Friday, February 1, 2013

the elements

I survived (self-imposed) Fashion Week!! Hip hip hooray! But one cannot actually consider Fashion Week to be over until they blog their very, very, very fashionable pictures, we go!

If the arch-nemesis of Monday and Tuesday was the awkwardness, then the arch-nemesis of Wednesday through Friday would have to be the elements. As in, the weather. Here's the rundown: Wednesday it was 70 degrees and we were dodging torrential downpours and tornadoes. Thursday and Friday it was 35 degrees with 3000mph winds. Incidentally, none of these are ideal photo-taking-situations, but we're nothing if not dedicated to Blogger Fashion Week. So we persevered, come what may. Yeah. You're welcome.

Wednesday (pouring rain, humidity, tornado watches)
Since my research revealed that most fashion bloggers prefer posing with their handbags (or other hand-held accessory items), I decided to follow suit. But only for one day, because I carry the same purse every day, so photographing it more than one day would be ridiculous.

Thursday (freezing cold, windy)
 NAME DROPPING MOMENT!!! These are the J. Crew boots (WHAT WHAT, HOW TRENDY AM I) that I got at a yard sale last summer (wait, what, she's not rich??) for $4!!!! Best score ever. Unfortunately they are half a size too small, therefore they hurt my feet and I never wear them. But I decided to tough it out JUST for you for this day. Also, they are very 'clicky' when I walk, and that makes me feel powerful. Just a side note.
 I must say- I'm a huge fan of the contrast in the boots and leggings. I normally wear (comfy) black flat boots with this outfit. It's gonna be sad (but comfy) to go back to that.

Since all the above pictures are in the uber-trendy 'head chopped off' fashion, I felt like I should include a few dorky-but-very-'me' shots of what it's actually like doing a Fashion Shoot with me.
Mainly I act cheesy and waste time and risk hypothermia by climbing into gardens and smelling lovely pink flowers.

Friday (OMG even colder and windier than Thursday. This whole shoot took about 4 minutes. We did not mess around or change any camera settings or use manual focus. We got it done FAST!!!)

 Yeah, I was severely underdressed (HAHA I just wrote 'undressed'...) for the temperature. SEVERELY. Please take note of the thin turtleneck and no socks. Who thought that was a good idea??
 Despite the freezing weather and lickety-split nature of the shoot today, I must say that these are some of my favorite pictures out of the whole week! Also, I really think I need some kind of statement necklace with this outfit. Since I couldn't find a good one, I went with the statement earrings (??) instead. They're some of my faaaaaavorites. Also, Matt calls this hairstyle my "princess hair." Just thought you should know.

And thus concludes Blogger Fashion Week. As awkward and uncomfortable (and COLD!) as it was at times, it was actually really fun. Actually POSTING the pictures still feels really weird, but I guess it's good to do stuff out of your comfort zone now and then, right? Diana and I decided to do Fashion Week again when it's a new season (read: warmer and calling for different wardrobe choices)...maybe I'll give you more than a five-minute heads up next time and everyone can play along! Or maybe I'll do Gym Fashion week. That's actually way more my style. Ha.

Have a great weekend! Join me in hoping that the groundhog does NOT see his shadow...I'm juuuust about done with this cold stuff!


  1. I loved all of your outfits for fashion week! Thank you for being so dedicated to the cause that you braved the elements. You're such a natural, you can't even tell your teeth are probably chattering in those pictures :) The J. Crew boots are my favorite. I love a bargain! Pretty ballerina Princess hair too. And now I want to go to Coach and get a fun orange purse for Spring.

  2. WTG! Way to successfully complete Fashion Week 2k13! I would like your orange purse and green earrings, please. Thank you

  3. Girl, you look good! :D
    And dang we got good at getting pictures!

  4. And this was so fun. Going to start sharing my pictures now..

  5. Clearly you are destined for greatness! Will you please wear a snuggie to work one day and do a fashion photo shoot? Please?

  6. I think the stupid internet deleted my first comment. Or I could be the stupid girl who posts the same comment twice...ANYWAY, I said:

    This is the best line: "Also, they are very 'clicky' when I walk, and that makes me feel powerful. Just a side note." I just about died. Because you would choose the word 'powerful' not professional or even important.

    I have an awesome card to show you that goes along with this that says, "Wear a pair of cool boots, cool boots make you feel like you can handle anything...or at least kick it real hard."

    See you tomorrow!

  7. You look great! I love your 'princess hair' :P For a girl who doesn't like photo shoots, your a natural!

  8. You are SO pretty, and i love your sense of style! :)
    Great pics!

  9. I love your fashion week! Please come to my house and help me put together cute looking outfits. My sister informs me (EVERY TIME I SEE HER, which is usually twice a week) that "we need to go shopping, those boots need to go, you really wear that same shirt all the time, do you not have money for new clothes?" I don't lie. . . this is what I hear multiple times a week.

  10. Totally love Thursday's outfit and I'm just obsessed with your Friday hair! How the heck did you do that?!

  11. I love your Wednesday top, your flower smelling picture (I do that all the time too!), and your Friday hair. I would join in on Fashion Week if you did it again but I pretty much just wear pjs or workout clothes unless I leave the house to do other things. It's pretty sad actually.

  12. I want to steal that coral purse. And those green earrings. Oh heck, everything.

    Why are you awesome? I love your fashion week!


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