that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. That's roughly 5 years at a full time job. Try not to let those to do lists get to you! It will get easier:) And with your level of awesome, it won't take long for you to become an expert at your job an conquering all those tasks easily.

    As always, you look great! Love your workout style!

  12. Definitely do NOT dwell, crazy days will pass! And then when they rotate back, they go away again. You're always doing better than you think. :D

    'm just so glad you work where you do! And your normal day clothes are fabulous. Let's start blogging them. :)

  13. Hi Erika! Hopped over and I am your newest follower! #154... whoo hoo! Just got done working out myself. I'd say you should post that cod recipe as well... sounds delish! Anyway, hope you'll stop by and follow back!

  14. Sounds like tons of business! You look great in your workout outfit!

  15. Sorry, meant to write "sounds like tons of craziness"! What a busy day!

    I like your tip about front row. I can't slack off per the usual when the workout instructor is watching me- ha ha!


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