Monday, February 11, 2013

self-photo challenge

In lieu of other bloggy-inspiration today, I'm linking up with The Paper Mama for a little Self-Photo Challenge.

 Although the guidelines don't require that the picture be from the interest of keeping it real, mine is. So now you'll have something nice to compare my Fashion Week pictures to. As in, I don't actually 'dress up' (if those outfits are even 'dressing up' by your standards) every day. On days like today- rainy with flooding likely, muggy-ish, Monday-ish- well, sometimes I just don't care that much.

Hair in a messy braid, comfy shirt, skinny jeans, and boots. Actually, I'd been wearing my rain jacket, too (yes, indoors all day)...but thought I'd take it off for the picture. I'm fancy like that.

Please compare the me of today to the me of my fave semi-recent self-portrait (as a bridesmaid in Elizabeth's wedding).

Anyway. With the self-portrait challenge comes a few random let's go!


Obsessing over…
Not a whole lot, really. Thinking about vacation, wishing I had a kid...ya know, the usual.
Working on…
Quite a few projects, since I'm actually at work. {on my lunch break, for the record!}
Thinking about…
How inconvenient it is that Google Reader is all jacked up today. And then feeling ashamed that this qualifies as a 'problem' in my life. Ha. Oh ye privileged American...
Vacation, of COURSE!! And The Bachelor tonight. Let's be honest.
Listening to…
My Hillsong station on Pandora.
Just finished lunch, but today I've been snacking on dehydrated kiwi (could cross-reference this under 'obsessing over'). SO GOOD!
Please refer to 'Obsessing over'. Repeat hourly.
Well that was exciting. Unfortunately, my lunch hour's about up, so it's time to skedaddle (who says that anymore?) and do work-y things. 
Random thought from last night: The Walking Dead started back again after a 2-3 month hiatus. In the time since WD was last on, I've spent my TV time watching The Bachelor and other such light-hearted fare. That certainly did not prepare me for the drama of the un-dead I experienced last night. Yikes. Zombie gore drama versus girl drama? Both are special in their own magical ways.
Happy Monday!


  1. Have I ever told you that you pull off bangs so well? I'm jealous! You make me want them. But then I remember my childhood bang days and I remember that!!

    Happy Bachelor Monday!

  2. Ha, I was about to type, "Happy Bachelor Monday!"... and then I saw that Aubrey totally stole my thunder. But still, HAPPY BACHELOR MONDAY!

  3. Love that long messy braid! :) and my google reader has been acting up today, too! What the heck?

  4. Dehydrated kiwi sounds so good. Never had it, but YUM! Also, loving the braid, so fab! And I told my students to "skedaddle" the other day at the end of class and they looked at me like I was from Mars. I also tell them not to doddle. Maybe I am from Mars :)

  5. I think you should wear a feathered head-piece weekly. For fun, you know.

  6. I am TiVoing the Bachelor - we will chat after! Cute pics!

  7. Sooooo you're telling me that you can wear leggings AND jeans any day of the week? JEALOUS!

  8. Whenever I take a self-picture I look like I have seven chins so I'm impressed that you are able to take such awesome ones! And I love that you were wearing your rain jacket inside! Hahahaha!!!

  9. I'm loving Pandora. I found a workout station that I listen to. The lyrics aren't clean though!

  10. Your self portraits are cute! have you guys already booked your vacation? I wish I was looking forward to a trip to the warm.

  11. You are just adorable. I have yet to see Walking Dead but our friends keep insisting i do, and my husband does. I better get right on that!

    I listen to the Hillsongs station on Pandora too! :)

  12. Beautiful portrait kudos to you for taking a new photo. I am walking dead fanatic. I am sooooooo glad it is back on tv. It is pretty sad when the only thing I looked forward to on weekends is the show. HAHA. among other things, too.

  13. being honest, I love your first, natural looking picture more. you look young and fresh in it!


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