Saturday, February 9, 2013

lazy day

It's a sunny, lazy, beautiful Saturday in Georgia. I feel semi-sorry for all of you buried under a zillion feet of snow up north...make that completely sorry if you've lost power or had any other sort of nasty drama piled on top of the snow. It's quite nice here, but Mattie's feeling a bit under the weather, so we're laying low today. We did, however, take a nice long walk around our neighborhood (during which Lola pooped THREE TIMES...I mean, where does she keep it all?? Sick) and stop by a yard sale. I was happy to score three books for a mere $1.50!

 I'm excited for some new reading material, although I'm slightly irritated it's not on my Kindle. Having to lug a book around? Ugh. First world problems, people. Also- I don't need anyone judging me for liking Jodi Picoult books. Ha. I realize it's not the epitome of literature. I'm okay with that. I can count on them to draw me in and make me cry, and sometimes that's just exactly what I need. So...there. Anyone read these other two? I feel like I've heard good things, although I can't say where I heard that.

Speaking of books I wish were on the Kindle...I've had this bad boy collecting dust on my nightstand for 3 weeks.
 Again: Heard great things, but HOLY CRAP it's heavy!! 850 pages and hardback?!? Majorly heavy and intimidating. If it were on Kindle, I wouldn't be so intimidated because I wouldn't know how long it was. And also it wouldn't break my arm to pick it up. I think this book sounds interesting, though, and I've really loved the Stephen King non-horror books I've read in the past, so I want to try it...just...haven't.

OK so remember last Saturday when I was all excited about filing our taxes and booking a vacation and I was like "hurry up Georgia and America and give me my dang refund so I can book a trip"?  Well apparently the government reads my blog and listens to me when I tell them to do stuff, cause our state refund was in my bank account on Thursday and the federal one today (although it's still 'pending''s as good as there). I mean-- HOLY COW! Taking into account that we filed late on a Saturday night and Sunday most likely all government places were closed...that's FAST, yo. So I would like to thank the United States and State of Georgia for doing something fast for once. I am most appreciative and very impressed. And also now I can BOOK MY VACATION!!!!

Well, since this is officially the Most Boring Blog Ever, I guess I'll sign off and get back to whatever HGTV or A&E (something about home flipping) marathon Matt has tuned into. Thrilling Saturday, people. Enjoy yours! 


  1. Impressed your taxes are done and all but yours to spend...haven't started ours yet! Need to get going on that! Can't wait to hear all about your booked vacation :)

  2. I also really like Jodi Picoult. Have you read her latest which is co-written with her daughter? (Can't remember the name though but the premise is really cool!)

    And congrats on getting your tax refund already. You are inspiring me to get going on ours but I think we have to wait for the end of February for the University to issue everything. Boo :(

    Also, we went for a long walk today too -- to a Kinderconcert with Sam and had to skirt around a stuck sidewalk clearing plough and wade through some uncleared sidewalks. On the (extremely!) bright side it's nice and sunny here though.

  3. I hope my tax refund comes that quick!! Also, Augusten Burroughs is hilarious...I've read another one of his books (You Better Not Cry) and it was laugh out loud funny.

  4. Ditto on liking Jodi Picoult! No shame!

  5. love me some JP! We are shoveling out of 20 inches of snow... wish i had a good book to curl up with.

  6. No snow.. Praise Jesus. It would put me over the edge if we lost power at this point.

    But I need you to blog for me okay? Ask the gov'ment to make Form 8839: Qualified Adoption Expenses. K?

  7. Girl, it's beautiful down here too! (Louisiana!) Glad to have a blog friend from the south! ;) Fievel always poops SO MANY TIMES when we take him for a walk - it's kind of gross & weird!!

    YAY for tax return money! :)

  8. My husband read the JFK Stephen King book and said it was good....

    I'm jealous of your nice walkable weather. We had a driving ban up here- if you were caught driving you could face up to a year in prison and a $500 fine. Nuts!

  9. Props to Lola for pooping 3 times in one walk- I'm impressed! Ha, are you glad that that's what I took away from this post?

  10. I like Jodi's books. I really like easy reads that get you sucked in.

    Have a great Sunday!

  11. Early spring, early yard sale season. Win.

  12. I kind of want a Kindle, but now I am afraid it will make me not like the size/weight of normal books! Ha!


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